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HISTLINE (History of Medicine Online) is a National Library of Medicine(NLM) online
bibliographic database which contains citations to recent monographs, journal
articles, symposia, congresses and similar composite publications dealing with the
history of medicine and related sciences. The scope includes professions,
individuals, institutions, drugs, and diseases of given chronological periods and
geographical areas. Citations for the database are collected and processed in the
History of Medicine Division of the National Library of Medicine and are published
annually in the NLM's Bibliography of the History of Medicine. Sources of the
literature cited in HISTLINE include MEDLINE_ and CATLINE_ (two other NLM
databases), journals in the history of medicine and science, and recent
publications in fields such as classics and general history.

How Large is HISTLINE?

HISTLINE currently includes approximately 108,000 citations, is updated monthly, and
increases by about 6,000 citations per year. The majority of items were published
since 1970, but there are selected citations to literature back to 1964.

How is HISTLINE Searched?

HISTLINE is searched by using controlled vocabulary words or text words. Many of the
terms in the controlled vocabulary are derived from NLM's Medical Subject Headings,
although some additional terms are used. Copies of A Guide to Keywords in the
Structured HISTLINE Vocabulary are available from the History of Medicine Division,
NLM. Text words are derived from the title and author fields. Several other data
elements including author, added entry, personal name as subject, language, collective
biography, and journal title abbreviation are also searchable. Terms may be entered
singly or combined by means of the Boolean AND, OR, and AND NOT. Records may be
printed online at the user's terminal, or offline and mailed to the user from NLM.

Where is HISTLINE Available?

HISTLINE is available at numerous academic, commercial and government organizations.
Most centers provide service to biomedical personnel and other scholars in the
communities where they are located. These centers access the NLM computer which
supports MEDLARS (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System). HISTLINE is one
of the many databases that make up MEDLARS.

When is HISTLINE Available?

HISTLINE is available on the NLM computer round-the-clock every day.

How Does One Subscribe?

Eight Regional Medical Libraries, each responsible for a geographic area, coordinate
NLM's online search in the U.S. These libraries also handle requests for health
literature not available locally, passing on to NLM requests they cannot fill. For
information on the nearest Online Center, or direct access from your own personal
computer, write to the Regional Medical Library for your area. Phone: 1-800-338-7657.

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