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National Library of Medicine
APRIL 1993
Online Indexing System

The production of Index Medicus_ and MEDLINE_ is streamlined by an
online indexing and management system that supports journal control
and tracking, input of descriptive bibliographic data, subject
analysis of articles, and automatic generation of management
statistics on indexing in progress and work completed. Operational
since 1984, the system is enhanced continually to reflect new medical
terminology and changes in the MEDLINE data base.

The initial portion of the online indexing record for each journal is
input in the Serial Records Section (Technical Services Division), at
the point of check-in. A machine-readable bar code label is affixed
to each Index Medicus and Special List journal issue, and read into
the check-in record along with the journal volume number, issue, and
date of publication. The bar code label is used to call up the
record for the journal when it is processed at subsequent points in
the Index Medicus production work flow. The system tracks each
journal as it moves from step to step, and supplies reports to warn
of possible backlogs.

After check-in, journals are transferred to the Index Section
(Bibliographic Services Division), and are sent to an NLM contractor
for selection, editing, and keyboarding of descriptive data for each
article, including author, title, language, abstract, and pagination.
Descriptive data are transmitted nightly to NLM for machine
validation of key data elements. The journals are then returned to
NLM for indexing.

Indexers analyze each article by reviewing the complete text and
interacting with a series of formatted screens displayed on their
computer monitors. The first screen displays most of the
bibliographic data for the article, and the second screen displays
the abstract. A program designed to prevent misspellings and
typographical errors from appearing in Index Medicus and MEDLINE
compares textwords in the title and abstract with a dictionary file.
Any words not in the dictionary are highlighted for action by the
indexer, who must either correct the misspelling or override the

The final two screens allow the indexer to add the appropriate
subject headings, qualifiers, check tags, and publication types to
the article record. Subject headings, qualifiers, and check tags are
selected from NLM's controlled vocabulary, Medical Subject Headings,
also known as MeSH_ , and are validated against the MeSH file for
spelling and authorized main heading/qualifier combinations. The
indexing system allows for online interaction with the MeSH file to
display the annotation (indexing instructions), scope note
(definition), and allowed qualifiers for any specific term. This
feature enhances the indexers' ability to select rapidly the most
appropriate terms for each journal article. Publication types are
also assigned from a predefined list.

Many validations are built into this part of the indexing system.
For example, if an indexer adds the check tag "PREGNANCY," the system
automatically adds "FEMALE," then displays a message asking the
indexer to add "HUMAN" or "ANIMAL." If the indexer adds the MeSH
heading "DOG DISEASES" to an article, the program will automatically
add the check tags "DOGS" and "ANIMAL." Use of the publication type
"PRACTICE GUIDELINE" will prompt the indexer to enter the name of the
sponsoring organization at the end of the guideline's title. Various
warnings, reminders, and suggestions may be invoked by the program
whenever specific headings or qualifiers are assigned. Warnings may
be overridden by the indexer, but error messages, concerning
misspelled MeSH headings or invalid qualifiers, may not. The system
will not allow a record to be added to the data base until all errors
are corrected.

Developed with support from NLM's Office of Computer and
Communications Systems, the online indexing system was designed to
make production within the Index Section more efficient, and further
improve the currency and accuracy of Index Medicus and MEDLINE.

Questions about the online indexing system may be directed to:

Index Section, BSD
National Library of Medicine
8600 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, Maryland 20894
Phone: (301) 496-6766

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