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Viper VLB
Accelerator graphics board

by Tony Curro

Viper, as listed in the dictionary, is a venomous snake. Viper VLB,
by Diamond Computer Systems, is a super fast Windows graphics
accelerator board. It takes advantage of the 32-bit VESA Local Bus
architecture for the ultimate in Windows performance. A 74 Hz
refresh rate at 1280 x 1024 and full VESA support for 72 Hz refresh
rates allows flicker-free displays at all resolutions.

The Viper is easy to install. Just plug it in, and run the software
to install needed drivers for Windows or DOS applications. Along
with drivers for most popular software packages, it comes with
Panacea's TurboDLD Deluxe, an accelerated driver for AutoCAD;
Diamond's TurboWindows drivers, a set of optimized drivers for
Windows 3.x; and a retail version of HALO Desktop Imager, a 24-bit
image editing software package.

Viper VLB is based on the Weitek P9000 graphics accelerator, which
off-loads graphics functions like BitBLT transfers, line draw
functions and hardware cursor onto the video card. It supports 16.7
million at 640x480 and 800x600 resolutions, up to 65,536 colors at
1024x768 and 256 colors at 1280x1024. It is 100% VESA VBE 1.1
compatible at register and BIOS levels.

I have been using this card for several months and am very pleased
with it. So pleased, that I purchased it. I ran ZD Labs WinBench
3.11 on this card using 256 color mode. It returned a rating over 45
million at 640x480. Using 800x600 I came in around 46 million, and
at 1024x768 at over 47 million. It closest competitor, which uses
the same chip, Wizard 9000VL by SixGraph Computing (reviewed in a
previous issue of CTM), returned a reading of 35 million at 640x480.
I have worked with over half dozen cards over the last several
months. None of them could touch the Viper.

To reiterate my opening, Viper is a poisonous snake. The Viper VLB
is also poisonous. It is poison to its competition!

VIPER VLB comes with a five year warranty, and is made in Silicon
Valley, USA. If you have a VESA Local Bus system, you CANNOT
purchase a faster card for this money. At least none that I have

Diamond Computers also makes a full line of non-VESA video cards, a
sound card (Sonic Sound), and a FastBus VLB motherboard.

Product Information

Viper VLB
Graphics Board

SRP Ä $549 (2MB VRAM)

Diamond Computer Systems, Inc.
1130 East Arques Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
408-730-5750 (FAX)

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