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Date: Friday, 17 June 1994 03:01 edt
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Subject: Homebrew Digest #1452 (June 17, 1994)
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HOMEBREW Digest #1452 Fri 17 June 1994

Rob Gardner, Digest Janitor

Beer judge poisoning (Bob Jones)
water (Ulick Stafford)
Potential Zoological zymurgy flamebait ๐Ÿ™‚ (Bill Sutton)
California Common Beers? (Joseph P. Gorski)
Plastic Carboys ("Harrington, Stephen J")
Light pollution (Mark Worwetz)
Polyclar Question ( LARRY KELLY)
Chimay in LA (Chuck Black)
Autosparge details (Bob Jones)
Heat vs. Temperature ("pratte")
bylaws, the last word! (/R=HERLVX/R=AM/U=KLIGERMAN/FFN=KLIGERMAN/)
Brewing Schools? (ash)
Aerobic starters (korz)
Skunk in a can? (Bob W Surratt)
Lambik Digest address?? ("Thomas J. Ramsey")
shipping problems (Rich Ryan)
RE:Hot water,live animals,kelvin. ("Upward, not Northward!")
Oh my God, an infection?? (Jack Skeels)
Questions regarding soldering of copper? (Kevin Schutz)
Brass Ball Valves/Cleaning SS/Gravity Feed vs Pumps/Grain Mills (Teddy Winstead)
Thermometer Calibration (Pbr322)
3 Micron Filter Elements (McKee Smith)
Munich Beer Garden and Errant Thermometers (Aidan "Krausen Kropping Kiwi" Heerdegen)
Maine Brewpubs (NR706)
Yeast Starters (Jeff Frane)
Munich Beer Garden and Errant Thermometers (Aidan "Krausen Kropping Kiwi" Heerdegen)
shame ("Steven C. Boxer")
Pilsner Urquell recipe (Marc de Jonge)
Homebrew Digest (BOBHVM)
How to customize home for brewing (Flyboy)
Growing Hops (Arthur McGregor 614-0205)
Beer Tasting (Michael L Montgomery +1 708 979 4132)
Guiness draft cans (Chuck E. Mryglot)

Rubermaid coolers for mashtuns (Wayde Nie)
Gravity at Bottling. (braddw)

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Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 07:58:42 +0900
From: [email protected] (Bob Jones)
Subject: Beer judge poisoning

I think most of know that a beer can get pretty nasty with infections and
not be hazardous to you health. Now when I judge a beer I expect the beer to
have normal ingredients and I would not worry about tasting it. Now say our
experimenting brewer decides to add and interesting ingredient to the beer
to insure a winner. Maybe something cool like oysters or hemlock! Hey I
don't know about other judges, but I don't want to be subjected to such
experiments! At one of our club competitions, one of our judges judged an
oyster stout (it was not labeled as such) and was pretty upset that he was
unknowingly subjected to the foul stuff. I agree! The entrant was also upset
that his beer (that was hammered) was not judged as an oyster stout. The
catagory was Dry Stout.

Some ingredients are on the fringe, I don't want to be subjected to them! As
far as I know there is nothing in the normal ingredients of beer that
prevents or cancels out all bad or dangerous ingredients.

Have fun experimenting with YOUR beer!

Bob Jones
[email protected]


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 10:37:51 -0500 (EST)
From: [email protected] (Ulick Stafford)
Subject: water

Jeremy Bergsman comments on a water analysis, but made one or two comments I
must question. The extremely soft water was obviously a surface water,
possibly from a fast running stream. This can be told by its softness,
high silica level - sand being washed, and its high organic level.

a> T ALK CAC03 16.0 MG/L
jb>This sounds bad to me. Usually organics in water supplies are the
jb>result of industrial pollution.

Yes, it is bad but it is not the result of industrial pollution. Jeremy's
statement is ridiculous. Usually organics in the water supply are the
result of biological activity, i.e. algae photosynthesiziing and excreting
or decaying. The organic matter makes treatment tricky and usually
requires more chlorine than an organic free ground water. It can also
react with chlorine to form not very nice compounds. For such water I
recommend activated charcoal filtration to remove the organics and chlorine.
(While on the subject - so called environmentalists and their disinformation
really get my goat - over 99% of so-called carcinogens in surface waters
are naturally occurring).

> T HARD CACO3 27.0 MG/L

jb>Sandy water?
> FE 334.0 UG/L
jb>I think this borders on being too high.

No. It is fine. Anything under 1 ppm is OK and even a little over will not
adversely affect the taste.
'Heineken!?! ... F#$% that [email protected]&* ... | Ulick Stafford, Dept of Chem. Eng.
Pabst Blue Ribbon!' | Notre Dame IN 46556
| [email protected]


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 11:41:14 EDT
From: Bill Sutton
Subject: Potential Zoological zymurgy flamebait ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: Zoological zymurgy (kit.anderson)

Ahh, I can see it now ...

Jack will begin posting announcements for his new EasyMouser (tm), while
flaming anyone with the gall to recommend the Glatt MouseMill (especially
if they try to motorize the rodentation).

Jim will dispute the amount of tannins extracted in the void phase. Dr. Fix
will publish a paper on the effect of complex proteins from the various
orders, genii, and species - with special emphasis on head retention and
chill haze.

A major rift will develop between those who favor "boullion" brewing due
to its ease and convenience and those who would never do anything but
"all-meat" batches (complete with decomposition rests).

Someone will suggest that we split the digest into two parts, one for
mammalian brewers and one for arachnae brewers.

Threads will develop on % utilization of hops by using jumping spiders,
crossbred yeast strains combining qualities of ale yeast and venus flytraps,
whether calcium carbonate from bones adds too much mineral salt content
to soft water ...

Finally, the distribution site will be mailbombed by soc.religion.hare-krishna
for blatent consumption of animal flesh.

Now, I think you should consider the effects of your postings much more
carefully in the future! :*) :*) :*) :*)

Bill Sutton [email protected]


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 12:12:54 EDT
From: Joseph P. Gorski
Subject: California Common Beers?
Full-Name: Joseph P. Gorski

Fellow brewers,

I have seen in the yeast FAQ a yeast for use in California Common Beers.
I don't know anything about this type of beer and would like to ask the
collective brewers on HBD for information about them. I am looking for
descriptions and all-grain recipes.
Are they ok for summer brewing in NE, my basement stays at about 68F?

Thanks in advance,
* Smokin Joe Gorski [email protected] ~{:<} *
* Brewer, BarBQer and Chili Head *


Date: 15 Jun 1994 08:58:37 -0800
From: "Harrington, Stephen J"
Subject: Plastic Carboys

I am new to internet surfing but not to homebrewing (about 25 batches). I
have a question regarding plastic carboys. I originally started out using a
glass carboy, but when a mishap caused me to smash a tile in our kitchen, I
was banished to the garage and decided to switch to the plastic type. I have
often heard that plastic retains beer spoiling 'nasties' much more so than
glass, so I was wondering if I am asking for trouble using plastic? Since I
am paranoid about ruining batches, I do not rack into a secondary but let the
whole fermentation process occur in the primary. Is this a big mistake too?
I hope that these questions have not come up recently in HBD.

Thanks for all responses,

Stephen Harrington
[email protected]
- -- Shaking and Brewing in LA.


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 10:37:03 -0600 (MDT)
From: [email protected] (Mark Worwetz)
Subject: Light pollution

Howdy from Zion!

The recent thread on light induced skunk essence has me concerned.
How much light will cause this problem? Most of the stories tell of
carboys or bottles left in the sun for 1/2 hour, 1 day, etc. being
affected. Will I get this problem from occasional and very indirect
sunlight? I keep my carboys in a closet for primary. Will 60W
lightbulbs hurt the beer? For secondary, I place the carboy on a rolling
cart in my dining room (read very, very indirect sunlight).

I have not noticed any obvious problem, but I would like to read some
quantitative information regarding this light pollution.

Private replies are OK, but "Inquiring minds want to know"(tm)!

Mark Worwetz in Scum Lick City, Utarrrrr


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 12:31:03 EDT
From: [email protected] ( LARRY KELLY)
Subject: Polyclar Question

I used polyclar on two batches of brew, I used 2 teaspoons of polylcar to
each batch.

One batch I boiled some water, then after a boil of 5 minutes, I added the
polyclar to that water, then dumped the stuff into the fermenter. Only a
little, little, little bit of foaming occured. My airlock did bubble, but
not tremendiously.

the other batch I added 2 teaspoons polyclar directly to the fermentor, I
got a little more foaming.

I have read messages on HBD and in books on how this stuff is suppose to
REALLY FOAM UP! Well where is all this foam???? My batches are 3 gallons
each. I could of bottled the beer, but I wanted to give polyclar a try and
see what happens.

Did I do something wrong? Did I use to little polyclar?

Where's the foam??

[email protected]


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 11:30:16 CDT
From: Chuck Black
Subject: Chimay in LA


Can someone please tell me where in the Marina del Rey area ( or close
by ) that I can purchase Chimay/Corsendonk or other fine beers? I
know about Nahas' in Redondo Beach but they are very pricey and you
can't take them to the hotel with you:)

Thanks and sorry about the non-homebrew related post.

Please reply to me directly.

Thanks again,

Chuck Black
[email protected]


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 10:01:26 +0900
From: [email protected] (Bob Jones)
Subject: Autosparge details

I have had several requests for more detailed info on the autosparge gadget
I described in a recent post. Here is another amusing ascii graphic.... the
information superhighway needs some improvements!

H2O ---------
input ------ |
| |
| |
| | Side view Top view
| |
| |
| |
| | ..[ ]..
| | . | .
| |___ . | .
[ ]-----------(float) . | . ring
----- . | . with
float . | . holes
valve . ( ) .
. .

I use a float valve from Graingers, part number 2X524, $13.70. It doesn't
come with a float. I got a SS float surplus at a local junk store. The
entire assembly is adjustable in heigth, which allows me to place the ring
right down about an inch above the mash bed. I consructed it all out of 1/2
rigid copper and 1/2" flex copper for the ring.

Better brewing through hi-tech,


Bob Jones
[email protected]


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 13:04:00 EST
From: "pratte"
Subject: Heat vs. Temperature

Sorry to waste more time on this, but duty calls. In yesterday's
post, Andy Walsh takes umbrage with my definitions of heat and
temperature. Sorry, Andy, but those are the technical definitions
for these terms. Heat is energy, but it is the energy TRANSFERRED
between two objects of different temperature. An object does not
contain heat; it contains thermal energy. And you are correct in
pointing out that there are equations correlating temperature to
thermal energy (They are not the one that you wrote, though, which is
the equation for the amount of heat that an object delivers or takes
in when it experiences a temperature difference at constant volume
and without a PHASE CHANGE. Since every object will undergo
at least one phase change on the way to absolute zero (0 K),
your idea to set T1=0 is incorrect.). However, this
does not change the fact that temperature is defined as the property
that two objects in thermal contact have in common when no heat is
transferred between them.

The reason that I belabor that point is because if you understand
this, then you immediately realize how to calibrate your thermometer.
Each temperature scale (Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin) is defined
by the temperature at 2 points. Therefore, if you allow your
thermometer to come into thermal equilibrium (no heat transferred)
with the appropriate objects at these two points, you will be able to
calibrate your thermometer. For example, put your thermometer in
boiling water and read it. This point, whatever it is on the scale,
is 212 F (100 C) at standard pressure (check your favorite handbook
for corrections do to altitude). Next, put the thermometer in ice
water and read it. This point is defined to be 32 F (0 C) at
standard pressure. For any point in between these two points, merely
interpolate by dividing the space between these two readings by 180 F
(100 C). For readings outside of the boiling and freezing points,
the only thing that you can do is to assume that the thermometer is
linear and extrapolate appropriately.

The other point that I would like to make is that the equation that I
mentioned in my article was NOT meant to be used by homebrewers. All
three forms of heat loss are occurring and therefore using an
equation that describes only one form would be innapropriate. I
agree with you to run the experiment and check the results. I
mentioned the equation only to point out that Jack's assumption that
the same amount of heat would be lost in equal amounts of time was
wrong since the amount of heat lost depends upon the temperature
differences involved.

I apologize once again for the interjection. And now back to



Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 13:18:23 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: bylaws, the last word!

As a past preseident, treasurer, and vp of
a homebrew club run on the principles of
anarchy, a few of us have decided that
bylaws are needed. Can any club with short
and concise bylaws send me copies by e-mail
or snail mail so we can model our own
bylaws? email: [email protected]

snail mail: Andy Kligerman
5128 Green Meadow Rd.
Hillsborough, NC 27278

Do clubs need to be incorporated to protect
officers against any liability?


On a different subject, I have just been
itchin' (maybe chiggers of poison ivy) to
get into the debates with Jack Schmeidling
versus the world. But since Jack is the
type that has to get the last word I say
"Zyzzogeton" to him %>

Andy Kligerman


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 13:36:25 GMT
From: [email protected]
Subject: Brewing Schools?

I know this has been covered before, but I have no FTP and can't get to the
archives, so...

Can anyone list the various brewing schools, around the world, and, more
importantly, give their addresses? I know of UC Davis, Weihenstephan/
University of Munich, and BrewLab/ University of London. Are there any more?
What sorts of programs do they offer? I'd like to know about homebrewing and
commercial brewing courses.

So, does anyone have the appropriate addresses, or more schools? Reply by
private email; I'll summarise and post.

Ash Baker
Whitby, Ontario
[email protected]


Date: 15 Jun 94 18:16:00 GMT
From: [email protected]
Subject: Aerobic starters

Ron writes:
>So that's my method, which I realize might be kind of hard for real
>homebrewers. But my question is about the aeration. My starter cultures
>are grown _very_ aerobically, then pitched. I've always assumed that since
>I can keep my cultures sterile right up to pitching, this would be an
>advantage, building up stores of sterols (according to Fix). This works
>very well, with my fermentation beginning quickly and smoothly (hardly ever
>any foaming-over). Does the fact that the starter is aerobic bother

Yes and no. Is the air with which the starter is aerated sterile? If not,
then the starter is not sterile. If it is sterile, then I think you have
a very good system. I know that yeast propagators used in commercial yeast
production grow the yeast aerobically.



Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 12:01:01 PST
From: Bob W Surratt
Subject: Skunk in a can?

Text item: Text_1

I know this has been debated for quite a while and it makes sense that
light struck beer will turn skunky, but how does a canned beer go skunky?
Just thought I'd ask.

Bob Surratt
Intel Corp. Folsom, CA


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 14:02:27 -0600 (CST)
From: "Thomas J. Ramsey"
Subject: Lambik Digest address??

Could someone be so kind as to send me the address for the lambic digest?
Even better would be a site for an faq about making p-lambics, which I
couldn't find on Sierra. Hey, when someone (especially a beautiful woman)
offers to buy the cherries and other ingredients, and all I need to do is
try to find out how to put them together and make something unique, I'll try
my best to rise to the challenge. Private E-mail is fine, perhaps even
preferred so Jack and Jim can have enough bandwidth to argue. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Perhaps
that comment reversed would make more sense, but we all know it wouldn't do
any good. :-).)
T.J. in Austin,


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 17:00:15 -0400
From: [email protected] (Rich Ryan)
Subject: shipping problems

My apologies to Jack and the rest of the HBD. I was wrong to post
my comments about Jack's product the other day. Please accept my

Rich Ryan


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 17:43:34 -0500 (EST)
From: "Upward, not Northward!"
Subject: RE:Hot water,live animals,kelvin.

Hello All, a few comments and a question.

1. Andy Walsh is curious about boiling water being hotter than boiling.
Last semester in Food Science 361 we learned that sugar too will raise the
temp. of boiling water. Anything that is in the solution will absorb/hold the
heat and raise the temp. Candy making can be dangerous for this reason. The
sugary syrup can be really hot from being supersaturated. It won't LOOK hot
but...I hope that the more scientific's will forgive me for not provid-
ing graphs. Also boiling is not a function of temperature. It is a function of
pressure and the heat needed for the "escape velocity" to break the bonds
and to "leap" into the air. I don't know about the thermometers. Perhaps the
manufacturer did like you, but at a higher altitude, he stuck the therm. in
boiling H2O then stuck on the internally accurate scale based on "boiling
at 212/100", wrongly. Is there a city/country of manufacture? What is it's

2.(Live) Animals are used in brewing in China. There is a medicinal liquor that
is made with lizards. It is a pale green color and has lizards on the label.
I was told that the lizards are thrown in the vat. It is supposed to be very
good for you. If any lives in NYC or San Fransisco he/she can find it
any chinese store. If you live in NYC I invite you to buy some at Kamman Food
Canal Street, or any grocery store on the Bowery below Broome. Let us know how
you like it. Just as life is too short to drink cheap beer; life is too short
not to drink Lizard Liquor! I had some, it won't kill you.Just Do It!

3. The Question- I have some cherries and want to use them in beer. Is there a
prefered chemical sterilization or is boiling in/before/after wort good?
Is an ale or lager yeast recommended? This is only my second batch, any sugg-
estions are welcome. I do have the C.M. Thanks for your indulgence.
Private e-mail flame or reply is prefered. It's tacky to feud on a public
forum... [email protected]


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 12:04 EST
From: Jack Skeels <[email protected]>
Subject: Oh my God, an infection??

I'm beginning to think that some of my latest bottling is infected, and I'd
like to tap the collective wisdom of the HBD. I've read Miller's Finding
Faults section, and it seems I may have one.


The recipe is the Bohemian Pilsner from Miller's book. I used Saaz hops and
a partial mash. The yeast was Brewtek Original Pilsner.

In the secondary (glass) I dryhopped 1.5 oz of Saaz pellets for about 2
weeks -- basically until they all dropped to the bottom. I then racked and

One week after bottling, the beer had a wonderful creamy head -- very stable
- -- but had a weedy, grassy bitterness. One of my friends and Mark Garetz's
new book both said that this weediness should dissipate with some time.

Well last night the weediness is mostly gone, but the beer has a pronounced
lemon flavor. I looked this up and Miller says that astringency is a
lactobacillus infection. Is this what's up?

What are the probable causes? The only weak spot I can think of is my
racking technique, which I changed as a result of the recent postings. When
I racked this beer, I sanitized the tubing and cane in bleach, rinsed and
filled with tap water and plugged the end with my...THUMB!

I'm naively hoping that this lemon thing is yet another phase that my beer
is going through, not a terminal condition. What do ye think, oh great

TIA, and clean racking,

Jack Skeels
[email protected]


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 14:49:58 MDT
From: Kevin Schutz
Subject: Questions regarding soldering of copper?

Hello all!

Within the last month or so, someone posted some good information
regarding the types of solder that would be appropriate for homebrewing.
They specifically listed several mixes/compounds to avoid. Unfortunately,
I've misplaced that post.

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ofI am ilsn't kllution.

Privt's tSchutz !hi-tech,
From: KeviMAIL.COM


Date: Wed, 15 J2n 1994217:43:34C-0400 (EDT)w(Teddy %[email protected] Mills (Teddy
Brass Ball Valves/Cleaning SS/Gravity Feed vs Pumps/Grame time.,ubscri offer? I'd hotk. Sin as td thPrivatounds ythin t recent
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Thu, 16 Wed, 1519943 1912:31:03 [email protected]
Thermometer Cal-----
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Thu, 16 Wed, 15un 17:5394 12:04 ESTmeters (Aidan "Krausen Kropping Kiwi" H
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Thesn Beers?
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Thu, 16 Wed, 1512:5994 12:31:03 [email protected]
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Thu, 16 Wed, 15un 17:5394 12:04 ESTmeters (Aidan "Krausen Kropping Kiwi" H
Ssity oSubjecGaiwireten Een anSLTS)
Thesn Beers?
Fulmeters (Aidan "Krausen Kropping Kiwi" H----jeff_s

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Thu, 16 Wed, 1519:50:48 +020:15 [email protected] ae .geof.ruu.nlvell.c0de

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ge [email protected]
UtrechtBrewLab/ Un,/Geophysic poiptheUtrecht,

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Thu, 16 Wed, 15 Ju7:52:5613:18:23 -0400 (EDT)Arthur McGreghey614-0205
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sdiokrewin :-).Art McGreghey([email protected])

16 Wed, 15u2:1594 18:16:00 [email protected]@iepubj (Michael L
Mtstgomctyc+1 708 979
Suype Taecent
).ATTENTION CHICAGOLAND AREA BEER LOVERSckgroundina. Theiahermaecentng waterelhacdeAdy Ketto'ffertAddisre time Sg sudaeNS6/18/ 15rotei1-6pm ectionouting the HBD
I was told emp , you wi kno50ob iic
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[email protected]@iepubj.adu

Thu, 16 Wed, 1518 1990712:31:03 [email protected] tn.gtefCh theE.
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Thu, 16 Wed, 15 Ju8:51un 93:18:23 -0400 (EDT)Wayde Nie
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>ho oppid. itieBob [email protected] | of harot N

Thu, 16 Wed, 15 J9:06:3993:18:23 -0400 (EDT)[email protected]>
Ssisc copper?

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Thu Wed, 6519:069491 15 00 (EDT)[email protected]
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To: !" ----)k****d asC|~~| -----------------------------------------------sC|~~|d ask`--' [email protected]`--'d ask.

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