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A Story of WWIV

The apprentice asked the Sage "How are electronic bulletin boards within
the Tao?"
The Sage responded "Because they control themselves more than the system
operator would. They retain more structure, less flexibility, and
simply run themselves."

The apprentice asked the Sage "What is the balance?"
The Sage simply nodded and placed a book in the apprentice's hands.
The title read "The Tome of Wisdom WithIn Vision."
"Read" offered the Sage as he returned to his meditation.

The apprentice walked to the grove and began to read:

The Tome of WWIV

All message bases will eventually become general bases

The board can and will crash at any given moment

It always take longer than expected to 'fine tune' the BBS

Modifying the source will change the board and your blood pressure

If unattended for longer than 24 hours, files will duplicate

The board will grow to fill the size of the hard drive

Voting questions have a +/- 90% margin of error

The bbs list will always be out of date

The auto message will change at least 10 times a day

The sysop never wants to chat

The defaults will change every call

G-files are always longer than your log can hold

Deleting old e-mail will generate more

The last user just squashed you in Space Dynasty/Global War/etc.

You post will be misunderstood by 50% of the users, and aborted by the
other 50%

NetMail finds the longest path to take to it's destination

Files will move themselves to different directories

The last modification installed will crash the board when used

Line noise looks for the nouns and the verbs

ANSI uploads will look fine to you, but messed up to others

The d/l always takes longer than estimated

When aiming for the SHIFT key you will hit the RETURN key

Sigs and taglines are often longer than the message

Line noise will log you off in a door or during a d/l

75% of CoSysops are no help at all

75% of users are no help at all

Only the 300 baud user has access to the files you really need

The modification works only with the last version

The download aborted for you but the board still counted it

When the Sysop goes away the board will crash

The overall quality of the boards are inversely proportionate to how
popular the software is

The simplicity of WWIV escapes RBBS and Fido users

New users will get frustrated from aborting the menu that tells them how
to shut the menu off

The user that spent a half-hour composing a validation letter will never
log on again

Smart users can identify Sysop-generated line noise and real line noise

When real sysops need the computer, it does not matter who's on line

Snarks don't exist

The download was fast, perfect, and complete; but the file was corrupted
during upload

The day after taking a file offline, four users will need it

No BBS file section is complete without 3-DEMON.ZIP

With every new version of WWIV at least one new function will not work

The apprentice closed the Tome.
He meditated; WWIV was the balance to tight-structured and inflexible
electronic bulletin boards by being random and unique.
But he had one last question.

The apprentice asked the Sage "Did Master Bell ever consider UNIX before
attempting 'C' with DOS?"
The Sage sighed "That was Zen, this is Tao."

Thanks to Gra Mouser 1@7309 and Lord Atchley 1@3104 for their help.


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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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