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Indiana Jones
and the Fate of Atlantis

by Tony Curro

Indiana Jones has been a big success at the box office. LucasArts
has brought Indy to the computer screen. This is the second Indiana
adventure released by LucasArts.

I reviewed the CD-ROM version. While I had played the disk-based
version, and was impressed, the CD-ROM release is no comparison. The
CD-ROM is a full-voice talking version. There is music throughout,
and all the dialogue is spoken. There are approximately 40
characters and over 8000 lines spoken. Doug Lee, is the voice in
Indiana Jones.

Fate of Atlantis is the largest and most complex game ever published
by LucasArts. It features over 200 rooms, and Indy artists rendered
more than 100 pieces of original background art. The results are a
stunning 256-color VGA graphic adventure, which also features Lucas
Arts' proprietary iMUSE interactive music and sound effects system.

Indiana Jones takes place in the 1930s, a time when Germany and the
United States were racing to develop the first atomic bomb. In the
context of Fate of Atlantis, the Nazis believe discovering Atlantis'
mysterious power source will lead them to victory in the race and
domination over the world.

The game opens on Indy being visited by a German stranger. The
stranger steals an ancient statue that releases a tiny, glowing bead
_ orichalcum. He escapes, leaving behind his overcoat, where Indy
finds a Nazi ID and a magazine article on Sophia Hapgood, a former
archaeologist and a current self-proclaimed authority on the lore of
Atlantis. Sophia and Indy have "a past," and linked by the ancient
statue and a lost city, they have a future.

You will never tire of playing this game. One of the main reasons is
that it is basically three games in one. At the outset, you first
have to locate Sophia. You then travel with here through several
adventures. After the initial phases are completed you have a
decision to make. The game is designed with three playing paths. The
choice you make determines the perils you will encounter. Choose a
puzzle-oriented "Wits" path, an action oriented "Fists" path or a
dialogue oriented "Trust" path. You do have the option in some to
travel alone. Further enhancing replayability are complex puzzles
with alternative solutions. Additionally, Fate of Atlantis has
multiple interfaces, including controlling a German submarine,
steering a hot air balloon and operating a mysterious Atlantean
machine. The response, or questions, that you ask will also alter
that scenario.

The "Talkie" version (CD-ROM) of Atlantis requires: 12MHz 286 or
faster, MSCDEX CD-ROM driver, 595K free memory or 2 megs with an EMS
driver, VGA, Soundblaster or compatible (for speech), and keyboard,
joystick or mouse.

The disk-based version does not require the CD-ROM drive. The sound
card is also optional, as the disk-based version does not have
talking, and sounds can be generated by the PC speaker, although a
sound card is suggested.

If this is the future of games, I would definitely purchase a CD-ROM
drive. I have reviewed other products in the disk-based and CD-ROM
fields. While both versions are basically the same graphically, the
CD-ROM version surpasses anything that can be placed on disk. This
is one game that any gamer would be pleased to find under the
Christmas tree. The CD-ROM version also includes free, the $12.95
hint book, to help get you out of those tight spaces.

Product information

Indiana Jones
and the Fate of Atlantis

SRP Ä $69.95

LucasArts Entertainment Company
P.O. Box 10307
San Raphael, CA 94912
415-721-3342 (FAX)

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