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The Online World shareware book Revision history

The following major changes have been done to The Online World shareware book
since its original release:

Version 1.5 May 11, 1994
This update further strengthens the focus on Latin America, Africa, and Asia
for business applications and holiday travelling in particular, and has new
European pointers.

* New section on "Using email gateways to Internet resources."
* The Stanford Netnews Filtering Service.
* Resources on Sudan, Czech economy, NAFTA, The Maastricht Treaty, UNICEF,
* English language database on Japanese technology.
* More on Japan: Yomiuri Shimbun, Tradstat, Dow Jones News/Retrieval's
offerings, Teikou's company profiles.
* La Vie Francaice, La Stampa, Wall Street Journal Europe, Nouvel
* The Islamic Computer Resource Guide, and information on Qualam.
* Telnet to CompuServe.
* EUnet Traveller - for easy access to the Internet while in Europe.
* Reading encyclopedias online.
* The RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) Network Newsletter.
* Sending faxes through the Internet.
* More on MIME and BASE64.
* More on cryptography.
* Law-related resources on the Internet.
* Internet VoiceChat.

Version 1.4 March 10, 1994
This update focuses on Latin America, Africa, and Asia for business
applications in particular, while strengthening the European pointers.

* New sources for news, conferences, gophers, and more for China, Japan, the
Middle East, Israel, Southeast Asia, Korea, India, Australia/New Zealand,
Brazil, Mexico, xUSSR countries, Sub-Saharan and North Africa, and other
countries. Includes some Spanish language services.
* Network Service Providers Around the World
* The Directory of Information Services in China
* The KOI-8 (Russian/Cyrillic character) coding scheme.
* The No>m standard code (Vietnam)
* Some official information sources for the United States and Canada.
* Pointers for Cello, Lynx, Mosaic, PPP, SLIP, FreeWAIS, Winsock, Binhex
* Special Internet Connections
* Updated pointers to the WHOIS service, the Interest Groups List of Lists,

Version 1.3 January 8, 1994
* Using gopher services by email (Gophermail)
* Using Internet's finger by email
* Using Internet's ping by email
* Online store with over 260,000 book titles,
* Online store offering over 80,000 CD records
* References to CCITT replaced by ITU-TSS. Revised ITU information.
* The Gale Directory of Databases
* China Import/Export news
* CitiBank Global Report
* Many new sources for music lovers
* The NewNIR-L mailing list.
* Majordomo
* Added references to several Frequently Asked Questions files
* More on Internet "demos",
* More on RFCs
* More books.
* The Sierra Network is now The ImagiNation Network.
* URL (Universal Resource Locater), and HTTP.
* Irving Kind's Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms
* The text has been reformated. Margins are now 1-76. Single-spaced
text with double-spacing between paragraphs, and with full-block
text rather than indentations at the beginning of paragraphs.
* Readers can now send their credit card number by PGP encrypted
email when registering.

Version 1.2 November 1, 1993
* Added the home-ed mailing list, and The University of Phoenix's
accredited degrees through courses conducted online
* Corrected addresses for lists previously at RPIECS
* The SIMTEL20 software library was closed. The software
is now available through the SimTel Software Repository.
* The Maastricht Treaty on European Union
* Directory of scholarly electronic conferences
* More science fiction, music, and The CIA World Factbook.
* Forums for Mark Twain, Tolkien, - and the bizarre
* Tarzan and Frankenstein (books)
* Searching Webster's dictionary
* Eunet Deutchland GmbH
* Travel Britain Online
* The World Health Organization
* Advantis (IBM)
* "The Totally Unofficial List of Internet Muds"
* More WordPerfect support
* Financial Times' thirty international business reports.
* Sources on business in Mexico from Dow Jones.
* Forums for international trade and management.
* Trends: Interactive newspapers. Global telephone. Email by voice phone.
CD-ROM supported communications.
* New books and magazines.
* Information about Compress, Demos, Jughead, RIP, SNA, .TAR, and .Z

Version 1.1. September 1, 1993
* Added The Internet Resource Directory for Educators
* Chinese character codes (Big5/GuoBiao)
* Hytelnet
* Netfind
* Access to WHOIS
* InterNIC's automated mail service
* South African Bibliographic and Information Network
* Added CHPOEM-L, and some other conferences/forums
* Continental Cablevision's Internet connection
* Updated addresses to all APC host computers
* Updated text about CIX (England)
* Email to Advantis IBMmail
* New address to SuperNet/SuperBBS
* New phone numbers/NUA numbers to TWICS (Japan)
* Expanded on computer viruses
* (Most) registration rates are now in US$.
* The TOW support forum
* Addresses to the book's Danish and German publishers
* Added books/magazines to appendix 5

Version 1.0. August 5, 1993
Initial release as shareware.

For information, contact Odd de Presno at [email protected] .