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April 21, 1991

This is a letter to the Editor as it appeared in the
now defunct FLYING SAUCERS magazine on December 1964
Dear Ray Palmer;

On May 28, 1964, after some 32 years of scientific research, as
an amateur, I gave my first lecture entitled, "A New Gravitational
Theory", part of which concerned the Moon. Therefore, I would like
to comment on the article "Life on the Moon?" by Rev. Guy J. Cyr,
S.M., in the August 1964, FLYING SAUCERS.

He has reported from many sources as to what selenographers,
astronomers, and space scientists have reported, but no actual
quotes are used, except for a few words. And as reported, some of
these people contradict one another, and some agree on certain
points about possible clues to life on the Moon.

However, according to my gravitational theory, the Moon floats
in space like a ship on water, or a balloon with ballast. The Moon
floats in space at only about 2,000 miles per hour; because it
requires about 18,000 miles per hour for a rocket to stay in orbit,
in a projectory, always falling beyond the horizon. It would take a
higher speed or velocity to attain a higher orbit.

According to my theory, "the Earth is but a small object
floating IN THE CENTER of a space fluid or gas, that has a specific
gravity displacement within a centrifugal rotating - gas - pressure
- expansion - of its atoms, contained within the heavier molecular
atmosphere of the Sun".

Thus each space layer farther out, gets HEAVIER and MORE
COMPRESSED per unit of space; and its atoms ROTATE SLOWER, because
they are smaller and have less gas pressure. So that the molecular
atmosphere with its larger atoms which have greater centrifugal
force or rotation, are forced into a molecular atmosphere layer,
having a REVERSED GRAVITATION, near the Earth's surface caused by
the atomic - gas - pressure. It would be impossible to give the
complete theory in this letter. Suffice it to say, that the highly
AWAY from the Earth's center.

While the rotating molecules of the Moon's crust are being
forced toward the Earth's surface. It is also my theory that Cosmic
Ray atomic particles CAUSES THOSE ATOMS TO ROTATE, penetrating as
far as they can into our mixed - atomic/molecular surface crust of
the Earth or Moon. Which also causes Solar heat, and a molten layer
beneath the crust.

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Now then, the Moon is round, caused by a gas pressure when it
once did rotate and had an atmosphere. The Moon does not now
rotate; it floats in the Earth's space fluid or gas. It has no
molecular atmosphere, BECAUSE it does not rotate. The Moon has no
gravity of its own for the same reason. Gravity is a PRESSURE-PUSH,
not a field ATTRACTION, because gravity CANNOT BE SCREENED.

Therefore, any dust on the visible part of the Moon will have
already fallen to the Earth. And nobody will ever be able to land
on any part of the Moon that we can see. If they try and land on
the opposite side, they will have to hang on for dear life. Besides,
I predict that there is a big chunk missing from the opposite side
of the Moon that has unbalanced its orginal gyroscopic rotation,
causing it to be like a Roly-Poly.
Arthur J. Johnson
4219 S. Berkeley Avenue
Chicago 53, Ill.
Vamgard notes...

Obviously this article has some mistakes (if we really believe
that we landed on the moon. There are many who say the whole
thing was staged and numerous "proofs" are given to verify the
point.) If that is so, perhaps Mr. Johnson still has a chance
for the verification of his theories. The PUSH GRAVITY concept
is so inline with many modern observations that it bears
intense study.

Aether drifts and is attached to the earth. For those studying
or trying to verify the Aether, this causes a myriad of
mistaken measurements due to this cloying effect. This guy
says that we are at the center of a LESS DENSE MEDIUM kept in
its place by denser and denser layers as the distance from the

As a result, anytime we try to INCREASE THE DENSITY OF A MASS
by infusing more energy into a small space, the density of that
energy would cause the mass to want to "gravitate" or levitate
to its own level. In this case, there are many levels as we
move into space, yet ANY OF THESE LEVELS would be sufficient to
"assist" an energized mass to lift off the Earth and seek its
energetic level.

We can clearly see that the analogy of a series of "barriers"
to contain pressures of successively higher intensities as one
simply brilliant and astoundingly simple.
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Thank you for your consideration, interest and support.
Jerry W. Decker.........Ron Barker...........Chuck Henderson
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