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I have placed a BBS system on-line that is mainly oriented towards
the Amateur Community (but there other files on-line). The various software
for UP/DOWNload is available via telephone dialup, and through user support I
hope to keep the latest and greatest ham software on-line. Below is the
information that is needed in order to access the BBS via Telephone. Please
pass this information around to as many ham's as possible.

System Name: WB3FFV
User Login: bbs

Number: (410)-661-2475 -- 1.2,2.4,4.8,9.6,14.4,16.8,19.2,21.6,28.8 Kbps

Number: (410)-661-2598 -- 1.2,2.4,4.8,9.6,14.4,18,23 Kbps

Number: (410)-661-2648 -- 1200 & 2400 Kbps (MNP1-5/V.42bis), 18 Kbps (PEP)

Data Settings: 8 Bits, NO Parity, 1 Stop Bit
Times: 24hrs/365days (except for routine maintenance)
Software: UNIBOARD UNIX Software - Version 1.12
Misc. Info: Machine is an 80486-66 computer running UNIX V.3.2 and features
more than 5 Gigabytes of on-line file storage.
Most transfer protocols are available!!
Internet E-Mail & USENET News Available!

I attempt to keep the latest and greatest HAM software on-line, and
encourage all to upload anything new that they come up with, as it is of
benefit to all. Here is a sample of a couple pieces of software that is
available for DOWNLOAD:

KA9Q TCP/IP Software for the PC (Latest OFFICIAL release + TEST Versions)
KA9Q TCP/IP for the Atari-ST, MAC, & Amiga
KA9Q TCP/IP for OS/2
KA9Q TCP/IP for UNIX based systems
KA9Q TCP/IP (The NOS release) [UNIX, MS/DOS, Amiga]
KA9Q TCP/IP (Version by G1EMM, PE1CHL, PA0GRI, Etc.)
N2GTE Packet Message Switch [GTEPMS]
WA7MBL BBS for the PC
W0RLI BBS for the PC
MSYS BBS for the PC
AA4RE BBS for the PC
F6FBB BBS for the PC
G8BPQ PC-Node Software
Various BBS utilities and enhancements
Several MORSE CODE Tutors
TheNet software by NORD> Modifications for many HAM Rigs and Scanners
Digital Signal Processing software (DSP)
DX and contesting programs

There is much more available on the BBS, and I don't want to waste a
lot of PACKET BBS space trying to list it all, so if you are interested give
it a call and see for yourself !!!

If you are interested in using UUCP to connect to the BBS, this can
also be done as I support Anon-uucp. The login to the system is 'uucpanon',
and there is NO password. The listing of avalible archives are stored in a
file called 'FILES', and it is located in the /usr/spool/uucppublic. To
retrieve the files listing just use the following command:

uucp wb3ffv!~/FILES /usr/spool/uucppublic

This will move a copy of my files listing into your uucppublic
directory. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me
at one of the numbers/adresses below. Good Luck...

* * * * * * * * *

Just a quick note to all that may be interested:

KA2HHB HAM BBS is now online,the hours are 9am to 3pm and 9pm to 5am
The system offers many Ham Related Files (programs) and also UFO related
reports and text files. The phone number is 201-484-5125 (Newark, N.J.)
The bbs is an open system with no ratios imposed for the time being.
Please feel free to upload HAM related Shareware files or any articles
that may be of interest.

Thanks es best 73 to all de Ruben/KA2HHB