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Coalition for Networked Information
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Copyright Royalty Tribunal

Copyright Royalty Tribunal
Suite 450
1111 Twentieth Street, NW.,
Washington, DC 20036

Source: U.S. Government Manual, Washington, DC, 1990/91, page 64.

The Copyright Royalty Tribunal was established by act of October 19,
1976 (17 U.S.C. 801). The Tribunal is composed of five Commissioners
appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.

The Tribunal adjusts copyright royalty rates for cable retransmission of
broadcast signals in recording new versions of previously recorded songs
and for noncommercial educational stations that broadcast musical, pictorial,
graphic, and sculptural works.

The Tribunal also has stand-by authority to adjust the rates for jukeboxes
and satellite retransmission of broadcast signals to satellite homedish
owners if the parties are unable to reach voluntary agreements among
themselves. In addition, the Tribunal distributes the royalty fees
deposited with the Copyright Office by cable operators and satellite
carriers to the proper copyright owners.

In making its distribution determinations, the Tribunal considers the
harm incurred by the copyright owners, the benefit to the cable satellite
user, the marketplace value of the work, the time the work was aired, and
the quality of the broadcast.

[Actual legislation appears in the Copyright Act of 1976.]

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