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Bibliographic Services Division

October 1993

The Bibliographic Services Division provides bibliographic access to
biomedical literature. It does this primarily through MEDLARS
(Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System), the Library's
well-known computer-based system for storing and retrieving
bibliographic and factual information, and the printed products
derived from this system, such as Index Medicus (a monthly listing
of references to current articles from over 3,700 of the world's
biomedical journals published in 36 languages), International Index
to Nursing Literature, Index to Dental Literature and others.
The Division is composed of two sections: (1) the Index Section,
which creates Index Medicus and the MEDLINE database and, (2) the
MEDLARS Management Section (MMS), which is responsible for computer-
produced bibliographic publications; management of a network of more
than 70,000 institutions and individuals with online access to
MEDLINE and other databases* at NLM, and training of online users.

Index Section

The Index Section is responsible for the indexing, editing,
keyboarding and input of journal literature for MEDLINE, Index
Medicus, and other NLM publications. Indexing involves analyzing
and assigning to each article descriptive headings selected from
Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), the controlled vocabulary of over
17,000 terms. Nearly seven million articles have been indexed since
the inception of MEDLARS in 1966, and about 400,000 are added to the
database each year.

Much of the initial indexing of journal articles is done by firms
under contract to the Library, and through agreements with
International MEDLARS Centers. To ensure the integrity of the
database, members of the Section review all indexing done outside
NLM for accuracy and consistency and correct errors detected by
users of MEDLARS products and services.

MEDLARS Management Section

The MEDLARS Management Section serves as the contact point between
NLM and its network of users of online databases. With contractual
assistance, MMS staffs a Service Desk from 8:30 a.m. to midnight
weekdays, and 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturdays, to handle call-in
questions or problems. (Phone: 800-638-8480.) The Section also
responds to user questions via two addresses on the Internet system.
(Grateful Med questions: [email protected]; general MEDLARS
questions: [email protected]). In addition, publications such as the
Online Services Reference Manual, the NLM Technical Bulletin,
Gratefully Yours, Fact Sheets, recurring bibliographies, and other
descriptive materials are produced. Many of these also are
available via the NLM Publication File Server (
Online access to selected databases on the MEDLARS system is
available via a user-friendly interface called Grateful Med. Over
50,000 copies of this microcomputer-based software package have been
distributed since its introduction in February 1986. MMS personnel
are also responsible for assistance to users of this program via the
aforementioned methods and a toll-free Grateful Med Bulletin Board.
The Section coordinates online training activities at NLM and within
the National Network of Libraries of Medicine and collects and
analyzes usage data.

*In addition to MEDLINE (MEDLARS OnLine), network participants have
online access to databases in such areas as AIDS information
(AIDSLINE) toxicology (TOXLINE and TOXNET), chemical substance
information (CHEMLINE), cataloging (CATLINE), and serial records

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