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News, Updates, and Upgrades

RON JANORKAR, ASP author of Tag Line Xpress, is extending a special
holiday offer (as he did last year) to all users of Tag Line Xpress.
From November 22 - December 25, 1993, contribute ten dollars (or
more!) to ANY legitimate charity and receive a *FREE* registration
number for Tag Line Xpress! Last year's TLX Charity Drive totalled

What follows in the press release from Ron Janorkar:

Please mail the ORIGINAL receipt for the donation along with a SASE
to the author. You receipt will be sent back along with a
Registration number for Tag Line Xpress.
(1) Send the ORIGINAL receipt (or cancelled check for ten dollars or
more from any legitimate charity organization (Salvation Army,
Meals-On-Wheels, ASPCA, etc.). It will be returned to you along with
the registration number.
(2) Your name and the date MUST be on the receipt, and should be
dated between 11/22/93 and 12/25/93.
(3) Please include a self addressed stamped envelope. I will not
send registration without one. I will honor this offer until January
31, 1994, which should give ample time for the US Mail to reach me.
The mailing address is:
First Prince C.C. Marketing
TLX Registration
22 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012
Support/Orders: (212) 334-1243 Fax: (212) 334-1245

Please take advantage of this offer, and put some "Sharing" into
Ron Janorkar
Author Tag Line Xpress (ASP member)

ASYMETRIX CORPORATION announced the Asymetrix Multimedia Screen
Saver, a package of entertaining and educational screen savers that
incorporates multimedia effects such as full motion video,
animation and sound. Twenty-five screen saver shows such as
"B-Movies," "Northwest Coast," "Christmas," "Slapstick Comedies,"
"National Parks," and "Orca Whales", plus others, entertain and
inform customers while their computer screens are idle. This is the
first in a series of popular entertainment screen savers for the
Windows operating system to be delivered by Asymetrix. A selection
of the Asymetrix Multimedia Screen Saver images may also be
installed as wallpaper for MS Windows, further expanding the
product's ability to personalize a user's PC. It requires 33MHZ 386
or better, MS-DOS 3.1 or later and Windows 3.1; 1.44MB 3.5-inch
disk drive and a hard drive; 4 to 8MB of memory; VGA or SVGA video
recommended; MS-Mouse or compatible; sound card is required to play
audion, and a CD-ROM drive is recommended. The product carries a
SRP of $29. Call (800) 448-6543 for further information.
Asymetrix has also announced it is shipping an upgraded
version of MediaBlitz! multimedia utility for MS-Windows.
"MediaBlitz! 3.0 makes multimedia accessibile to everyone, from
programmers to Windows enthusiasts who would like to personalize
their PCs with multimedia screen savers of their own creation."
said Joe Rehfeld, director of product marketing at Asymetrix.
MediaBlitz! 3.0 acts as personal multimedia studio, aloowing users
to combine and synchronize sound, graphics, video and animation
into a complete multimedia score. These scores can be used by
themselves or within any application that supports OLE. MediaBlitz!
3.0 requires no programming knowledge. MediaBlitz! consisits of
multiple applications including ClipMaker, which lets users easily
create multimedia clips; ScorMaker, which allows them to
effortlessly arrange clips and files along a graphical time line
into complete multimedia shows; and ScorePlayer, which plays the
user-created scores with a simple mouse click. MediaBlitz! supports
digiital video, CD audio, waveform audio, MIDI, animation and
Windows bitmaps. MediaBlitz! 3.0 has a SRP of $95. Registered users
of previous versions of MediaBlitz! may upgrade for $29. Customers
who purchased MediaBlitz! 2.0 after Sept. 25 can upgrade for a
shipping and handling charge. For more information call (800)
Asymetrix announced at COMDEX, Jurassic Park: The Screen Saver,
a multimedia screen-saver package featuring authentic materials from
the blockbuster movie, including specially integrated film images,
sound effects, dialouge and graphics. The product is for MS Windows,
and will is available on disk or CD-ROM.

ARIS ENTERTAINMENT has begun to ship its first CD-ROM game title,
Video Cube:Space. The fast-paced, multimedia video game is comprised
of an interactive Rubik's cube-like puzzle incorporating 108
Microsoft Video for Windows videos, CD-quality original music and
sound effects. The payoff for solving each side of the puzzle is a
dramatic video (from tem to sixty seconds), accompanied by
CD-quality music. The dequences are from NASA and include rocket
launches, moon walks, and more. It requires a Super VGA monitor,
CD-ROM drive, and supports both 8-bit and 16-bit sound cards. The
product comes in a cube shaped box, and has a SRP of $49.95.

EMERALD SYSTEMS is the first to offer a new DDS-2 format 4mm Digital
Audio Tape (DAT) drive which triples the transfer rate and doubles
the capacity of its predecessors. This new drive can provide data
transfer rates of more than 60 megabytes per minute and has a
typical compressed capacity of 8 gigabytes. Listed at $3,295 for the
external version and $3,095 for the internal version. With a
half-height 3-1/2 inch format and small footprint, the external
versions fits easily onto the desktop. For more infomration call:
(800) 767-2587 or (619) 673-2161. FAX: (619) 673-2288.
Emerald has begun shipping its first software product which
fully supports NetWare 4.x by backing up Directory Services through
NetWare's Storage Management Services (SMS). The product Xpress
Librarian 3.0, is the latest version of the company's workstation-
and Windows-based data storage management software. This is the
first of four software products Emerald Systems will offer before
year's end with full backup support of NetWare 4.x. The company
soon will release XpressSERVE Enterprise, an NLM with full support
of NetWare 4.x and SMS, as well as Version 4.0 of its basic backup
and restore package, EmSAVE, which has a Windows interface and
operates from a workstation. In addition to supporting NetWare 4.x,
the new version of Xpress Librarian carries a new lower price of
$595 list and now supports the Adaptec SCSI interface card through
the ASPI layer, enabling the software's use with a wide variety of
popular tape drives and autoloaders.
They have also added Hewlett-Packard's new, fast, high capacity
DAT autoloader to its line of automated netowrk backup and data
storage management solutions. When this 48 gigabyte autoloader is
used with the newest version of Emerald Systems' award-winning
Windows-based software, Xpress Librarian, the result is total
automation of the backup management process, inclduing archiving
and tape cleaning, at a list price of under $6,600.

ACCESS SOFTWARE has released their latest high resolution golf
course, Pebble Beach. This is the seventh course that has been
released which support Super VGA graphics. This, and the other
courses, require Links, Links386 Pro or Microsoft Golf to operate.
SRP is $39.95. Call (800) 800-4880 for more information.

OWL SOFTWARE CORP. announced a Windows version of Ben's Printing
Press, a full-featured desktop publishing software program for home
or office personal computer users. The Windows version features 16
TrueType fonts and supports BMP, EPS and PCX color printing as well
as black-and-white PCX format. The program produces business cards,
mailing labels, calendars, signs, tickets, certificates, greeting
cards, stationary and more. SRP is $59.95.

Online Computer Systems, Inc. announced that it will be distributing
network versions of the CD-ROM-based medical library published by
Macmillan New Media. The agreement adds 14 research and reference
titles for physicians, hospitals, medical instutions and
organizations to their extensive portfolio of CD-ROM software and

MICROSOFT CORP. announced MS-DOS version 6.2. This version includes
enhancements to DoubleSpace, new data-protection technology and
faster CD-ROM access. For current users of MS-DOS 6, Step-Up
software will be available for $9.95, or no cost from Microsoft via
CompuServe and the Microsoft Download Library. To access the
software files, CompuServe subscribers can type GO MSDOS62 at the
CompuServe prompt. Non-subscribers can coonect to MSDL by dialing
(206) 936-6735. For users of MS-DOS 5.0 or below, there are two
version of the MS-DOS 6.2 upgrade. The first is a standard MS-DOS
6.2 Upgrade with a SRP of $77.95. The second version called the
MS-DOS 6.2 Upgrade for Dummies, Special Edition inlcludes a special
edition of the book "DOS For Dummies" by Dan Gookin. This also has a
SRP of $77.95.

COMPUTER ASSOCIATES announced it would launch its newest product,
CA-Simply Tax, with an UNLIMITED mega-copy giveaway. CA will offer
its CA-Sipmly Tax, an easy-to-use full-featured tax preparation
software package for Windows and DOS that lists for $69.99, free of
charge to anyone calling 1-800-7-FREE-TAX or 1-800-737-3382. CA also
began shipping CA-REALIZER 2.0, the first Windows-OS/2 visual
programming environment that is as powerful as it is easy-to-use. It
will carry an introductory price of $99 through March 31, 1994.

AZTECH LABS, INC. introduced a new desktop TV/video interface card
that allows users to capture, freeze, store, manipulate and export
fully-scalable digital video images. The card, called Video Galaxy,
is compatible with all major video standards including NTSC and will
ship in December 1993 with a suggested retail price of less than
$300. Video Galaxy, which fits into any 16-bit computer slot and can
be output to any VGA monitor, allows segments of video or a TV
program to be clipped from the following video sources: TV,
videotape, camcorder or laser disc player. Video Galaxy, which
supports all major image file formats, can be upgraded to read
Teletext using an upgrade module. The card comes complete with a
video capture driver which provides the option to select and capture
single frames. It also has a bulit-in TV tuner. It provides real
time control of hue, saturation, brightness and contrast level
on-screen through software. It supports resolutions up to 1024 x 768
and allows up to 16 million colors. The card also features on/off TV
timer to allow the preset of the TV to turn on whenever a program is
about to start. In addition, a digital clock and preset status can
be displayed on the video screen. Switch-off time can also be set.
It also has four audio sources providing complete control over the
audio output for volume, bass, treble and balance through software.

Aztech has also announced two other products. Basic 16, a 16-bit
sound card with CD quality stereo audio. The card will be shipping
in November with a SRP of $169. Basic 16 supports the five major
sound standards -- Sound Blaster Pro II, MS Windows Sound System,
Adlib, Covox Speech Thing and Disney Sound Source. In addition it
gives you the freedom to select a variety of CD-ROM drives. It comes
with headphones, Windows 3.1 drivers, and over a dozen software
programs for business and multimedia. Also announced was the Aztech
MPC-2 compliant, double speed CD-ROM drive, for PC, DOS and Windows
systems. The 630-megabyte CD-ROM drive (300 KB/sec data transfer
rate and less than 380 msec average access time), model # CDA
268-01A features front volume headphone output, rear panel audio
output and a 64KB internal buffer. Its digital audio output feature
allows users to play back 74 minutes of full motion video from a
single 12cm disk using video in CD format. The card will be shipping
in January 1994 and has a SRP of $199.

MASTERSOFT,INC. announced that it will include graphic converters in
the next retail versions of its software. Converters for a doozen of
the most popular graphic formats will ship in Word for Word -
Professional version 6.0 and Word for Word - Windows Edition 6.0.
Version 6.0 of Word for Word will have a SRP of $149. Registered
owners of previous versions will be given the opportunity to upgrade
for $39.95.

RAPID PATENT and EDS announce joint venture. Rapid Patent, the
world's largest private provider of U.S. and international patent
documentation and Electronic Data Systems (EDS), a global leader in
computer information technology and services, began offering for
sale a new on-line patent information service that will enable users
to serach and obtain patent information. The new on-line service,
called Patent Analyzer, is designed to serve large organizations,
law firms, emerging companies and individual inventors who need
authoritative, reliable patent information in the fastest possible
time frame. Patent Analyzer is a database system which contains
twenty-two years of full-text U.S. patent infomration for all
technologies. It uses a unique search technique that differs from
those currently available. It uses a concept search technique
instead of the usual Boolean string commands. By scanning in a
full-text draft patent application, full patent specification, or an
engieering memorandum, the system absorbs the relevant content and
returns a list or related patents. Although EDS and Rapid Patent
have not set final users rates for direct access to the system
search service, rates will be based on a flat fee and will range for
$45 to $495 depeding on the type of search performed. The Patent
Analyzer search service is available immediately to customers
directly through Rapid Patent by calling 1-800-336-5010.
International availability is planned for 1994.

MICRO SOLUTIONS, INC. made three announcments this month. First, an
explanation of backpack. Backpack is a line of drives from Micro
Solutions that connect to your parallel port, and you printer is
connected to the drive. You can daisy-chain several drives together.
Drives are available in: CD-ROM, diskette (1.2,1.44, 2.8), hard and
tape drives. They have added a new double speed CD-ROM backpack
drive to its existing line of external parallel port drives. The new
double speed CD-ROM drive provides high peformance. The performance
increase is a result of the 300KB/s rate versus 150KB/s for standard
speed. This is achieved by doubling the rotation speed of the CD.
The average access time is 250 milliseconds. The multisession drive
has received Photo CD compatibility certification from Eastman
Kodak, which means this drive will allow you to view Photo CDs.
Other supported media formats include: High Sierra, ISO 966,
CD-ROM/XA and CD-Audio.The CD-ROM backpack drive is scheduled to
ship in the four th quarter with a SRP of $499.
They have also started shipping two new larger capacity backpack
hard drives. The backpack hard drives are available in: 250MB - SRP
$569. 340MB - SRP $675. Micro Solutions, Inc. has formed a strategic
alliance with Quest Development Corporation to provide new Windows
backup software from the backpack 250MB parallel port tape drive.
In addition, Quest will provide new DOS software which will have
the same look and feel as the Windows version. The Windows software
will be released Nov. 15, 1993. Anyone who purchased a backpack tape
drive within thirty days of the release will receive the new Windows
software free of charge direct from Micro Solutions. Users who
purchased a drive prior to October 15, 1993 may purchase the new
backpack Windows software direct from Micro Solutions, Inc. for
$39.95. The package will include both DOS and Windows software, a
new users guide and a new software installation guide. Users with
questions about the new Windows software may call Micro Solutions at
1-800-890-7227, ext. 200.

BOCA RESEARCH, INC. made several announcements this month. First,
they lowered the suggested retail prices on it V.32bis 14,4000bps
modems by more than 40% on the internal version and 35% on the
external model, to $195 and $245 respectively. Simultaneously, the
company is announcing two versions of its V.Fast Class 24,000bps
modem. The SRP of the internal version of the V.Fast product is
$395. The SRP for the external model is $495. To take advantage of
the maximum throughput of 115.2Kbps, a 16C550 high speed buffered
UART is required. This UART is integrated on the internal version.
Boca is including a free 16C550 UART serial card with the external
V.Fast modem.
They also announced a 10BASE-T Ethernet PCMCIA adapter. Known as
the BEN1PA, this $229(SRP) adapter provides a low cost, highly
reliable connection to IEEE 802.3 networks. The BEN1PA is designed
for computers with PCMCIA Type II slot. The adapter has an operating
distance of 100m (328') and includes a 10BASE-T twisted pair
transceiver with RJ-45 connector. Speaking of PCMCIA, Boca announced
a 14.4Kbps PCMCIA modem. At an aggressive SRP of $369, this fully
featured modem will provide laptop and notebook users with the same
high speed capabilities that they enjoy on their desktop systems.
The M144PA is a 68 pin PCMCIA Type II, Release 2.01 card complying
with the PCMICA standard credit card sized fax modems. Fax
compatibilities include Class 1 and Class 2 support. The product
ships with fax and data communcations software for Windows and DOS.
Recently, Boca acquired the assets and operations of a data
communications peripheral company, The Complete PC.

MICROLEAGUE INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE announced a newly-formed agreement
with Starbyte Software of Germany to publish and market the German
product line in North America. The agreement will yield such games
distribution of these products will begin in early 1994. Call
1-800-334-6572 for a free software catalog.

COMPTON'S NEWMEDIA made multiple annnouncements at COMDEX this
month. They have added a technical support facility on Compuserve.
Any technical support question can now be forwarded to the CD-ROM
Vendors Forum under GO COMPTONS for answers with 24 hours Monday
through Friday. Also announced was Compton's Interactive Network.
The Network is a service designed to provide access interactively to
a TV listing, a movie guide, home shopping, and an information
network that will include interactive news, weather, sports, and
electronic reference works such as Compton's Interactive
Encyclopedia. Jazz: A Multimedia History, has been announced for the
Macintosh. The CD-ROM is filled with 30 minutes of video sequences.
It has a SRP of $69.95, and contains photos, sound effects and jazz
music from 1923 to 1991. The progam requires a Macintosh or Performa
with 4MB RAM, color monitor, system 6.0.7 or later, and a CD-ROM
drive. QuickTime 1.5 is included.
Compton's has introduced USA Wars: World War II with BlitzQuiz.
This CD-ROM is a 2,000 picture journey and game. The CD-ROM takes
the user through a comprehensive view of the most pivotal war in
modern history. Containing more than 2,000 historical photographs,
this edutainment title provides an in-depth photographic view of the
U.S. involvement in all theaters of operation from 1938 to 1945 with
accompanying biographies, chronologies, and escriptions of battles.
USA Wars: World War II with BlitzQuiz is available in DOS/Windows
format for $39.95.
Starting first quarter 1994, Compton's will bundle Lotus
Development Corpoation's Ami Pro 3.0 for Windows with each copy of
Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia. This will be the full-featured
version of Ami Pro, added to the encyclopedia, at no extra cost to
the user. While you can call up Ami Pro directly from the
Interactive Encyclopedia, you can also activate it as an independent
application from the hard disk.
And, finally, the newest version of Compton's Interactive
Encyclopedia will be the first electronic encyclopedia to feature
full-screen, full motion picture quality video. The smooth-running
images are compressed inn accordance with the MPEG standard and can
be played back at 3 frames per second using the recently announced
Sigma Designs' ReelMagic MPEG decompression video board. The price
for Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia Version-MPEG Edition is
priced at $395, the same as their Interactive Encyclopedia version
2.0 for Windows. The MPEG version will also be bundled with Sigma
Designs' ReelMagic CD-ROM Upgrade Kit which carries a SRP of $849.

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