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*** ShareWare SpotLight ***

In this month's SpotLight we look at two new programs from Software
Creation, and a special holiday release. One, is a utility for
Windows, the first such program out of Software Creations. The other
is a game by Argo Games and Jason Blochowiak, an author who has
brought us Night Raid and other programs. They just keep getting

FileClip 4.0
for Windows

by Tony Curro

Software Creations BBS, winner of the Boardwatch 100 Readers' Choice
contest, has graced the pages of CTM many times. Several months ago,
I mentioned Dan Linton winning this award. Boardwatch did a recap of
1993 winners in the November 1993 issue (p.62). But, Software
Creations is more than a BBS. Over the past months I reviewed many
games that have come out of Clinton, MA. I have done so many
reviews of their products, that I may have to change the name of the
column to, Software Creations SpotLight. Dan and his fellow authors,
have come up with exciting and challenging games. They have also
created Trivia Shell that is educational, and fun at the same time.
This month they stray from the game world, to release their first
utility program. And, as with most software being released today, it
is for the Microsoft Windows environment.

FileClip 4.0 is a Windows' File and Clipboard Manager. It will do
the things you expect from a file management program: Copy, Move,
Delete, Run, Rename, Compare and Search. It will also allow you to
view a file, and has almost unlimited undo and, cut and paste
options to/from the clipboard. It will also allow you to view the
clipboard. Any information viewed in the clipboard history log can
be added to the clipboard.

Files show up in various colors. You can select the colors that suit
you. When you select the file details option, the date and size are
also different colors. All of this has a reason. FileClip is set up
to show you large files (size can be designated by you), files over
x amount days old (again, you can choose amount), files that have
not been backed up, and recent files. All these options are in
various colors that immediately make you aware of the various files.
You can also choose to see/not see Hidden, System, etc., files.

When first started, FileClip shows you a file list on left, and
directory tree on right. The lower right corner of screen shows you
available resources: Disk space free, free memory, free resources
available. From the options' menu you can select a variety of
options. In the File Manipulation window you can turn off prompting
for various functions from File deletion and directory deletion, to
overwriting and selected files. You can also choose to have the
directories also appear in the files' window on left. This is useful
if you are cursoring down in the file list, to quickly switch to a
directory, without having to go to the right-side directory window.
Also, when you are in the file window, pressing the first letter of
a filename will pop up a smaller window with the files starting with
that letter. Just highlight the file(s) you wish to work with and
say OK. You are then placed back in the original window with these
file(s) selected.

Show Icons, another feature in the Options menu, will show icons for
all available drives, even floppies, and a print icon. You can use
drag-and-drop in all phases of the program. Copy or Move to/from a
floppy or, printing a text file or a graphic file.

Another program that is part of FileClip is Trashcan. Trashcan is a
quick delete option. You can drag any file, or group of files, to
the trashcan. You can empty (delete files) the trashcan. Or, in
these days of environmental awareness, you can recycle you trash
(restore files to hard drive, from trashcan, before you empty the

When viewing full file details, you can choose five different
date/time formats. The details also show how many directories are
under current directory, number of files and total size, bytes used
on drive and amount of free disk space. In addition, on the right
side of the view window, you see the number of files contained in
that directory. For example:
\WINDOWS date time 264 entries
\WINWORD date time 27 entries
\WORDSCAN date time 114 entries

Date and time above are when the directories were created. It shows
the Windows subdirectory contains 264 files, etc.

The shareware version is fully functional. However, registered
users, receive a version that supports viewing of GIF, PCX, TIF,
TGA, BMP, WMF and EPS graphic files. The product is reasonable
priced, and well worth a look. Look for FCLIP40.ZIP on most BBS.

released by
Software Creations

by Tony Curro

This is the classic checker game that has been around for years. In
this version you play on a wood-grain type board. You have black and
red pieces, that move in the standard pattern. When you reach the
top of the opposing board you are 'kinged,' which allows you to move
in any direction.

Jason Blochowiak has created a visual masterpiece. To play Checkers
you need a 286 or better with a VGA display. A mouse and
Soundblaster or compatible sound card is recommended. The game is
complete with music, sound effects and animation.

When you first start the game you have the option to turn off or
change options. After the game is started you see the pieces that
are available to move with a box around them. When you click on one
of these pieces, you will see where you can move. If there is only
one move, the program will perform it with animation. As with the
official game, you must make any available jump. The program will
only allow you to move the piece that can jump if this is the case.
You CANNOT make another move.

The shareware version only allows two humans to play. However, the
registered version allows you play human vs. human, or play against
CRANIAC, representing Argo Games' second generation Artificial
Intelligence, on one of three skill levels.

This game is very enjoyable, and should be looked out by gamers'
everywhere. Look for ACHKV12.ZIP on most BBS.

HOLIDAY UPDATE: Several months ago I reviewed JetPack from Software
Creations. Well, with the holiday spirit in mind, they have released
a special Christmas version. Help Santa collect gifts, and move
through the levels, while avoiding robots and other obstacles in his
path. Look for JETPK_CH.ZIP.

You can always download ANY Software Creations release of your first
call to their BBS, and you can also register software through their
on-line order door.

Product Information

FileClip 4.0
for Windows

Registration Ä $17.95 + $2 S/H

Argo Checkers

Registration Ä $15 + $2 S/H

Software Creations
26 Harris St.
Clinton, MA 01510
508-368-8654 (Voice)
508-365-7214 (FAX)
508-368-7036 (BBS)

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