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NLM Online Services Program Policy Statement
November 1993

Network Objectives

Consistent with its legislative mandate and recommendations of the
Board of Regents, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) is
committed to developing and operating an online services network.
The objectives of the network are to provide:
o Rapid and efficient delivery of bibliographic citations and
factual information.
o Cost-effective online services complemented by efficient
document delivery through participating institutions.
o Equal network access, to the extent possible, while serving
the basic purpose of support to health-care delivery,
education, and research.

Service Policies

The NLM provides overall systems management and support services
such as training and user assistance. The National Network of
Libraries of Medicine_ (NN/LM_), representing over 3,800
institutions, supports network services by providing interlibrary
loan, outreach programs, references services, training, and other


Individuals may request a code and password to search NLM's
computerized system of databases known as MEDLARS_ (Medical
Literature Analysis and Retrieval System). MEDLARS databases also
are accessed at universities, medical schools, hospitals, government
agencies, and commercial and nonprofit organizations. MEDLARS
comprises two computer subsystems, ELHILL_ and TOXNET_, on which
reside over 40 databases containing about 16 million references.
Responsibilities of Users

Users agree to operate the system, obtain documentation, obtain and
pay for equipment necessary for online access (including a telephone
line if accessed through a modem), protect the system from
unauthorized use, and pay charges assessed by NLM for online

Institutional centers may pass on service costs to individuals.
Where charges are imposed, the portion that represents NLM charges,
such as connect time, citations, characters, and page costs, must be
clearly distinguished from the charges levied by the network

Grateful Med_

In order to make searching even easier and provide a user-friendly
way to use the MEDLARS system, NLM, in 1986, introduced a software
package called Grateful Med. The simplicity and efficiency of
searching with Grateful Med have made it immensely popular - more
than 50,000 copies of the software have been sold.


Consistent with the Public Health Service Act (Section 383), the NLM
Board of Regents has established a domestic pricing policy
permitting NLM to recover costs associated with accessing the online
system. Such costs include telecommunications, postage, and other
related costs. The Board of Regents has delegated to the Director of
the National Library of Medicine the authority to set prices at the
level required to ensure effective and efficient management of the
system. To the extent practicable, such costs recovered from member
users or institutions will be independent of their geographic
location. NLM also has some experimenal flat rate programs whereby
institutions pay a single annual fee for unlimited access. These
programs are available to members of health professional
associations and to academic institutions.

Questions regarding the policies described in this fact sheet may be
directed to:
Medlars Management Section
National Library of Medicine
8600 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, Maryland 20894

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