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January 1994

A comprehensive AIDS information service is vital if scientists,
physicians, educators, and other health professionals are to have rapid
access to the latest information on AIDS research, diagnosis, treatment,
control, and prevention. Staff at the National Library of Medicine, the
world's largest medical library, have been developing components of such
a service since the AIDS crisis began in 1980.

Legislative Mandate

The Health Omnibus Program Extension of 1988 (P.L. 100-607) called for
the National Library of Medicine to help create a "data bank of
information on the results of research with respect to acquired immune
deficiency syndrome conducted in the United States and other countries"
[Sect. 3217 (c)]. This legislation supplements NLM's original mandate
(the "National Library of Medicine Act of 1956") under which the Library
collects, preserves, and disseminates the world's published medical

NLM Resources on AIDS

Since publication of AIDS-related research started, thousands of
references to AIDS have been made available to health professionals
through NLM's computer-based MEDLARS_ services - primarily through Index
Medicus_, the monthly guide to published journal literature, and
MEDLINE_, the online database from which Index Medicus is created.

The following NLM services are available to AIDS information seekers.
The databases are searchable at libraries, other institutions, and
through personal computers. Grateful Med_, an NLM software package to
search MEDLARS, is also available (see page 2). The publications are
available free or from the Government Printing Office as noted. Phone
numbers for further information are found on the reverse.

o AIDSLINE_ is an online computer file with over 90,000 references to
the literature on AIDS published since 1980. Over 50 percent of the
references have author-produced abstracts. AIDSLINE contains AIDS-
related citations from the following MEDLARS databases: MEDLINE, Health
Planning & Administration, CANCERLIT_, AVLINE_ and CATLINE_. AIDSLINE
also contains all abstracts of papers presented at the Fifth through the
Eighth International Conferences on AIDS, the Symposium on Nonhuman
Primate Models for AIDS, and the Annual Meeting of the American Society
for Microbiology. AIDSLINE is updated weekly; about 1000 new citations
are added each month.

NLM plans to extend AIDSLINE to include records from BIOETHICSLINE_ and
POPLINE_, thus providing access to symposia, reports, dissertations and
newspaper articles on ethical and population issues related to AIDS.
The Library will continue to add meeting abstracts from the
International Conference on AIDS and other selected meetings.

o AIDSTRIALS and AIDSDRUGS are two databases that provide online access
to current information on clinical trials of drugs and vaccines being
tested against AIDS, HIV infection, and AIDS-related opportunistic
infections. The information about the NIH-sponsored trials is supplied
by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID);
the information about the privately sponsored trials is furnished by the
Food and Drug Administration (FDA). AIDSTRIALS provides a central
source for searchers to find information about AIDS-related clinical
trials including a description of the purpose of the trial, eligibility
criteria, contact persons, agents being tested, and trial locations.
AIDSDRUGS contains descriptive information, such as pharmacologic action
and contraindications, about each agent being tested in these clinical
trials. (The information in these two files is also available through
the toll-free PHS AIDS Clinical Trial Information Service: 1-800-TRIALS-

o AIDS Bibliography is a monthly printed bibliography derived from
AIDSLINE and produced by the Library's Reference Section. It contains
references to journal articles, books, audiovisual materials, and
conference papers. References are displayed in both subject and author
arrangements. Order AIDS Bibliography from the Superintendent of
Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, Pa., 15250-7954. Phone: (202)
783-3238). Yearly subscription: $80 ($100 foreign); GPO List ID is
ABIM. The AIDS Bibliography is also available through a public
Bulletin Board System (BBS) managed by the National AIDS Program Office
(NAPO). For more information about access to the BBS, contact Vesta
Jones or Ted Floor (202)690-6428.

o DIRLINE_ is an online, annotated directory listing some 17,000
organizations. It includes information on over 1,100 national,
international, and Federal organizations that provide services
specifically related to AIDS. These organizations provide services or
information related to AIDS including direct support services,
counseling, and databases; clinics and hospitals are not included. Many
of the AIDS organizations come from a DIRLINE_ subfile supplied to NLM
by the National AIDS Information Clearinghouse.

o Health Hotlines is a brochure of toll-free telephone numbers on a
variety of health topics, including AIDS. It was derived from DIRLINE
(see above). For a free copy write:

National Library of Medicine
OPI, Attn: HH
8600 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, Maryland 20894

o AIDS Posters: The Historical Prints and Photographs section in the
Library's History of Medicine Division actively collects medical
posters, including those on AIDS. To date, this international
collection includes some 750 AIDS posters. For further information
about how the Library acquires and distributes its pictorial materials,
contact the curator of the prints and photographs collection: Phone:
(301) 496-5961.

Grateful Med_

GRATEFUL MED is an inexpensive ($29.95), microcomputer-based software
package, developed by NLM, that provides access to more than 40
databases in the MEDLARS system. It is available for IBM/compatible and
Apple Macintosh personal computers. Many of the databases, including
those preceded with an asterisk (*) below, are searchable in a "user-
friendly" mode, with no training needed; the others require some
knowledge of the system's formal command language. While nearly all of
NLM's databases contain AIDS-related information, the ones listed here
are of primary interest to AIDS researchers.

o* BIOETHICSLINE (published bioethical information; over 1700 AIDS-
related references)
oPOPLINE (population information resources; some 3500 related to AIDS)

For more information: call (301) 496-6193 or (800) 638-8480. To order:
contact the National Technical Information Service, U.S. Department of
Commerce, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, Va. 22161; Phone: (703)
487-4650; fax (703) 321-8547. The cost: $29.95. (Available U.S. and
Canada only.) Order numbers: IBM and compatibles: PB92-105444;
Macintosh: PB93-502433.

Further Information On ...

oAIDSLINE and accessing NLM's databases: 1-(800) 638-8480.
oAIDSTRIALS and AIDSDRUGS: (301) 496-3147
oAIDS Bibliography (and general reference questions on AIDS resources):
call (301) 496-6095 or 1-(800) 272-4787.

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