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*This file is under 300 lines in length, and is about 10Kbytes*
Keep this newsletter, it is your "readme" file for the location
of all material currently posted at the University of Illinois.
[ . . . see below details and instructions]

***This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for May 10, 1992***
Our Goal, To Give Away One Trillion Etexts By December 31, 2001

We should be at about 2.2 billion with release of the following
not counting pre-1991 releases: which are still in the process
of being dug out of our archives, new headers attached, and new
placement in new directories on our fileserver.

The current releases are on mrcnext: cd etext/etext92

May 10, 1992 in honor of Mothers' Day, we will post "Herland."
This book is a "must read" for fans of Dances With Wolves, and
feminist literature. . .none of backlash of modern feminism or
other -isms. We would certainly appreciated it if someone got
a copy to Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer, and Betty Friedan.

May 6, 1992, in honor of Freud's Birthday, the Oedipus Trilogy.

April 19, 1992 in honor of Easter, biblea10.txt or
[This is a new etext of the King James Version, much proofread]

April 8, 1992, Far From The Madding Crowd, crowd13.txt or .zip.

Nebraska has been included in the US Census (

**Also!! Please note new directory structures. . .you may have
to look around a little at mrcnext and We are
working on finding all the old readme type files and updating**
Current instructions for mrcnext are below.

**We would appreciate your patience now and your input in May**
*We need your assistance in changing and improving help files!*

You may subscribe to the paper edition of this newsletter:
mail stamps and mailing labels, and/or donations to:

David Turner, O.S.B.
Illinois Benedictine
5700 College Road
Lisle, IL 60532-0900

(Books from earlier years will available in 1992)
(but not yet: to be announced, don't ask yet!!!)

1971 Declaration-Independence (
1972 Bill of Rights (
1973 U.S. Constitution (
1974-1982 The Bible (
1983-1990 Complete Shakespeare (

(Watch for these entries to be moved below later.
The Bible mentioned above is a different edition
from the one we just post for Easter, 1992)

Books currently available on mrcnext (do a dir):

(These 1991 etexts are now in> cd /etext/etext91)

Jan 1991 Alice in Wonderland (
Feb 1991 Through the Looking Glass (
Mar 1991 The Hunting of the Snark (
Apr 1991 1990 CIA World Factbook (
May 1991 Moby Dick (From OBI)* (
Jun 1991 Peter Pan (for US only)** (
Jul 1991 The Book of Mormon (
Aug 1991 The Federalist Papers (
Sep 1991 The Song of Hiawatha (
Oct 1991 Paradise Lost (
Nov 1991 Aesop's Fables (
Dec 1991 Roget's Thesaurus (
*Moby Dick is missing Chapter 72
**Please do not download Peter Pan outside the US

(These 1992 etext releases in> cd /etext/etext92)

Jan 1992 Frederick Douglass (
Jan 1992 O Pioneers! Willa Cather (
Feb 1992 1991 CIA World Factbook (
Feb 1992 Paradise Lost (Raben) (
Mar 1992 Far From the Madding Crowd(
Mar 1992 Aesop's Fables (Advantage)(
Apr 1992 Data From the 1990 Census (
Apr 1992 New Etext of Bible (KJV) (
May 1992 Sophocles' Oedipus Trilogy(
May 1992*Herland (not yet in place (

!The newest Project Gutenberg FTP site is at the Cleveland Freenet!!
We need some Freenet users log in and test the system, hopefully the
sessions can be saved as a file and forwarded to us so they can be a
great assistance in the creation of help and readme files.

You can ftp and get at least some files at (anonymous).
You can also call via modem at 1-216-368-3888 (I have not tried it).

* End of Paper Edition of January 1992 Project Gutenberg Newsletter.
* Please attach signature block(====)from end of email edition here.

Here are the latest updates for FTP downloading of Project Gutenberg
etexts and others. These updates will be posted on several listserv
locations once a month. We hope we have answered most questions, as
new files, new locations, and new users arrive each month. We can't
answer queries about nameservers or how your local system runs FTP!!

Please try to help people get text files as we are not well prepared
to deal with sending items through the mail.

Please do not access the mrcnext machine from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Central Standard Time (Daylight in summer) as this is peak usage,
& mrcnext is always the first machine to get the newest editions.
Please GET the INDEX, README GUT*.* and NEW.GUT files first.

Current releases are now listed in each newsletter.
Others texts are also available at the various sites.

[if you are not an internet site, you will either have to find one to use
or find an FTP emulator program to use at your sites and/or I will have a
packet of information sent to you directly as email. (I leave this choice
for last because all email is backed up to my disk, so sending out copies
to many people creates many backups, but don't hesitate to ask and remind
us that you need email sent rather than instructions for FTP)]

For further information or to retrieve electronic books:

FTP directly to the Project Gutenberg archives:


login: anonymous

password: name@login [your email address]

cd etext92 [for 1992 releases] or cd /etext/etext92
cd etext/etext91 [for 1991 releases]
cd etext/articles [for Project Gutenberg articles and newsletters]

dir [to see files]

get or mget [to get files. . .set bin for zip files]

for a list of books
for general information
for newsletters.

ls -a or dir (This will give you a directory listing, case sensitive)
get filename.filetype
(examples . . . )
dir (to see current editions available) (RETURN to see next page)
get alice29.txt
get lglass16.txt
get snark12.txt

You may have to get local instructions for linking to FTP,
and/or setting memory for FTP. These files also available
via disk on request in several formats. Some Bitnet sites
have FTP emulators, check with your local guru.

The current FTP sites are: or ( cd /etext (details above)
(Please do NOT use the mrcnext between 10AM and 6PM weekdays)

Our newest FTP site is: (and therefore we are in need of testing
of advice for our instruction set)

The Oregon State server. Please send us records of your sessions with
them, along with questions you need answered. We will compile sets of
instructions similar to those you see below for the other sites.

Named the Almanac information server, located at the Extension Service
at Oregon State University, allows text retrieval both through ftp and
email (for Bitnet users). Works from To retrieve a file via ftp:

ftp (
Log in as `anonymous' and your login name as a password.
cd /pub/almanac/guten
ls (to get a list of files)
bin (to switch to binary mode)
get filename (where `filename' was one of the files
bye (when done)

To retrieve a file via e-mail, first send the following line by
itself to [email protected]

send gutenberg catalog

This will instruct you how to send further requests, and will
the available files. For example, to retrieve _Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland_, send to [email protected]

send gutenberg alice
This information provided by
Chris Hansen

Internet: [email protected] UUCP:
******Thanks Chris. . .your server has already been reported as extremely!
******useful by those with bitnet only access, including proofreaders. mh
======== (
cd pub
cd etext
[take a look at the directories, also being updated along with mrcnext]

(Our thanks to Thinking Machines Corporation)
(Located in Cambridge, MA near Boston)
********* or ( pd:
Also known as WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL
(This computer has great archives and is used a lot, takes time)
(Detailed instructions below, but doesn't have the newest editions).

The MSDOS portions of simtel are echoed on:
(Please report your efforts on wuarchive, we need a guru for it)
also echoed on in the mirrors dir.


NOTE; Type B is Binary: Type A is ASCII

Directory PD1:
Filename Type Length Date Description

LGLASS10.ZIP B 70039 901217 THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS by Lewis Carroll

SIMTEL20 allows standard ANONYMOUS ftp with password GUEST.

cd pd1:
type tenex

If your FTP does not have TENEX mode, use BINARY mode. If the files
are not readable after transferring in BINARY mode, try again with
these two commands to set the mode:

type binary

quote "TYPE L 8"

The double quotes are required.
| The trend of library policy is clearly toward
| the ideal of making all information available
| without delay to all people.
|The Software Toolworks Illustrated Encyclopedia (TM)
|(c) 1990 Grolier Electronic Publishing, Inc.

Thank you for your interest,

Michael S. Hart, Project Gutenberg Executive Director
National Clearinghouse for Machine Readable Texts

The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect
the views of any person or institution. Neither Prof
Hart nor Project Gutenberg have any official contacts
with the University of Illinois.

Mail will be considered for release in our newsletter
and notes unless otherwise requested.

Email addresses:
Also as the Usenet group bit.listserv.gutnberg
CompuServe: >INTERNET:[email protected]
Attmail: internet!!HART

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