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The following National Library of Medicine (NLM) publications may
be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents,U.S. Government
Printing Office. (Please do not send orders to the National
Library of Medicine.) Remittance should accompany orders and,
unless otherwise specified, foreign orders should include an
additional 25% of the domestic price to cover mailing. To avoid
delays, send a separate order for each title requested, and
include full title, price and GPO catalog number. Mail orders
to: New Orders, Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954,
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. GPO phone order and information desk
(202) 783-3238. FAX orders call (202) 512-2250.

Index Medicus, 1993: Published monthly as a bibliographic listing
of references to current articles from 3,030 of the world's
biomedical journals. Included are subject and author sections
and a separate Bibliography of Medical Reviews. Medical Subject
Headings and List of Journals Indexed are also furnished as part
of the subscription and may be ordered separately (see below).
Monthly issues are in two volumes: Part 1, Subject Section (A-P),
and Part 2, Subject Section (Q-Z) Author Section and Bibliography
of Medical Reviews. Annual subscription (1993): $290 ($362.50
foreign); single issues $41 ($51.25 foreign). NOTE: Orders
received and processed by GPO before October 1 will receive all
back issues for the year. Orders handled after that date are
processed to begin in January of the next year.
GPO Subscription Code: IM93

Cumulated Index Medicus, Vol. 33, 1992: A cumulation in seventeen
volumes of the citations appearing in Index Medicus, 1992.
Included are Authors and Subject sections, Medical Subject
Headings, List of Journals Indexed, and Bibliography of Medical
Reviews. Price 1992: $301 ($376.25 foreign) S/N 617-052-00307-4;
1991: $301 ($376.25 foreign) S/N 617-052-00299-6. Information on
earlier editions can be obtained by contacting NLM's Public
Information Office, Phone:301-496-6308.

Abridged Index Medicus, 1993: A monthly bibliography, based on
articles from 118 English-language journals, designed for the
individual practitioner and libraries of small hospitals and
clinics. Each issue contains citations representing a subset of
one month's input into the NLM's computer-based MEDLARSr (Medical
Literature Analysis and Retrieval System). Arranged in subject
and author sections. Annual subscription: $50 ($62.50 foreign).
NOTE: Subscription does not include annual cumulation; see below.
GPO Subscription Code: ABIM

Cumulated Abridged Index Medicus, 1992, Volume 23: A cumulation
in one volume of the citations appearing in the monthly Abridged
Index Medicus in 1992. Contains subject and author section.
Price 1992: $86 ($108 foreign) S/N 017-052-00306-2; 1991 $79
($98.75 foreign) S/N 017-052-00298-8. Information on earlier
editions can be obtained by contacting NLM's Public Information
Office, Phone: 301-496-6308.

List of Journals Indexed in Index Medicus, 1993: An annual
listing of approximately 3,030 journals indexed in Index Medicus.
Contains four sections: abbreviation, full title, subject, and
geographical. (Included with subscription to Index Medicus.)
Price for individual copies: $15 ($18.75 foreign).
GPO Code: IM93 (List of Journals Indexed in Index Medicus)

Medical Subject Headings, 1993--Supplement to Index Medicus: An
alphabetical and categorized list of all of the subject
descriptors used to analyze the biomedical literature in the NLM.
(See also MeSH tools available from NTIS, page xvii.)
Subscribers to Index Medicus receive this publication as Part 2
of the January issue, also available separately for $41 ($51.25
GPO Code: IM93 (Medical Subject Headings)

AIDS Bibliography, 1993: A monthly listing of recent references
to journal articles, books, and audiovisual materials on Acquired
Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Annual subscription (1993):
$80 ($100 foreign).
GPO List ID: AID93

Current Bibliographies in Medicine, 1992: Subscribers receive
approximately 15 bibliographies yearly on a variety of biomedical
topics, excluding AIDS, similar to those covered previously in
the NLM Literature Search series. Topics are chosen for their
current popular interest and in conjunction with NIH Consensus
Development Conferences. Annual subscription (1992): $41 ($51.25
foreign); single issues $3.25 ($4.06 foreign).
GPO Subscription Code: CBM92

NLM Current Catalog, 1993 (quarterly): A bibliographic listing of
monographs and serials cataloged by the Library. Contains
listings by subject, title, series and name. Subscription price:
$34 ($42.50 foreign); Single copy price: $34 ($42.50 foreign).
NOTE: Subscription begins in month that order is received at GPO.
Back issues are not included. Annual cumulation not included
with quarterly subscription [NLM Current Catalog Proof Sheets
are issued weekly by the Medical Library Assn., 919 N. Michigan
Ave., Suite 3208, Chicago, IL 60611. Phone: (312) 266-2456..]
GPO Subscription Code: NLCQ

NLM Current Catalog, 1991 Annual Cumulation: A bibliographic
listing of monographs and serials cataloged by the Library.
Contains listings by subject, title, series and name. The annual
cumulation is not furnished automatically to subscribers to the
quarterlies, but must be ordered separately. The annual
supersedes the previous year's quarterlies. Price: $76.00 ($95
foreign)S/N 017-052-00303-8. 1990: $56 ($70 foreign) S/N
017-052-00296-1. Information on earlier editions can be obtained
by contacting NLM's Public Information Office, Phone:

Health Sciences Serials, 1993 (quarterly): Available in
microfiche only. Designed to assist health science librarians
identify serial titles and locate the nearest library which can
fill an interlibrary loan request. Each issue contains
information on some 41,500 serials in NLM's SERLINEr database.
Annual subscription: $17 ($21.25 foreign).
GPO Subscription Code: HSS

National Library of Medicine Classification, 4th Edition, 1978,
Revised 1981: An authoritative guide to organizing materials in
health science collections. The NLM Classification covers the
field of medicine and related sciences using schedules Qs-Qz and
W. These schedules are permanently excluded from the Library of
Congress Classification although LC's various schedules
supplement the NLM Classification for subjects bordering on
medicine and for general reference material. Price (reprint
edition): $21 (26.25 foreign) S/N 017-052-00281-3. Expected
revision in 1993.

NLM Audiovisuals Catalog, 1993 (quarterly): Contains subject,
name/title, and procurement sections for audiovisual
instructional materials cataloged by NLM. Subscriptions include
3 quarterlies plus annual cumulation (issued in lieu of 4th
quarterly). Price: $33 ($41.25 foreign).
GPO Subscription Code: MAC93

NLM Audiovisuals Catalog, 1991 Annual Cumulation: Issued as part
of the NLM Audiovisual Catalog (quarterly). This casebound
annual cumulation is also available separately. NOTE: When
ordering include words "4th quarterly, 1991", S/N
717-126-00004-1. Price: $27($33.75 foreign). The 1992 Annual
Cumulation which will appear in 1993, costs $27 ($33.75 foreign).
Information on earlier editions can be obtained by contacting
NLM's Public Information Office, Phone:301-496-6308.

Bibliography of the History of Medicine: A bibliographic listing
of citations dealing with the history of medicine and its related
sciences and professions. No. 27-1991: $19 ($23.75 foreign) S/N
017-052-00304-6; No. 26-1990: $18 (22.50 foreign) S/N
017-052-00297-0; No. 25-1985-1989: $25 ($31.25 foreign) S/N

A Catalog of Seventeenth Century Printed Books in the National
Library of Medicine (1989): Casebound, 1315 pages. Lists of
13,300 books printed from 1601-1700 held by the NLM. Price: $45
($56.25 foreign) S/N 017-052-00255-4.

A Short Title Catalogue of Eighteenth Century Books Printed in
the National Library of Medicine (1979): Casebound, 501 pages.
List approximately 25,000 items printed from 1701-1800 which are
held in the History of Medicine Division collection of the NLM.
Price: $13 ($16.25 foreign), S/N 017-052-00198-1.

A History of the National Library of Medicine: The Nation's
Treasury of Medical Knowledge, by Wyndham D. Miles, Ph.D. (1982).
A comprehensive, illustrated history of NLM from its beginnings
in the early 19th century through its development as an
international biomedical information center. Casebound, 531
pages. Price: $14 ($17.50 foreign), S/N017-052-00224-4.


Now available from the National Technical Information Service U.
S. Department of Commerce, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA
22161 are the NLM software package (GRATEFUL MEDr) and a number
of NLM Publications designed for the user of Index Medicus and
the Library's online information services. NOTE: For U.S.,
Canada, and Mexico, add $3 shipping and handling fee per total
order; for all other countries, add $4 per total order. Phone
orders in on 703-487-4650 or FAX on 703-321-8547.

National Library of Medicine Recommended Formats for
Bibliographic Citation: This publication is produced by the
Library's Reference Section with assistance of the International
Committee of Medical Journal Editors. It is intended for health
professionals, librarians and editors. The publication features:
bibliographic citation formats for 14 different types of both
published and unpublished material, including new electronic data
formats such as CD-ROM; shows what elements are needed for a
citation to each type of material, and what punctuation to use;
gives numerous examples from the biomedical literature showing
application of the recommendations; supplies diagrams of sample
references to fully illustrate formatted citations; documents
NLM's rules for the structure of citations for journals in Index
Medicus and MEDLINEr.
Price: $27 (plus $3 handling fee). Order Number: PB91-182030

Medical Subject Headings--Supplementary Chemical Records, 1993:
This publication contains records on approximately 22,000
chemicals which, since 1970, have been mentioned in a significant
way in journals indexed in Index Medicus and in MEDLINE, one of
the National Library of Medicine's on-line databases. It permits
users of Index Medicus to locate the Medical Subject Headings
under which citations referring to a more specific chemical can
be found.

A sample Supplementary Chemical Records entry follows:

(RN) 29868-97-1
(SY) L-S 519
(SY) gastrozepin
(SY) pirenzepin
(SY) LS 519
(NO) stress ulcer-inhibiting agent; structure

pirenzepine see pirenzepin

The term in the HM field tells the Index Medicus user to look for
citations on pirenzepin under BENZODIAZEPINONES. The PA field
suggests pharmacological action terms under which citations about
this chemical may also be found. Synonyms (SY) are
cross-referenced in the publication, e.g., gastrozepin see
Price: $46 ($92 foreign); $23 microfiche ($46 foreign).
Order Number: PB93-115244/GBB

Medical Subject Headings-Annotated Alphabetic List, 1993: An
alphabetic list of all subject descriptors used by indexers and
catalogers at the National Library of Medicine. Includes subject
headings, cross references, geographic headings, non-MeSHr terms,
check tags, tree numbers, and notes for indexers, catalogers, and
on-line searchers.
Price: $42 ($84 foreign); $24 microfiche ($48 foreign m/f ).
Order Number: PB 93-100030/GBB

Permuted Medical Subject Headings, 1993: A computer-generated
display of all words contained in NLM subject headings, citation
types, check tags, and geographic descriptors appearing in the
MeSH Annotated Alphabetic List.
Price: $35 ($70 foreign); $17 microfiche ($34 foreign m/f ).
Order Number: PB93-100055/GBB

Medical Subject Headings-Tree Structures, 1993: Contains all
Medical Subject Headings in use by NLM's indexers, catalogers,
and searchers. Headings are arranged in a hierarchical manner
showing relationships between broader and narrower terms; minor
and geographic descriptors are included. (Tree Structures also
appears as the second section in the "black-book MeSH," the
familiar name for part two of the January Index Medicus.) Tree
Structures also includes MeSH Tree Annotations, formerly
published separately as a tool for indexers and searchers.
Price: $39 ($78 foreign); $18 microfiche ($36 foreign m/f ).
Order Number: PB93-100048/GBB

List of Serials Indexed for Online Users, 1993: Designed to
provide complete bibliographic information on serials and
congress proceedings cited in three MEDLARSr files: MEDLINE
(including the backfiles), Health Planning and Administration,
and POPLINEr. The publication contains approximately 8,000
serials titles listed alphabetically by abbreviated title
followed by full title.
Price: $24 ($48 foreign); $12.50 microfiche ($25 foreign m/f).
Order Number: PB93-128886/GBB


GRATEFUL MED is an inexpensive, microcomputer-based software
package, developed by NLM, that provides access to more than 20
databases in the MEDLARS system. It is currently available for
IBM/compatible and Apple Macintosh personal computers. Many of
the databases, including MEDLINE, are available in a
user-friendly mode, with no training needed. For more
information, call 1-800-638-8480
and speak to an NLM staff member who can answer your questions.
Price for both IBM and Macintosh: $29.95 (U.S. and Canada only).
NTIS Order Number:IBM and compatibles: PB92-105444/GBB; Macintosh
and compatibles: PB92-105451/GBB

NLM On-line Services References Manual, 1988: A comprehensive
search manual for NLM's on-line bibliographic retrieval system
(MEDLARS). Contains specific information on modes of accessing
the various databases, the commands to be used, techniques for
searching, etc.
Price:$62 ($124 foreign); $27 microfiche ($54 foreign).
Order Number: PB88-156252/GBB

The Basics of Searching MEDLINE: A Guide for the Health
Professional: This revised edition of the Basics of Searching
MEDLINE was designed to acquaint health professionals and other
novice searchers with the basic concepts and skills involved in
using MEDLARS to retrieve information directly from its primary
database, MEDLINE. It may be used in a formal training course or
as a self-paced learning tool.
Price: $20.50 ($41 foreign);$6.95 microfiche ($13.90 foreign).
Order Number: PB89-146179/GBB

Technical Notes: MEDLARS Indexing Instructions, 1984. This
indexing guide is intended primarily for MEDLARS analysts and
users. Technical Notes discusses practices relating to groups of
concepts, lying half-way between the generalities of the Indexing
Manual and the specificities of MeSH annotations. The source of
subjects discussed in Technical Notes is queries and problems
posed by indexers and searchers.
Price $10 ($20 foreign); $8 microfiche ($16 foreign).
Order Number: PB84-104298/GBB

Technical Notes: MEDLARS Indexing Instructions, Tumor Key
Supplement, 1990. This document is intended as a guide to the
correct Medical Subject Heading term for various histological
types of tumor and cancer. This supplement is a revision of the
1975 issue to bring it up-to-date with the 1989 MeSH and the 1976
International Classification of Diseases for Oncology .
Price: $17 ($34 foreign); $8 microfiche ($16 foreign).
Order Number: PB90-142167/GBB.

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