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by Tony Curro

A few days ago you stuffed yourself with turkey. Now, it is time to
do your Christmas shopping. I hope you checked out my picks last
month to help in your purchases. There were many programs that I did
not touch on last month. I mainly focused on utilities and games. No
word processors were mentioned. The reason was that I had not yet
looked at MS Word 6.0 for Windows. After looking at it, I feel that
if you purchase it, or WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows, you will not be
disappointed. These are the two big pro grams for Windows. Both
companies have improved and enhanced their products. Word has made
it easy for WordPerfect users to make an almost painless switch. On
the other hand WordPerfect has made its program more windows-like,
which is a big plus. I have used both products, and do not have any
negative comments about them.

Our News column this month has a special offer from Ron Janorkar,
the author of TagLine Xpress. In addition we have a ton of
information on new releases and other exciting news.

This month we look at two hardware products, several CD-ROMs, and
other programs. In our ShareWare SpotLight, we look at two products
from Software Creations.

In other reviews we have:

Hardware: Viper VL-Bus video card, and another review of
PaperDirect. PD has a holiday collection, and has also released a
wonderful new product that makes sign making simple.

Software: WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows, askSam for Windows, LabelPro
for Windows and Norton Backup v2.2 for DOS.

CD-ROM: Global Explorer, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis,
National Geographic's The Presidents: It All Started With George and
Microsoft Encarta.

The CD-ROM marketplace is booming. Many products are being
re-released on CD-ROM. Others are being released only on CD, while
some are being released on both platforms simultaneously.

In my reviews, in the Product Information section, I use the letters
SRP before the price of an item. This stands for Suggested Retail
Price. It is the quoted price from the manufacturer. It is NOT the
street price. It would be impossible to list the street price as it
varies from store to store. The reason I mention this is that
several people have commented on it. They said they bought it for
less than I quoted. If anyone pays the prices I quote, I can sell
them some prime oceanfront property in Arizona ( country song that I
like). The prices are here only as a guideline. Generally, it will
be about 25% or so less in the stores.

I would to wish all my readers a Happy Hanukkah and a Merry
Christmas. For anyone celebrating a different holiday, a warm wish
for you also.

Due to file size limitations, there are no graphics in this issue.

Wow! This is the last issue of 1993. When I come back, while it will
still be '93, it will be for the January 1994 issue. Until then, may
you always have a safe format.

Tony Curro...


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that a user may have from a product that we have reviewed in our

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product. It is presented solely for information purposes.

Tony Curro, Editor - ComputerTalk Magazine.

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