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Encarta 1994

by Tony Curro

Several months ago, Microsoft Corporation introduced Microsoft Home,
a broad range of consumer software products, targeted at the rapidly
expanding market for home computer users. The creation of the
Microsoft Home brand is in response to customer demand. They asked
for a line of useful and enjoyable products for the entire family,
and Microsoft listened. Microsoft expects the consumer division to
offer 100 products under the Microsoft Home brand over the next 18
months. Under the new brand, Microsoft will initially offer
software in the categories of personal productivity, games and
multimedia library and will continue to expand these categories over
the next six months.

Above is part of the press release I received in October 1993. One
of the 'Home' products is Microsoft Encarta 1994. This is a
multimedia CD-ROM that runs under the MS Windows environment.
Installation of Encarta requires either 2.5MB, that will load only
the minimal files necessary on your hard drive, or 8.4 MB that will
run faster while using up a bit more hard disk space.

Encarta 1994 is broken up into three main parts:

* Encyclopedia of more than 25,000 topics on every subject
imaginable. The database is composed of Funk & Wagnalls 29-volume
encyclopedia and adds more than 1000 articles, eight hours of
sounds, samples of 60 languages, 7800 photos and illustrations, 100
animations and video clips, 800 maps and 10 interactive charts.

* Atlas has information on countries of the world. See the flag and
hear the National Anthem of any country you select. Learn about the
land and resources, climate, plants and animals, population and it
characteristics, political divisions, language, history, religion,
and much more. See stunning photographs of people, places and
historical landmarks of the selected country. Hypertext from one
area to another, and retrace you steps to the beginning by using the
'go back' button which is always available.

* Timeline is an illustrated look at history. Visit ancient
civilizations. Start at 6 Million B.C., and trace evolution from
human origins and animals, to making of tools and weapons. Learn
when the alphabet was started, the story of the Mayans, and much
more. All the major events and happenings can be selected and read
about. Using hypertext throughout, you can keep going into many
other areas and, by using 'go back,' can always return to your
starting point, sort of like using a bookmark. For example I
selected Pyramids. This was the first stone one built circa
2680-2565 B.C. You can then 'hypertext' to the Great Pyramid at
Giza, which was built for the pharaoh Khufu (find out who he was),
and other renowned pyramids. Then journey through Egyptian Art and
Architecture. And on, and on.

When you first start Encarta 1994 the screen opens with music, audio
and sound clips. These and many other preferences can be changed by
using the Options menu. The opening screen presents you with five
options from which you can begin to explore Encarta. You can search
for topics by title, browse by area of interest, or use Find Wizard
to guide you in creating a search request. Using Gallery Wizard you
can locate pictures, sounds, maps, animations and videos.

I enjoyed, and at times got deeply involved in, using hypertext. The
program is very extensive, in that it constantly cross-references
information to explain, and show you, how one subject or event is
related to another.

Encarta allows you to create notes that you can attach to some of
the topics in the Encyclopedia. You can write the text yourself or
you can copy it from another Encarta topic, another note, or even a
file in another application.

Complete cut and paste is also part of Encarta. You can send text
and pictures to the clipboard, and then paste them into you
application. Encarta defaults to Write as the word processor.
However, using the Options menu, you can select your favorite word
processor. Encarta allows you to start your word processor from
Encarta drop-down menu. The program also has a bookmark feature, and
includes a dictionary and thesaurus.

MindMaze is a game in Encarta to test your knowledge. You can select
from nine areas or choose the wildcard area for a variety. Test your
knowledge as you make your way through the castle. The object is to
go through the rooms, and reach the end of the maze, by answering
questions correctly along the way. As you correctly answer a
question you then have the option to explore the accompanying
article in Encarta. You must go through four levels of difficulty to
reach the final goal. As you amass points in each level, you receive
certificates of your achievements. These can be printed out. Once
you finish a level, you move on to the next. But, BEWARE!. Should
you meet a ghost of the castle, designated by a red box, and fail to
answer the challenge, you will have to start the game all over.

I spent, and still spend, many enjoyable hours with Encarta. Just
browsing through, like in a store, with no ulterior motive in mind,
can bring you information that you did not know, and take you to
places you never imagined. Microsoft Encarta 1994, is an excellent
excuse to upgrade your system to a multimedia one, if you don't
already have one. The CD-ROM is excellent for students as well as
adults. And, the information is current. It includes the Middle East
Peace Agreement, complete with a photo of Rabin and Arafat's
historic handshake in Washington, D.C., and an audio of Rabin's
speech; Ruth Bader Ginsberg's appointment to the Supreme Court; and
the geopolitical changes in Eastern Europe. And, many other events.

Microsoft Encarta, 1994 Edition is available for a special
introductory SRP of $99 through Dec. 31, 1993. As of Jan. 1, 1994,
Encarta '94 has an SRP of $395; a competitive upgrade will be
available then.

Product Information

Encarta 1994

SRP Ä see above

Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

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