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Taken from the 1960 reprint of AN ENCLYCLOPAEDIA OF OCCULTISM
by Lewis Spence, University Books, Hyde Park, New York. First
published in 1920, it is considered to be one of the best
sources on the subject.

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The last two examples are, of course, those of "white" necromancy.
The procedure followed by savage tribes as of course totally different.
Among certain Australian tribes the necromants are called Birraark. It
is said that a Birraark was supposed to be initiated by the "mrarts"
(ghosts) when they met him wandering in the bush. It was from the
ghosts that he obtained replies to questions concerning events passing t
a distance, or yet to happen, which might be of interest or moment to
his tribe. An account of a spiritual seance in the bush is given in
"Kamilaroi and Kurnai" (p. 251): The fires were let down; the Birraark
uttered the cry "Coo-ee" at intervals. At length a distant reply was
heard, and shortly afterwards, the sound as of persons jumping on the
ground in succession. A voice was then heard in the gloom asking in a
strange intonation "What is wanted?" At the termination of the seance,
the spirit voice said "We are going." Finally, the Birraark was found
in the top of an almost inaccessible tree, apparently asleep.
In Japan, ghosts can be raised in various ways. One mode is to "put
into an andon" (a paper lantern in a flame), "a hundred rushlights, and
repeat an incantation of a hundred lines. One of these rushlights is
taken out at the end of each line, and the would-be ghost-seer then goes
out in the dark with one light still burning, and blows it out, when
their ghost ought to appear. Girls who have lost their lovers by death
often try that sorcery."
The mode of procedure as practiced in Scotland was thus. The haunted
room was made ready. He , "who was to do the daring deed, about
nightfall entered the room, bearing with him a table, a chair, a candle,
a compass, a crucifix, if one could be got, and a Bible. With the
compass he cat a circle on the middle of the floor, large enough to hold
the chair and the table. He placed within the circle the chair and the
table, and on the table he laid the Bible and the crucifix beside the
lighted candle. If he had not a crucifix, then he drew the figure of a
cross in the floor within the circle. When all this was done, he rested
himself on the chair, opened the Bible, and waited for the coming of the
spirit. Exactly at midnight the spirit came. Sometimes the door opened
slowly, and there glided in noiselessly a lady sheeted in white, with a
face of woe and told her story to the man on his asking her in the name
of God what she wanted. What she wanted was done in the morning, and
the spirit rested ever after. Sometimes the spirit rose from the floor,
and sometimes came forth from the wall. There was one who burst into
the room with a strong bound, danced wildly round the circle, and
flourished a long whip round the man's head, but never dared to step
into the circle. During a pause in his frantic dance he was asked, in
God`s name, what he wanted. He ceased his dance and told his wishes.
His wishes were carried out, and the spirit was in peace."
In Wraxall`s "Memoirs of the Counts of Berlin, Dresden, Warsaw, and
Vienna" there is an amusing account of the raising of the ghost of
Chevalier de Saxe. Reports had been circulated that at his palace at
Dresden there was secreted a large sum of money, and it was urged that
if his spirit could be compelled to appear, interesting secrets could be
extorted from him. Curiosity, combined with avarice, accordingly
prompted his principal heir, Prince Charles, to try the experiment, and,
on the appointed night, Schrepfer was the operator in raising the
apparition. He commenced his proceedings by retiring into the corner of
the gallery, where kneeling down with many mysterious ceremonies, he
invoked the spirit to appear. At lengh, a loud clatter was heard at all
the windows on the outside, resembling more the effect produced by a
number of wet fingers drawn over the edge of glasses than anything else
to which it could well be compared. The sound announced the arrival of
the good spirits, and was shortly followed by a yell of a frightful and
unusual nature. Schrepfer continued his invocations, when "the door
suddenly opened with violence and something resembling a black ball or
globe rolled into the room. It was enveloped in smoke or cloud, in the
midst of which appeared a human face, like the countenance of the
Chevalier de Saxe, from which issued a loud and angry voice, exclaiming
in German,"Carl, was wollte du mit mich?" - "Charles, what would thou do
with me?" By reiterated exorcisms Schrepfer finally dismissed the
apparition, and the terrified spectators dispersed fully convinced of
his magical powers.
- end -

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