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March 17/1991 Info for Eye of the Beholder's cheat. PHOENIX'91
This cheat give your players unlimited HP and food level (auto chking).
The cheat will only be active in travelling mode, but not when you have pop-up
menu (but it will process the key you press after you exit the menu).
Cheat keys Description
6 : Toggle cheat On/Off (for auto chking)
7 : Annihilate the enemie infront of you.
8 : Enemie won't attack you (or CAN'T).
9 : Every time you strike, there will always be a hit, no missed.
0 : Kill Enemy with 1 hit (Useful when uses with key 9).
- : Turn the pot hole infront you to ground (some with stay changed.
other may only changed temporary, like those one that require
an object to sit on them). Make sure you face the hole before
use this key (like in Level 2).
\ : Let you pass through a close door.

The Led light will lit up momentarily every time you press one of the
cheat key. If it doesn't lit up, try again and wait a little. For - or \ key,
you won't see any graphic update on the screen, just select up-arrow to move
front. I didn't do an option for changing different items, cuz it's tricky and
complex (it uses different codes for items) But I hope some other cheat-makers
will implement this function. Here's a do-it-yourself-cheat. Edit the file
EOB.EXE with an Hex-Editor (I use Pctools Deluxe R4.24)

Sector 94, Disp 74. Change byte 55 to CB for equivalent result as key 8.
Sector 133, Disp 124. Change bytes 746D to 9090. Same as key 9.
Sector 132, Disp 78. Change EB028BC6 to 909002C3 for greater HP, and
probably kill your enemie with one shot. (simliar to one below)
Sector 99, Disp 47. Change 2947 to F757 to achieve the same result as key 0
(better result the the above option).

I have test this game with CGA/EGA/VGA mode and it seem to work fine. But
please use this cheat with caution since some of it's feature can freeze up the
computer. So far I only got to 2nd level and stuck there. The game's VGA
graphic and Music are cool (with SB of course!).

Some info for the EOBDATA.SAV
Each player record is 243 bytes, 1st one start at sector 0, disp 0 or in
memory is DS:F580 (next is DS:F673).
disp Description
------ -----------
0 Player number, 0 for 1st player
1 01=Still alive, 00=DEAD!
2..12 Player name.
13.14 STR for Strength.
1st value is the current STR, 2nd value one byte after is
max value?? If left byte equal to Right byte value, then that
option is boost to full.
15.16 something STR/???
17.18 INT for Intelligence.
19.20 WIS for Wisdom.
21.22 DEX for Dexterity.
23.24 CON for Constitution.
25.26 CHA for Charisma.
27.28 HP value. I think you can go to 63
29 Armor class.
35 Food level. Max is 63.
36.38 Level number for each class.
39.42 4 bytes each x 3 class for Experience.
53.54 A Word (Interger) for player's face.

Offset 119..122, 2 bytes each for items player carrying infront?
Starting from offset 123 to 152 is the items inventory stuff. 2 bytes each.
You will see the there are same items, but have different codes value. I think
from disp 153..??? is the other items player carry on him/her body. Anyway, you
better off with the SaveFile Editor from Mechanical Menace.

HAL (one in MTL)
PHX current rosters: HAL9000, Dr.Detergent, Ice-Man
Rumble Fish, Normulator, and Surak.

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