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Subject: Not illegal to import PGP into U.S.!
Date: 23 Jan 93 05:28:27 GMT
From: [email protected] (D. J. Bernstein)
Lines: 24

In article <[email protected]>,
in a silly attempt to show that ITAR prevents the import of PGP into the U.S.,
[email protected] (David Sternlight) writes:
> 123.2 Imports.
> No defense article may be imported into the United States unless (a)
> it was previously exported temporarily under a license issued by the
> Office of Munitions Control; or (b) it constitutes a temporary
> import/intransit shipment licensed under Section 123.3; or (c) its
> import is authorized by the Department of the Treasury (see 27 CFR
> parts 47, 178, and 179).

Yes, Sternlight. Why don't you read the law you're quoting?

ITAR covers *permanent* exports, *temporary* exports, and *temporary*
imports. *Permanent* imports are under Treasury control.

The regulations above talk about (a) *temporary* exports, under DTC,
(b) *temporary* imports, under DTC, (c) *permanent* imports, under the
Department of the Treasury.

For PGP we're talking about *permanent* imports. ITAR doesn't apply.
Treasury Department regulations do.