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September 1993

NLM International MEDLARS_ Centers

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) enters into bilateral
agreements with public institutions in foreign countries to serve as
International MEDLARS Centers. These Centers assist health
professionals to access MEDLARS databases, offer search training,
provide document delivery and perform other functions as biomedical
information resource centers.

To be designated by the Director of NLM as an International MEDLARS
Center, the institution must fulfill the following criteria:

o be a public institution nominated by the country's highest
health official;
o be capable of using NLM's Grateful Med_ and the Internet to
access MEDLARS databases online at NLM (*see footnote);
o be an online center initially;
o be able to offer MEDLARS search service and other information
services such as user search assistance and document delivery;
o be committed to serving all health professionals;
o be willing to collaborate with NLM in specialized projects.

For more specific information regarding International MEDLARS
Centers, please contact:

Director for International Programs
National Library of Medicine
8600 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20894
International MEDLARS Centers
(Available EMail addresses listed)

National Library of Australia
Canberra A.C.T. 2600, AUSTRALIA
Telephone: 61-06-273-1180
FAX: 61-06-273-1180

Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
National Research Council
Ottawa, CANADA K1A OS2
Telephone: 613-993-1604
FAX: 613-952-7158
EMail: [email protected]

Institute of Medical Information
Chinese Academcy of Medical Sciences
3 Yabao Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing, CHINA
Telephone: 861-512-8185
FAX: 861-512-8176

Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
101 Kasr El Einy Street
Cairo, EGYPT
Telephone: 202-355-7253
FAX: 202-354-7807

Information Medicale Automatisee
Centre de Documentation de L'INSERM
80 Rue du General Leclerc
94276 Le Kremlin-Bicetre, FRANCE
Telephone: 33-1-4521-1044
FAX: 33-1-4658-4057

German Institute for Medical
Documentation and Information
Weisshausstr. 27, D-50939
Telephone: 49-221-472-4264
FAX: 49-221-41-1429

National Informatics Centre
A-Block, CGO Complex, Lodi Road
New Delhi 110003, INDIA
Telephone: 91-11-4362-359
FAX: 91-11-4362-489
EMail: !uunet!nicnet!medlar_!slc

Hebrew University
Berman National Medical Library
P.O.B. 1172
Jerusalem, ISRAEL 91010
Telephone: 972-2-758-790
FAX: 972-2-784-010

Ministry of Health
Istituto Superiore di Sanita
Viale Regina Elena 299
00161 Rome, ITALY
Telephone: 39-6-4990
FAX: 39-6-446-9938

The Japan Information Center
Of Science and Technology
5-2 Nagatacho - 2 Chome
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, CPO Box 1478
Tokyo, JAPAN
Telephone: 81-3-3581-6411, x200
FAX: 81-3-3593-3375

Medical Library
Seoul National University
College of Medicine
28, Yongon-dong, Chongno-gu
Seoul 110-799, KOREA
Telephone: 82-2-740-8043
FAX: 82-2-744-0484
[email protected]

Ministry of Public Health
P.O. Box 5
Safat 13053, KUWAIT
Telephone: 965-533-8610
FAX: 965-533-8618

Ministry of Health & Welfare
Centro Nacional de Informacion
y Documentacion en Salud
Avda. Insurgentes Sur #1397,
2 Piso, Col. Mixcoac Insurgentes
CP 03920 Mexico D.F., MEXICO
Telephone: 525-598-9875
FAX: 525-598-9959

New Zealand
Health Information Management
Department of Health
133 Molesworth Street
P.O. Box 5013
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
Telephone: 64-4-496-2000
FAX: 64-4-496-2340

South Africa
South African Med. Res. Council
P.O. Box 70
Tygerberg 7505, SOUTH AFRICA
Telephone: 27-021-938-0339
FAX: 27-021-938-0315
[email protected]

Medical Information Center
Karolinska Institute, Box 60201
S-104 01 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Telephone: 46-8-728-8000
FAX: 46-8-330-481
EMail: MIC%[email protected]

Dokumentationsdienst der
Schweizerischen Akademie der
Medizinischen Wissenschaften
CH-3000 Bern 9, Waldheimstrasse 20
Telephone: 41-31-301-2572
FAX: 41-31-301-6556
EMail: [email protected]

United Kingdom
The British Library
Boston Spa, Wetherby
West Yorkshire LS23 7BQ
Telephone: 44-71-323-7074
FAX: 44-71-323-7018

Centro Latino Americano de
Informcao em Ciencias de Saude
Organizacao Pan-Americana de Saude
Vila Clementino
Rua Botucatu, 862
04023 Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Telephone: 55-11-549-2611
FAX: 55-11-571-1919

Pan American Health Organization
Headquarters, Room 854
525 Twenty-third Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20037
Telephone: (202)861-3301
FAX: (202)223-5971
[email protected]

Intergovernmental Organization
National Science and Technology
Information Center
15F, #106, Sec. 2, Ho-Ping E. Rd.
Taipei (10636), TAIWAN
Telephone: 886-2-737-7690
FAX: 886-2-737-7664

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