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National Library of Medicine

As part of its preservation program, the National Library of Medicine
is microfilming its brittle serials and monographs in core medical
subjects. In addition, many titles in the historical collection that
do not circulate in the original have been filmed in response to
interlibrary loan requests. NLM offers for purchase microfilm copies
of titles it has filmed if such copies are not available for purchase
from other sources.


Libraries should first search NLM's online files to determine that
the National Library of Medicine has filmed the titles being
requested. Records for serials that NLM has filmed appear in
SERLINE_. Records for filmed monographs appear in CATLINE_.
Instructions for searching microfilm records are available from the
NLM Preservation Section (see address and phone number below).
Individuals ordering personal copies of NLM film should request
searching assistance from their local biomedical libraries.

All film orders should include full bibliographic information for
each title, NLM call number or film number if available, and the
total number of reels requested. Volume/issue numbers and years of
publication for filmed serials should be provided.

For copyrighted works published within the past seventy-five years,
written proof of copyright clearance or permission from the copyright
holder is required.

All orders must include complete name of contact person, full
address, telephone number or fax number.

Mailing Address for Orders:

Orders for copies of NLM microfilm should be sent to:

Microfilm Librarian
Preservation Section
National Library of Medicine
8600 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20894
Phone: (301) 496-0177
FAX: (301) 496-2809


Service copies of NLM film are produced by REMAC Information Corporation
of Gaithers-burg, Maryland. All film is 35mm. Although several titles
may appear on a single reel, the minimum order is one full reel.


I. Duplication:

Silver Positive: $18.65 per reel

I I. Handling:

A processing fee to cover receipt, order processing and invoicing
will be assessed as follows:

Up to 5 reels: $ 5.00 per order
6 to 20 reels: $ 10.00 per order
21 to 100 reels: $ 15.00 per order
101 to 250 reels: $ 20.00 per order
More than 250 reels: $ 30.00 per order
I II. Delivery/Shipping:

All orders must specify preferred means of shipping:
Air Mail, Surface Mail or UPS


No prepayment is required for orders from institutions submitting
purchase orders. All orders received from recognized institutions and
commercial accounts and submitted on a purchase order will be accepted,
processed and invoiced after shipment. All orders from individuals,
commercial accounts or institutions not submitting purchase orders must
be prepaid. Prepayment may be by check or money order made out to REMAC
Information Corporation. All orders to be charged on VISA or MasterCard
must be requested in writing and include the card number, expiration
date and the authorizing signature of the card holder.

Orders from foreign countries must be prepaid in U.S. dollars by
Visa/MasterCard or international money order or check made out to REMAC
Information Corporation and drawn on a U.S. bank in U. S. currency.

Upon receipt of orders requiring prepayment, REMAC Information
Corporation will notify requesters of the amount due. Payment should
then be made directly to REMAC Information Corporation.


All payments and questions regarding invoices should be addressed
directly to:

REMAC Information Corporation
544 North Frederick Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Phone: (301) 948-4550
FAX: (301) 948-4761

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