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September 1993

In response to its mandate to preserve the biomedical literature,
the National Library of Medicine has developed a major preservation
program. Elements of the program include:

o Microfilming of brittle monographs and serials
o Conservation of rare and valuable items
o Preservation copying of the Historical Audiovisuals Collection
o Library binding
o Disaster prevention
o Preservation education.

In an effort to reduce future preservation problems, the Library
also works with medical and scientific publishers to encourage their
use of alkaline paper.

Microfilming Program
It has been estimated that 160,000 volumes in the NLM collection are
brittle. In September 1986, the Library began an ambitious program
of microfilming all brittle serials and monographs that are in core
medical subjects and not already available on microfilm. Initial
emphasis has been on serials indexed in Index Medicus and titles in
core medical subjects that are indexed in other major publications.
Since 1986, more than 48,000 volumes have been filmed. The Library
expects to continue microfilming brittle serials and monographs at a
rate of 5,000 volumes per year. In the future other brittle printed
materials such as pamphlets and theses in core subjects will also be

Because it is assumed that any microfilm produced by NLM will become
the archival copy for the country, the Library is making every
effort to film the brittle portions of serials in complete runs. In
1987 the Preservation Section began a program of borrowing from
other libraries volumes that are missing from the NLM collection and
needed for filming. To date, more than 50 U.S. and several foreign
libraries have cooperated in this effort.

To avoid future duplication of effort by other biomedical libraries,
records for all serials filmed by NLM are being input into SERLINE_.
Records for filmed monographs appear in CATLINE_. The Library is
working toward making bibliographic data about its preservation
microfilm available for loading into other bibliographic utilities.

Microfilm Sales Program
Within copyright restrictions, the Library permits purchase of
microfilm copies of the titles it has filmed. Order information is
available in the NLM Fact Sheet, Microfilm Sales Program (November,

Conservation of Historical Collections
NLM has had a longstanding program for conserving valuable materials
in its History of Medicine Division. Each year approximately 250
volumes are deacidified, rebound, repaired, or boxed by several
contract conservators. In addition, surveys of the historical
prints, photographs and manuscripts collections have been conducted
by conservation experts. Their recommendations concerning
treatment, handling, and storage of the materials are being
implemented. NLM also repairs, cleans and produces preservation
copies of historical audiovisuals and makes service copies as

Paper Quality
Acid in many of the publications issued since the mid-nineteenth
century causes paper eventually to become brittle and break. In an
effort to halt the brittle book problem at its source, the Library
encourages the use of alkaline paper in scientific and medical
publications. In January 1987, the NLM Board of Regents sponsored a
hearing on the subject which was attended by nearly 100 publishers,
editors, paper manufacturers and distributors, printers, librarians,
and health professionals. As a result of the hearing, a task force
was established to develop a specific plan for increasing the use of
alkaline paper in biomedical publications. Strategies included:

o Expanding efforts to educate biomedical publishers about the
problem of acid paper
o Increasing awareness among alkaline paper manufacturers
concerning the special needs of biomedical publishers
o Encouraging further development of standards for permanent
paper and more widespread adherence to them
o Developing guidelines specifying the types of biomedical
materials to be published on permanent paper.

During the past seven years, major changes in the papermaking
industry and increased awareness on the part of authors and
publishers have led to significant progress in reducing the amount
of acid paper used in scientific and medical publications. A 1992
survey of the NLM collection indicated that approximately 82% of the
current issues of U.S. Index Medicus titles were published on acid-
free paper. It has been predicted that by the end of the 1990's
most U.S. imprints will be acid-free.

Preservation Education Program
To date, the Library has issued posters, bookmarks, and flyers on a
variety of preservation topics and offered several seminars and
training sessions.

In addition, Preservation Section staff offer a telephone reference
service for general preservation questions and disaster recovery

For further information please contact:
Preservation Section
National Library of Medicine
Rm B1E21
8600 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD. 20894
(301) 496-8124
FAX: (301) 496-2809

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