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The Presidents:
It All Started With George

by Tony Curro

William McKinley was the first President to use the telephone in his
election campaign. His vice-president, Theodore Roosevelt, who
succeeded to the Presidency on McKinley's assassination, was the
first President to ride in a car, fly in an airplane, and submerge
in a submarine while in office. Who was in office when slice bread
was introduced? Which president said, "If you can't stand the heat,
get out of the kitchen?" These are but a few of the many facts you
will find in the National Geographic Society's, The Presidents: It
All Started With George, CD-ROM. The CD is great for students, as
well as for adults to just browse through. I have found out many
interesting facts just by looking around.

The CD contains photos, movies, audio clips, complete biographies
with hypertext and more. The earlier movies are silent, and earlier
audio is narrated by NGS members. Others are actual recordings of
the President making the speech. There are over 1,400 pictures, 33
video clips, scores of authentic speeches, and hundreds of pages of
text you can print out.

Each photo has text that will describe the picture. Included are
Presidents, First Ladies, homes and more.

There are listings of all political parties, and the candidates from
those parties who were elected. If you clicked on Federalist Party
you would see John Adams. Clicking on John Adams would take you to
his information.

There is a TimeLine for all years from 1790-on. You can look at what
happened in a president's term, or for a specific set of years, or
even a single year. You can also see how the nation grew, when
states or territories were adding since 1790.

Learn about the Electoral College and how many votes are cast be
each state.

Fifty-three photos that depict how a president is elected. By
choosing auto mode, you have a slide-show complete with narration.

Forty-five photos concerning Presidential partners, VP Cabinet,
etc., which runs as described above.

Sixty-two photos, again as above, on Presidential power. It
describes the power the president has, and how it has increased
since George Washington.

Map showing where and when a President was born. What state boasts
the most Presidents? Which state is second? These and many other
questions will be answered for you. There is even a game. Test your
knowledge about the Presidents, and events that occurred while in

This CD starts and ends with George, Washington and Bush that is. I
thoroughly enjoyed this CD-ROM, and feel it is one that should be in
every collection. NGS has recently reduced the price on it.

Product Information

The Presidents:
It All Started With George

SRP Ä- $69.95

National Geographic Society
Educational Services
Washington, DC 20036
301-921-1575 (FAX)
800-268-2948 (CANADA)
301-921-1330 (Outside US)

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