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National Library of Medicine
APRIL 1993

Most of the literature in the collection of the National Library of
Medicine (NLM), including the History of Medicine Division, is
available for loan to any library. The NLM lends items that fall
within the scope and coverage policy governing its collection. The
collection does not include patient or health education materials and
the Library does not lend indexes and abstracts, general library and
information science materials, and current trade publications which
are presumed to be widely available. Technical reports available
from the National Technical Information Service and Government
Printing Office publications are generally not loaned. Requests for
reprints should be directed to the author.

Loans are not made directly to individuals. Requestors who cannot
obtain medical literature in their Regions and who cannot come to the
National Library of Medicine in person may secure material through
the interlibrary loan service by requesting items through their local
library. Libraries should send requests directly to NLM only for
those titles not held in their Regions. The Regional Medical
Libraries (RMLs), listed on page 4, have established lending
procedures for their Regions and have made available regional locator
tools. As not all Regions have monographic and audiovisual locator
tools, requests for these materials should follow existing Regional
patterns before being forwarded to NLM.

Loans requested from NLM must comply with the instructions in this
Policy and with the provisions of the National Interlibrary Loan Code
of the American Library Association (ALA).

Forms of Loans

ù Material will be lent in the original form, as a photocopy, or in
microfilm. The form will be determined by NLM.

ù Journals and monographic serials generally do not circulate in their
original form. Photocopies are provided in lieu of lending the
original. Photocopies will not exceed fifty pages, in most cases.
Certain forms and types of material (congresses) and specific works
may be withheld from circulation.

ù Literature in the collection printed before 1914 is usually loaned in
the form of microfilm or photocopy. These materials are available
from the History of Medicine Division. (See address on page 3 and
LIBID below.)

ù Audiovisual titles are available for loan. Pre-1970 audiovisuals are
available from the History of Medicine Division. Computer-Assisted
Instruction (CAI) materials are not loaned. (See NLM Fact Sheet,
Access to Audiovisual Materials.)

Methods of Borrowing

Requests will be accepted via the following methods:

1. DOCLINE_, NLM's automated ILL request and referral system;

2 . ALA or IFLA Interlibrary Loan Request Forms, typed in triplicate,

3 . Telefacsimile, Phone: (301) 496-2809,

4 . INTERNET: [email protected]

ù Requests for serial literature should be sent directly to NLM only
when the requested material is not available in the requestor's
Region. The statement "not available in Region" must appear on the
interlibrary loan request. Requests without this statement will be

ù All requests for material to be photocopied must include the
applicable statement of conformance to either the U.S. Copyright Act
of 1976 (CCL) or Copyright Guidelines (CCG). Requests for loans of
audiovisuals must include the CCL statement.

ù Requests must include the authorizing person's name (if sent by
electronic transmission) or the signature of the authorizing person
at the borrowing library (if the form is sent by mail).

ù NLM requires that a requesting library include its LIBID (library
identification number) on each request, near the library's address.
The LIBID is assigned by NLM to facilitate identification of the
requesting library and may be obtained by searching the DOCUSER_
database on the MEDLARS_ system or by contacting the appropriate
Regional Medical Library.

ù Each item or item segment (chapter, part of issue, etc.) must be
requested separately.

ù Advance booking of audiovisuals for a specific date is not possible.
Requests are processed as they are received.

ù To facilitate processing, the MEDLINE_, SERLINE_, CATLINE_ or AVLINE_
unique identifier should be used to enter requests in DOCLINE or the
UI should accompany electronically transmitted or mailed requests.

Interlibrary Loan Request Forms

ù Journal citations should include the name of the journal, date of
issue, volume, author, title, and full pagination of the article.

ù Book citations should include the full name of author, title, edition,
publisher, place, and date of publication.

ù Audiovisual citations should include the full title, institution or
person responsible for the production, and parts of the audiovisual
(e.g., slides, audiocassette, guide).

ù Omission of any of the above citation elements could result in an
unfilled request.

ù Citations verified in NLM publications or NLM databases should include
NLM call numbers when available. The call number is identified by
02NLM in the databases and recently printed catalogs and 04NLM or DNLM
in catalogs printed before January 1983. Do not request Cataloging
in Publication titles, identified by a (P) following the call number,
or titles withdrawn from NLM's collection, marked WITHDRAWN in the
call number.

ù Give source of verification whenever possible. If known, state the
specific NLM database containing the citation and the MEDLINE_ or
SERLINE_ unique identifying number. Do not state "MEDLINE_" if the
citation was found, for example, in TOXLINE_ or CANCERLINE_. If the
available bibliographic resources have been exhausted, a notation to
that effect and summary of sources searched should be furnished.
Requests not verified or which do not contain the notation and summary
of sources searched will receive limited searching, while properly
verified requests will be searched more thoroughly.

ù If a citation cannot be verified, give the bibliographic reference to
its source, or if faxed or mailed, attach a copy of the citation.

ù Complete address and LIBID of the requesting library must appear on
each request form.

ù It is not possible for NLM to cancel a request once it is received.


NLM will accept requests transmitted by telefacsimile and will use
telefacsimile to fill requests for documents needed on an emergency
basis. To request fax transmission for emergency requests, the
EMERGENCY requirement must be indicated. During the hours the Library
is open, these requests will be filled within 2 hours. If NLM is unable
to fill the request, notification will be transmitted within 2 hours.
Telefacsimile requests must contain the return facsimile phone number
and an office telephone number as well as the complete address of the
borrowing library and the LIBID. To facilitate processing, include the
MEDLINE_, SERLINE_ or CATLINE_ unique identifier whenever possible.
There is an additional charge for this service (See Charges.)

Requests received via telefacsimile which are not indicated as emergency
requests, will be processed as regular interlibrary loan requests and
returned by fax upon request.

NLM will refer requests which are within the scope of the NLM
collection, are not available at NLM, are complete citations and are
identified as held by another library. At this time NLM is referring
to the Resource and Primary Access Libraries in the National Network of
Libraries of Medicine§ (NN/LM§), National Agricultural Library, Canada
Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI), American
Hospital Association and the American Dental Association. If you wish
this service, indicate "Refer on" as a comment on an electronically
transmitted request or at the top of the ALA form.

Titles in NLM Databases Not in the NLM Collection

ù POPLINE_, HEALTH, and several "Special List" indexes (e.g., dental and
nursing) include some serials that are not in the NLM collection.
SERLINE_ indicates those titles by: 1) a note that they are not in the
NLM collection and 2) the indexing source rather than the call number.
TOXLINE_, BIOETHICSLINE_, HISTLINE_æ and several other databases also
contain citations to titles not owned by NLM.

ù Requests for photocopies from these titles are referred to a library
holding these materials if the requesting library has indicated "Refer
on" on the request.

Loan Period

ù The loan period for original material, microfilm and audiovisuals is
four weeks, not including transit time.

ù No renewals are granted.

ù Libraries with overdue items will be billed for lost materials after
three overdue notices have been sent. Interlibrary loan service will
not be provided to delinquent accounts.

Delivery and Returns

ù NLM will pay postage for outgoing loans. The borrowing library:

Ä will pay postage for the return of borrowed materials;

Ä is responsible for material from time of receipt until returned and
received at NLM;

Ä will replace materials lost or irreparably damaged. If materials
cannot be replaced, a standard $75.00 fee will be charged ($150 for
audiovisual materials).

ù For the protection of the borrowing library, it is suggested that
materials be insured or registered and that a return receipt be

ù Return post-1913 printed materials and post-1969 audiovisuals to the
Collection Access Section. Return pre-1914 microfilm and pre-1970
audiovisuals to the History of Medicine Division.

ù Pack materials properly for return. Protect corners and edges of
books well and mail unbound materials flat. Do not reuse NLM's jiffy
bag. It will not survive two trips through the mails. Audiovisual
materials should not be returned in fiber jiffy bags.

International Requests

ù Interlibrary loan service for photocopies of journal articles will be
provided under the same conditions and regulations as for U.S.
libraries except for the difference in fee charged (See Charges).

ù Materials in the original form will not be loaned outside the U.S.


ù U.S. libraries $8.00 for each filled interlibrary loan in the form of
a photocopy or loan of a book, audiovisual, or microfilm.

ù There is a $3.00 surcharge for photocopies provided via telefacsimile.

ù International libraries $10.00 (U.S.) for each filled interlibrary
loan in the form of a photocopy.

ù Fees include charges for handling and postage.
ù Federal libraries - NLM will provide service free of charge to most
federal libraries if the requesting library has complied with NN/LM
policy for routing of interlibrary loan requests. Special
arrangements will be made with high volume requestors.

ù Do not send payment with the loan request. Invoices will be issued
quarterly by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), 5285
Port Royal Road, Springfield, Virginia 22161 and are payable to NTIS.
Libraries are encouraged to establish a deposit account with NTIS to
facilitate payment. Coupons are not accepted as payment for these
charges. Interlibrary loan service will not be provided to libraries
with delinquent accounts.

ù Please keep a copy of each loan request form returned with each item.
The loan request number and patron name appear on the summary page of
the invoice and may be needed to interpret the invoice charges. NLM
is unable to provide a second copy at the end of each quarter.

Special Photographic Services

ù Photographs or slides of portraits, prints, charts, and other
pictorial work requires special procedures. Write to: Prints and
Photographs Collection, History of Medicine Division (address below)
for information and costs.

ù It is not possible to fill large orders for purposes of building

ù Orders requiring copyright owner's permission will not be accepted
unless accompanied by this permission in writing.

Interlibrary Loan Information

Address requests as follows:

1) For journal and monograph material published after 1913 and
audiovisual material produced after 1969:


National Library LIBID: 20209A
of Medicine Telephone:
8600 Rockville Pike (301) 496-5511
Bethesda, Maryland FAX (301) 496-2809
20894 INTERNET: [email protected]

2) For journal and monograph material published before 1914 and
audiovisual material produced before 1970:


National Library LIBID: 20209B
of Medicine Telephone:
8600 Rockville Pike (301) 496-5405
Bethesda, Maryland FAX (301) 496-2809
20894 INTERNET: [email protected]

Natio nal Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM)

There are eight Regional Medical Libraries, each responsible for a
specific geographic area. These libraries handle requests for
medical literature not available locally, passing on to NLM requests
they cannot fill.

Regions States Regional Medical Library
#1 - Middle Atlantic Delaware New York Middle
Atlantic Region Phone: 212-876-8763
New Jersey Pennsylvania The New
York Academy FAX: 212-534-7042 of
2 East 103rd Street
New York, New York 10029

#2 - Southeastern/ Alabama Tennessee
Southeastern/Atlantic Region Phone: 410-706-2855
Atlantic Florida Virginia University
of Maryland at Baltimore FAX: 410-706-0099
Georgia West Virginia Health
Sciences Library
Maryland District of 111 South
Greene Street
Mississippi Columbia Baltimore,
Maryland 21201-1583
North Carolina Puerto Rico
South Carolina Virgin Islands

#3 - Greater Midwest Iowa Minnesota Greater
Midwest Region Phone: 312-996-2464
Illinois North Dakota University
of Illinois FAX: 312-996-2226
Indiana Ohio at Chicago
Kentucky South Dakota Library of
the Health Sciences
Michigan Wisconsin P.O. Box 7509
Chicago, Illinois 60680

#4 - Midcontinental Colorado Nebraska
Midcontinental Region Phone: 402-559-4326
Kansas Utah University of Nebraska Medical
Center FAX: 402-559-5482
Missouri Wyoming Leon S. McGoogan Library of
600 South 42nd Street Omaha,
Nebraska 68198-6706

#5 - South Central Arkansas Oklahoma South
Central Region Phone: 713-790-7053
Louisiana Texas Houston Academy of Medicine FAX:
New Mexico Texas
Medical Center Library
1133 M.D. Anderson Boulevard
Houston, TX 77030

#6 - Pacific Northwest Alaska Oregon Pacific
Northwest Region Phone: 206-543-8262
Idaho Washington University of Washington FAX:
Montana Health Center Library, SB-55
Seattle, Washington 98195

#7 - Pacific Southwest Arizona and U.S.Territories Pacific
Southwest Region Phone: 310-825-1200
California in the Pacific University
of California at Los Angeles FAX: 310-825-5389
Hawaii Basin Louise Darling Biomedical
Nevada 10833 Le Conte Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90024-

#8 - New England Connecticut New
Hampshire New England Region Phone: 203-679-4500
Maine Rhode Island University
of Connecticut FAX: 203-679-1305
Health Center
Massachusetts Vermont Lyman
Maynard Stowe Library, ASB-3
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, Connecticut 06030-

Toll-free phone number for all Regional Medical Libraries 1-800-338-

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