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The Justice's Tale

And thus it was that back in eighty-one,
'Twas many a heart with which he had had fun.
Judge Clarence Thomas was the valiant's name -
Harassing women was his claim to fame.
Anita Hill he had asked on a date,
But this woman he had chosen to berate
With stories of the porn movies he'd seen,
And dirty jokes that she felt would demean
Her womanhood and security of job;
Yet accusations she would never lob
Until she saw the man, his honor short,
Considered worthy for the Supreme Court.
Her distress she kept alone until the press
- Searching for some mud amidst the mess -
Found her name; and when they knew its bearing
The Senate swooped down for another hearing.

"That's wrong!" the worthy Clarence Thomas cried,
The monstrous Committee clawing at his pride.
"The maiden's distress an unsure allegation,
A thousand witnesses she may have for corroboration
And yet there is no evil done but yours!
Vile Chairman, I can give you now the cure
To rescue both the maiden's name and mine:
You have but to find the truth, just as I laugh
At the clumsy job of inducement that your staff
Has carried out." And as his honor shone
In the eyes of every witness of his own,
His honesty strong and clear, his ethics bright,
As if the woman had nailed him just for spite,
The Judiciary Committee howled with rage
Because the intricate politics on its stage,
With Professor in distress from gleaming Judge
- The credibility of both hard to begrudge -
Had no clear resolution. And the wicked
Committee, all names at stake on Party ticket,
Divided and fought hard to win the favor
Of the few Senate votes still known to waver.

The outcome of the battle is unknown,
And will be 'til this evening when it's shown
On every TV set across the nation
As the effect of bold Sir Clarence's refutation
Against the grief-wrought charge of Lady Hill
Exerts its influence upon the Senate's will -
And as Committee demons take the floor
To keep the nominee's attempt to score
A victory o'er Injustice and disgrace
From the public's fairer judgment and embrace,
The better testimony shall win out
And Truth will shine forth; of that have no doubt.

***(Please note that this piece was written some weeks ago, and hence is
slightly outdated. I never got around to revising the last verse, but it's
quite goofy enough as it is. So.)***


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