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National Library of Medicine
MAY 1993
Statistical Profile:

MEDLINE_ Use by Physicians

Note: Statistics refer to use of MEDLARS online databases on the NLM system only.

MEDLARS searches in FY 1992: 5,567,000

Principal Reasons for Searches:

Users Responses
(1985 Sample) (1987 Survey)

Patient Care 37% 49%

Research 27% 35%

Education 15% 14%

Management 7% 1%

Regulation 2% <1%

Other 11% 1%

Domestic Billed Accounts: (excluding students)

12/31/86 12/31/88 12/31/90 12/31/92

Total 7,733 15,580 23,591 45,242

Patient Care M.D.'s
(personal accounts) 1,655 4,275 8,065 17,148

Percent of total 21% 27% 34% 38%

The number of direct care physicians with personal accounts at NLM has doubled in
the last two years.

Although other physicians who provide patient care have access to MEDLINE through
their medical library's use of NLM's system via commercial vendor or local
institution systems, the total number of doctors who use MEDLINE is as yet only a
small fraction of the more than 500,000 physicians in the country.

Student Accounts

Reduced rate student codes became available in October 1987 to individual students
and to institutions wishing to obtain blocks of codes for use by their students.

As of December 31, 1992: Domestic student codes

Individual 1,033
Institutional 6,659
Total 7,692

Forty-six (or 37%) of U.S. medical schools have NLM student codes for at least some
of their students. Other institutions (e.g., teaching hospitals, schools of
pharmacy) also have student codes.

Approximately 35 universities that lease MEDLINE directly from the NLM mount the
data on local computer systems and provide access to students via that route.


A major reason for the growth in direct use of MEDLINE by physicians and medical
students was the introduction in 1986 of Grateful Med, a microcomputer search
package that allows users without special training to search MEDLINE and other NLM
databases quickly and cheaply. Grateful Med is available for both IBM (and
compatibles) and Macintosh computers.

As of December 31, 1992: 53,209 copies distributed by NTIS

71% of all searchers using MEDLINE each month use Grateful

85% of physicians with search accounts are known to use
Grateful Med

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