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December 1993


The Health Planning and Administration database (HEALTH) is a
computerized bibliographic file that provides access to literature
concerned with all nonclinical aspects of health care delivery. A
cooperative project of the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the
National Library of Medicine (NLM), HEALTH is one of many databases on
NLM's Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System (MEDLARS_).
Initiated in 1978 with 95,000 citations, HEALTH now contains more than
700,000 citations to articles in journals published from January 1975 to
the present in English, French, and German_and is growing by some 45,000
citations yearly.

Citations in HEALTH are drawn from three sources: (1) journals with a
special emphasis on health administration, selected and indexed on an
ongoing basis for HEALTH by AHA; (2) articles on health delivery systems
from journals indexed in MEDLINE_, NLM's biomedical database; and (3) a
collection of 9,451 retrospective monographs, technical reports, and
theses with a health planning slant submitted in May 1983 by the
National Health Planning Information Center (NHPIC). Journals indexed by
AHA are not cited in MEDLINE and include such essential titles as
Frontiers of Health Services Management, Health Care Financing Review,
Healthcare Financial Management, Hospital and Health Services
Administration, Journal of Health and Hospital Law, and Journal of
Healthcare Risk Management.

Scope and Content

Subject areas emphasized in this file include the administration and
planning of health facilities, services and personnel, health insurance,
health services research, and aspects of economics and financial
management, laws and regulation, personnel administration, quality
assurance, licensure and accreditation that apply to health care
delivery. Current topics, such as health care reform, universal access
to health care, integrated community health networks, and practice
guidelines, are also covered. The file, which is updated monthly,
excludes case reports, animal studies, and most letters. Approximately
91 percent of the HEALTH citations are to English-language publications;
the rest are in French or German. About 33 percent of the documents in
HEALTH contain abstracts taken directly from the published articles.

Search Process

A search of HEALTH is performed by typing in a series of questions and
commands on a computer terminal. The key to searching HEALTH is the
selection of appropriate terms. Ordinary words found in article titles
or abstracts may be used, or the words may be controlled vocabulary
terms from Medical Subject Headings (MeSH_), NLM's thesaurus. Other
ways to search for appropriate references include author name, journal
title, and year of publication. NHPIC records contain additional unique
search features. HEALTH may also be searched through NLM's user-
friendly software product for personal computers, Grateful Med_.
Organizations licensing the file from NLM provide varying data elements,
searching, and printing features.

A search of HEALTH results in a list of citations. Standard print
formats may be requested, depending on whether the complete citation or
an abbreviated format is desired. The list of citations may be printed
at the terminal, stored on disk, or printed later by the vendor and
mailed to the requester the next day.

Availability and Access

Individuals may obtain direct online access to HEALTH by obtaining an
online code from NLM; through subscribing libraries, hospitals, medical
schools, universities, government agencies, and health-related
commercial organizations in the United States and abroad; or directly
through organizations that license this database from NLM. HEALTH is
accessed online by modems that connect users' computer terminals to
vendors' computers either through direct-dial telephone lines or
commercial telecommunication networks. Information about NLM-licensed
vendors of direct online access to HEALTH is available from NLM.

In addition, several NLM-licensed vendors make HEALTH available to
individuals and information centers on CD-ROM products. CD-ROM
technology enables subscribers to store HEALTH and search software on
their personal computers for a fixed subscription fee. A list of NLM-
licensed vendors of CD-ROM HEALTH products is available from NLM.

Each vendor provides its subscribers, whether institutional or
individual, with staff training and user support services, as well as
exact specifications regarding computer equipment and modems.
Information centers that subscribe to HEALTH also have search analysts
who will help define search parameters and conduct searches, or
individuals may conduct their own searches. Charges for such services
vary from center to center.

For more information about accessing HEALTH, contact one of the

National Library of Medicine
MEDLARS Management Section
8600 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20894
Phone: 301-402-1076/Fax: 301-496-0822

AHA Resource Center
American Hospital Association
840 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-280-6263/Fax: 312-280-3061

Other HEALTH Search Options

There are several additional services based on HEALTH that answer
specific literature needs: (1) Hospital Literature Index, the single
most comprehensive printed bibliography on health care administration,
produced by the AHA Resource Center with the cooperation of NLM; (2)
vendors' Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) services, which
provide monthly printouts of relevant citations according to requested
search parameters; (3) NLM's Current Bibliographies in Medicine
series_extensive bibliographies on selected medical and health care
topics; and (4) the AHA Resource Center's Selected Resources
series_short bibliographies on selected health delivery topics.

Obtaining Articles and Documents

Journal articles identified in a HEALTH search may be requested through
your local library. Requests for items not available locally may be
routed through the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM),
which consists of eight regional medical libraries, 136 resource
libraries (primarily at medical schools), and some 3,300 local health
science libraries (primarily at hospitals). The AHA Resource Center and
NLM will provide copies (on a fee basis) of most documents that cannot
be found in local libraries or NN/LM.

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