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Norton Backup v2.2
for DOS

by Tony Curro

When Microsoft released MS-DOS 6.0 it contained a sub-set of Norton
Backup. The bundled version is a major improvement over the old
MS-DOS standard backup program. However, it is a sub-set, and not
the full blown product. It will only allow backups to floppies, or
other DOS devices such as Bernoulli or another hard drive. There is
not much flexibility in creating backup sets and other features.
But, for $49.95, getting MS-DOS 6.0 and all the other programs it is
a bargain. I, being a tape and power user, do prefer the complete

Norton Backup v2.2 for DOS is a faster, and improved version of
their earlier releases. A full installation requires about 3MB of
hard disk space. After installation, Norton's will perform a small
backup to your floppy, and if you have one, tape drive. You can opt
to cancel this operation. However, I urge you let the program run
this test. It will assure you of data integrity in the future.

Norton Backup 2.2 for DOS will read and restore backups created by
DOS 6.0 and vice versa. DOS 6.0 backup and Norton Backup are Format
and Compression compatible. Of course, this does NOT apply to users
of tape drives.

Features include:

* Cross Platform Compatibility. Interchange backup disks between DOS
and Windows Norton Backup. Use the same familiar product with either
platform for reliable backups.

* High Speed Tape Controller. One of the things that was lacking in
the product. Norton Backup 2.2 now supports these controllers by
Colorado and Iomega.

* QIC 40/80 Tape Support. Industry standard format that can be
interchanged, and even read by other products.

* Scheduler. Schedule unattended backups.

* Five Backup Types. Choose from: Full, Incremental, Differential,
Full Copy and Incremental Copy backup types.

* Network Features. Full network support.

As I mentioned, one thing lacking was support for high speed
controllers. Since I have purchased one, my format of tapes and
backup time has been drastically reduced. Norton still does not
support SCSI drives.

Norton Backup allows you to create 'sets' from which to back up. Or,
you can select files manually. Creating a set simplifies
everything. It is very easy to include or exclude files in Norton
Backup. Once done, you do not have to do it again until you want to
make a change. Who needs to have .TMP and .BAK files backed up? You
can just choose a set, click on Start Backup, and walk away. If you
have unattended mode active, even if you get an error, in most cases
the backup will still complete itself. You can also have a log file
that will record all errors, or complete list of files backed up
with starting and ending time. Other programs that I have looked at
have a similar feature. However, if you get an error with these
programs, the backup comes to a halt. Not so in Norton Backup. I
have the erase option set up on my tape on Full Backup. If I walk
away from my machine after initiating the backup, and that tape has
data on it, Norton will check to see if it is a Full Backup. If so,
it will erase the tape. If not, it will append the tape. It can't
get any easier than that.

Every other program, except Norton Backup, has one quirk that drives
me wild. I do backup more than one drive to a tape, especially
during Differential or Incremental, when there is not much data. All
the other programs will do the first drive, then rewind the tape to
the start and write the header. It then fast forwards the tape to
the point it stopped, and starts the second drive. It continues the
above procedure for each drive letter. This is time consuming, not
to mention wearing on the drive and tape, and slows down even a high
speed controller. Norton Backup backs up ALL the drives, and then
rewinds and writes the header from them all at the same time. This,
to me, is the most efficient way.

Norton Backup was one of the first programs I used when I started to
make backups. I have been through several versions, and it is just
getting better. The program is a snap to use for novices, but has
advanced features for several levels of users from Beginner to
Advanced, that anyone can use it. I have chosen it for my "Christmas
Shopping List" (CTM, Nov. 1993), and see it as a winner again for my
year-end picks. Registered users of either Norton Backup for DOS or
Windows can upgrade for $39. The product comes with a 60-day money
back guarantee.

Product Information

Norton Backup 2.2
for DOS

SRP Ä $149.

Symantec Corporation
10201 Torre Ave.
Cupertino, CA 95014-2132
408-255-3344 (FAX)

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