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************************ CHAPTER ONE *************************

The Universal Hologram

SCIENTIFIC authorities aver that the fourth dimension is a

concept of purely abstract mathematics, and no human intellect

can possibly visualize a tangible hyperspacial structure.

The natural reflex of lay people to proclamations from

Olympus is to believe the gods without question --- especially if

you don't know what they are talking about. If you can resist

your Unconscious reflex to suspend your disbelief, however, your

critical faculties will be aroused to demand an explanation. And

you want to be told in terms you can understand; an explanation

you can't understand is no explanation at all --- like being

paid money you can't spend.

An expert can't explain anything to you unless he knows

what you can understand. Therefore, it is necessary for you to

tell the exegist what you know before he can begin to tell you

what he knows. So, how do you tell the expert where you are

coming from without drawing a detailed map of your entire life

territory? The expert sees what you know by the questions you

ask him. Now you may wonder what kind of a question tells what

you know, already. The right question to ask for a

comprehendable explanation is the question to which you already

know the answer; any other question will elicit a reply that can

only confuse the matter. You can prove the practicality of this

tactic by observing what happens every time your child asks a

question without knowing what he is talking about. If you can't

think of a question that you can answer immediately, ask a

question for which you know how to find the answer. You can

always find the answer to your question if you ask what the

mystery does and what you can do about it? Directions you can

understand but cannot implement mean that the matter is of no

concern to you, so you are only wasting your time by investing

more than idle curiosity. Anyone who can't give you directions

you can follow doesn't know what you are talking about, and

probably doesn't know what he is talking about, either, so you

are only wasting your curiosity, never mind your belief. The

main importance of knowing the answer when asking questions is

that you also know when you are being answered truthfully, or

you'll find out soon enough.

Ah... so! A good question for starters is what are the

identifiable characteristics of hyperspace that make it

different from the ordinary garden variety of real estate where

you hoe for a living. By strict mathematical definition, at

least four dimensions are required in a space that can hold more

than one (tridimensional) volume in the same place at the same

time. All you have to do to find hyperspace is put two things in

the same place at the same time --- and there you have

hyperspace, already. See how easy it is to understand the

inconceivable when you ask questions you can answer?

Now, you are thinking that I am trying you for a fool. How

can you put more than one thing in the same place at the same

time? The directions cannot be followed; therefore, my own

precepts prove I don't know what I am talking about. Trust me,

and follow my directions.

The professor demonstrates the fourth dimension to

undergraduates by placing an object on his desk, then replacing

that object with another object. This is supposed to show that

two volumes can occupy the same volume at different times,

proving that time is a fourth dimension. Do you see where the

professor is breaking the rules? The mathematical definition

specifies that two things must occupy the same place at the same
time before the space can be hyper; occupying the same place at

different times is not the same thing, at all. It is

flabbergasting that profs have been bamboozling students for

nearly a century without anyone blowing the whistle; anyone

presenting this case in law school would be cashiered as soon as

everyone realized he wasn't kidding.

If you want to see real hyperspace, take one very level

teaspoon of coarsely granulated sugar and one very level

teaspoon of water. Now, drip the water onto the sugar until you

have one heaping teaspoon of mixed solution. VOILA! you are

looking at one teaspoonful of 80% pure hyperspace in your hand.

How 'bout that, Mr. Spielberg?

You will object that the water is merely filling the empty

spaces between the crystals and the molecules of sugar. And

there you have it. You have just discovered the principle of

hyperspace. Genius is simply a matter of recognizing what you

are looking for when you find it.

You have just demonstrated that it is possible for two

material volumes to coexist in the same space at the same time

if they are not continuous. In other words, a continuous space
is tridimensional, but a discontinuous space allows another
discontinuous space to occupy the discontinuities, thereby

answering the mathematical definition of four-dimensional

hyperspace. Discontinuous space-time is what the Quantum Theory

is all about.

The molecules of a solvent do not have enough empty space

between them to contain the molecules of a solute without some

increase in the volume of the solution; the amount of additional

space occupied by the molecular intermixture varies according to

the kind of molecules. There is, however, enough space between

atoms for another kind of atoms to occupy without increasing the

volume of their sum. The proof is found in gas chemistry; when

44.8 litres of hydrogen is burned with 22.4 litres of oxygen,

exactly 22.4 litres of water vapour is produced. When the volume

of oxygen is chemically combined with the volume of hydrogen,

the compounded mixture occupies exactly the same amount of space

as the smaller volume of atoms. Chemistry, you see, is the

applied science of hyperspace. (*1)

A solution is not only a discontinuous structure

manifesting four-dimensional properties, but the molecules

comprising a solution are also so thoroughly mixed that any

sample contains the same information that any other sample

holds, and the information of any sample is identical to the

information of the entire volume. A structure that contains all

the information in every one of its parts, and all parts has the

same significance as the whole, is called a hologram. Solutions
are the original holograms and holograms are hyperspacial


Although the Greeks had words for wind, some writers say the

Greeks were unable to perceive the existence of still air.

Likewise, hyperspace remains unknown to science simply because it

is manifest as the oceans of air, water, and light we live in.


Einstein established the concept of the fourth dimension as

a popular scientific fact, yet, he persisted in thinking of

space-time as a continuum. You have just seen for yourself, that

it is impossible to contain four dimensions in a continuum. It is

the contradiction between Einstein's calculations and his beliefs

that made him express his Theory of Relativity in words

impossible to comprehend. Contemporary with Einstein, Max Planck

plotted the four-dimensional coordinates of atomic space while

continuing to express himself in tridimensional concepts. And so

the two seminal genius of modern physics argued across the

dimensional gap all their lives, unable to reach an agreement.





Have you ever seen a three-dimensional square?

A square is a two-dimensional

figure, by mathematical definition; therefore,

a three-dimensional square must be a

contradiction of terms.

A space that can contain more than one

plane structure on the same plane at the same

time answers the mathematical definition of a

hyperplane. Actually, no one ever made this

mathematical definition until now; nobody

thought such a definition would ever be


Now, project a photographic diapositive

slide onto a screen. The image you see on the

projection plane is two-dimensional, isn't it?

Now, project another image onto the same

screen at the same time and look at the

inconceivable mathematical impossibility, two

perfect planes in the same perfect plane at

the same time. The perfect hyperplane is

physically possible because light is the very

discontinuous wave phenomenon by which Planck

discovered and proved the Quantum Theory.

Make this demonstration in school to

show your colleagues the five stages of

psychological repression when the prof flips

into a Freudian crash --- provided, of course,

that you have already decided you don't need

an academic degree to support your sex life in

the style to which she wants to become accustomed.


*1 Hyperspace can be deduced from the Pauli Exclusion
Principle; to wit, two particles cannot occupy the same energy
level at the same time. Exclusion is the effect of phase
opposition. Atoms in phase harmony, however, can occupy the
space at the opposite phase of the other. A chemical explosion
occurs when a shock flips the atomic vibrations out of phase
harmony, causing them to repel each other.


I The Theory of Relativity I
I changed everything, I
I except the way I
I Einstein thought. I

MATHEMATICIANS define a four-dimensional hypersphere as a

ball containing every point in its volume on its surface. In

other words, a hypersphere is a globe that is all surface,

inside and out. If you are baffled, it is simply because you are

unfamiliar with the verbal statement. You have made hyperspheres

all your life without knowing it by so many words; nobody told

you that reg'lar fellas make a hypersphere every morning because

nobody thought you had to know, so the concept was not included

in high school family planning courses.

Take a sizable piece of tissue paper. It is practically all

surface and practically no volume, isn't it? Now, crumple it

into a ball. VOILA! You got the whole hypersphere in your hand.

The wad is all surface, inside and out, isn't it? (SIDE-1)

Books are all surface, inside and out, and no words are so

plane as the written word. Libraries are filled with four-

dimensional hypervolumes. Whereas oral communication can be

processed in Consciousness as small as four dimensions, the

written language resists reading by minds no greater than four

dimensions. This is why Johhny can't read after graduating from

high school.

Physicists are puzzled by the way some particles disappear

at one place and reappear elsewhere, with no trace of passing

through the intervening space and time. They say that locations

widely separated in real space are adjacent to each other in the

fourth dimension. The concept of wormholes is postulated to
account for jumps through warps in atomic space-time; a wormhole

is nothing but a quantum jump that doesn't know when to whoa.

Now, if you look at the wad of paper in your hand, you will see

that points separated by considerable surface distance are in

contact. You are holding a handful of wormholes.

If you could compress the wad to atomic density, every

point on its surface would be practically in contact with every

other point on its surface at the same time, making the entire

wad into one humungous wormhole. Quantum jumps occur on the

atomic scale simply because an atom is all wormhole. A structure

containing every point in contact with every other point is a

hologram. (*1)



The human brain has more surface for its

volume than the brain of any other creature.

It is necessary for the human brain to have a

high ratio of surface to volume because the

human nervous system operates at a high

electrical potential. Tesla proved that a

voltage moves to the surface of its conductor

as its charge is raised. If the human brain

does not have enough surface to contain its

charge within its inefficient dielectric,

nervous electricity will arc and the body will

go into convulsions.

As the human brain increases its

surface, the operation of the human mind

evolves from tridimensional activity to

quadimensional activity. The mental faculty

for fine-focus is actually splitting hairs to

the fourth dimension. As a focussing faculty,

language comes to us from the fourth

dimension. We have dominion over the beasts of

the field because language raises human

consciousness to a dimension above all the

other animals. If time is a higher dimension,

then we rule the planet because we are

conscious of time, also; words are timed.

The ability of the brain to associate ideas

that are widely separated by a line of logic

is a manifestation of wormholes in the brain

--- so you really do need holes in your head.

The TAO says that a cup holds its

contents by virtue of its emptiness. An

absolutely empty cup is all surface, and that

is the end to which the human brain is

evolving. Empty space is all surface, as you

can prove for yourself by simple palpation.

The ambient electromagnetic field is the

Universal Mind of God that has raised its

voltage beyond the capacity of a material

brain. Now you can see that your very own mind

becomes the legendary Divine Cup when it is

perfectly empty, and your own Consciousness

is the very Holy Grail sought by all the more

or less steined philosophers.


* Now that you know a hologram is the product of infinitesmal
division and perfect distribution, you understand that every
point-event in the universe is in immediate contact with a
REPLICA of every other point-event in the universe. Particles
don't jump through wormholes; quantum jumps are an illusion
created when a particle accelerates above detectability (i.e.
light speed) by drawing energy from another particle already
above light speed. When the drawn clone drops into detectability
below light speed, the perceived effect is identical to a single
identified particle that disappears in one place and reappears
instantaneously in another.



I The impossible I
I doesn't take I
I any longer. I
I It is only I
I the improbable I
I that takes I
I indefinite time. I

EVERY time you slice a ham for sandwiches, you increase the

surface of the meat without adding anything to its volume.

Ultimately, your ham is all surface and no volume. Since a

hypervolume is all surface, division to finality is the physical

operation that converts a tridimensional volume into a

quadimensional surface. The single slice of ham in sandwiches

sold on the Canadian Pacific Railway, fifty years ago, was

shaved so thin that it was practically four-dimensional. Fine

division transforms space from a continuum into a discontinuum.

Fine division is what quantum physics is all about.

The elemental substance of hyperspace is discovered by

gradually dividing a volume until it becomes a mathematically

perfect plane. We shall proceed with this process by way of a

DEDANKEN experiment to discover the perfect four-dimensional


Planets appear to be solid, tridimensional bodies, as in

rigid, but this perception is mistaken. A planet is an
exceedingly viscous fluid under the pressure of its own gravity,

and it is centripetal force that molds both planets and

raindrops into globular shapes. If a giant planet like Jupiter

were divided into a few parts, all the segments would eventually

collapse under gravity into balls. The plastic planet is actually

a mixture of molecules in more or less solution, and you have

just proven that a solution has more than three dimensions,

although not quite four. Life as we know it, and everything in

it, is in between three dimensions and four.

If one of the planetary segments were subdivided

progressively, a critical size would be attained when the

cohesion of the material exceeds the force of its gravity so

that it won't collapse into a ball. At this critical size, the

planet becomes transformed into a chunk. Subplanetary debris is

the nearest thing we have to ideal (tridimensional) volumes that

will congregate by their mutual gravitational attraction.

Trispace is the proper province of gravity, and it is by gravity

that the trispacial world is described.

Dividing the planetary chunk into smaller pieces does not

produce a congregation of smaller chunks as one may expect from

a general understanding of gravity; up to a certain distance,

minute chunks effectively repel each other. Over the course

of time and continued subdivision, the chunks become a belt of

cometary debris extending around the entire length of the orbit.

This observed phenomenon reveals that subdivision of a material

body to a critical size releases a seemingly mutually repelling

force that eventually overcomes gravity. (*1) As trispace is

gradually converted into hyperspace by dividing chunks into

crystals, electromagnetic forces become manifest until gravity

is supervened. Quadspace is the proper province of the

electromagnetic field which defines it.

Subdivision of a chunk eventually reaches another critical

size where individual crystals are defined. When the elemental

crystal is divided, it ceases to be a crystal by reduction to a

clump of molecules. The molecular clump can be divided until a

single molecule remains. At this critical size, one more cut

destroys the molecule into free radicals. After the radicals are

sectored into electrically active atoms, the next cut demolishes

the atom into particles. Eventually all particles are reduced to

electrons; the electron is pure electricity. Notice that the

electrical force and particle velocity increases inversely with


The final sectioning transforms the massless volume of the

electron into photons. A photon is defined by mathematical

physicists as a plane particle. (SIDE-1) In other words, a
photon is all surface with no volume. When a tridimensional

space is subdivided into its elemental photons, all of its

volume is reduced to an infinite surface. At this point, the

space is wholly transformed from three dimensions to four. (*2)

The empty space of the universe is chock full of nothing

but photons. Therefore, empty space is absolutely pure,

hypersolid, Grade A, Government Inspected hyperspace.

Four-dimensional structures manifest merely two dimensions

in trispace (*3); all surfaces are the two-dimensional

projections into material form of four-dimensional empty space.

All surfaces are planes. All planes are pure energy. All energy

is carried by photons. Photons are the agents of all

transformation and transmutation. Therefore, all activity,

chemistry, electricity, and change occurs on interfacing

surfaces; this is why chemical reactions are accelerated by fine

division. The geometry of energy is the mathematics of alchemy.

When Einstein proved that time stops at light speed, the

corollary that light speed is equivalent to infinite velocity

also proves that light speed brings everything in the universe

into immediate contact at the same time. Since the electro-

magnetic field has light speed, every part of it is everywhere

at once. In other words, all space everywhere satisfies the

definition of a hyperspacial hologram and everything in the

universe is in intimate contact with everything else through

cosmic wormholes. Since the atom is a part of the universal

hologram, every atom must contain all the information of the

entire universe. No wonder there is no end to subatomic


Correlative with progressive subdivision, the velocities,

frequencies, and energy levels of parts and particles increase

inversely as an exponential function of size. When subdivision

of a tridimensional material body reaches finality by total

conversion of volume into plane, material is entirely

transformed into pure radiant photonic energy defined by the

velocity of light. (*4) In other words, hyperspace is nothing

but pure, kinetic energy. The higher dimensions of hyperspace

are the very dimensions of energy already measured, plotted, and

equated by physicists and engineers since Newton wrote his


The same equations that accelerate velocity as an inverse

exponential function of size also prove that size is diminished

as an exponential inverse function of velocity. In other words,

size is reduced by accelerated velocity. As a result, a star

decreases in size inversely with increase in mass until it

disappears into atomic dimensions upon collapse into the

hyperlight zone of a Black Hole. Conversely, a photon grows to

infinite size as it decelerates from light speed. (*5)

Einstein used the equations of the Fitzgerald Contraction

to prove that extension is lost on the axis of travel as a

function of accelerated velocity until a structure is squeezed

into a plane at light speed; plane photons is the result of that

Fitzgerald Contraction. (SIDE-1) From our perspective, Lorentz

Transformations occur instantaneously above light speed;

immediately over the time barrier at the light limit, the plane

contracts into a line and the line collapses into a superdense

point. The lines are probably manifest as String Theory and the

points are particles composing the strings.





The rear end of a racing car crosses the

finish line after the front end. From the

velocity of the car and the temporal interval

between the front and rear ends, the length of

the car can be calculated; only professional

mathematicians would conceive of such a

complicated way to measure the overall length.

The front end of a bullet enters a target

ahead of the back end. From the velocity of

the bullet and the temporal interval between

the front and rear ends, the length of the

bullet can be calculated. The bullet, however,

travels much faster than a car, and a bullet

is also much smaller. It is considerably more

difficult, therefore, to measure the temporal

interval with any significant precision; for

all practical purposes, the rear end of a

bullet reaches the target in the same instant

as the front end. When dealing with a particle

as small as a photon travelling at light

speed, it is physically impossible to detect

any temporal difference between its bow and

stern. Therefore, for all mathematical

purposes, both leading and trailing surfaces

of the photon pass the measuring point in the

same instant. Mathematically, it is possible

for two separated surfaces to occupy the same

point in space at the same instant of time

only at infinite velocity; as a consequence,

light speed is mathematically equivalent to

infinite velocity. Since four dimensions of

space are required for two volumes to occupy

the same location at the same instant, it

follows that acceleration to light speed

expands the spacial extension of a structure

from three dimensions to four. Conversely,

(*3) it is possible for the trailing end of a

particle travelling at a finite velocity to

pass the measuring point in the same instant

as the leading end only if there is no

distance between the two ends. A perfect plane

is the only mathematical structure without

any distance between its front and its rear.

Since a plane has no extension in the third

dimension, it is mathematically possible to

lay an indefinite number of planes in the same

plane. And that is why planes answer the

definition of hyperspace. Furthermore, the

elimination of capacity makes it impossible

for a plane to carry any mass, and that is why

photons are massless, plane particles. No mass

or extension is lost by acceleration; the

Fitzgerald Contraction is merely a

mathematical illusion produced by the limits

of precision. So now you know what the

mysterious Fitzgerald Contraction is all

about. A child can understand it easily, but

professional mathematicians can confuse the

obvious beyond the comprehension of a

Philadelphia lawyer.


*1 The mutually repelling feature of small bodies produces the
illusion perceived as the mysterious "Fifth Force". This
illusion is produced when the proper velocity of particles/
bodies exceeds the orbital velocity defined by their positions
in their field. Collisions among congregated bodies in orbit
exchange velocity to produce a gradual separation.


*2 Whereas the electrically inert, gravitically active chunk
defines the quintessential third dimension, the electromagnetic
but massless photon defines the exact plane of the fourth dimension.

During its growth, the gravitic field of a star is
supervened by its electromagnetic field. When a star collapses
into a Black Hole, all its manifest gravitic features condense
into the electromagnetic force. A star that collapses into a
Black Hole assumes atomic dimensions; the cosmic Black Hole is
nothing but a glorified atom. Thus, the third dimension spans
the space between quadimensional Black Holes defined by the atom
and the quadimensional Black Holes of stars.


*3 The same mathematics that prove a photon at light speed to
be a plane is extrapolated to prove that a particle's trailing
end gets ahead of its leading end when exceeding light-speed, to
produce reversal of extension on the axis of travel and reversal
of time. In other words, hyperlight speed transforms a structure
into its negative. As a practical consequence, orbitting bodies
are experimentally proven to precess in time as Einstein
calculated correctly.

The negative of solid material is mathematically emptier
than the perfect vacuum, and that is why a hyperspacial
structure can contain an indefinite number of trispacial
stuctures in the same space at the same time.

All fields have hyperlight centres, which is why all
fields suck. All fields are glorified Bournelli Force.

Field repulsion is defined wherever the velocity separating
particles is less than light speed, but greater than zero. Thus,
we find that mutual repulsion is reduced in both directions from
a velocity differential of half light speed; the next chapter
explains why mutual repulsion is defined by the square root of
twice light speed, empirically. As a consequence, we find that
all celestial bodies within the same scale of size repel each
other more than they attract each other, and that is why all the
planets maintain the largest possible average distance from each
other, instead of gravitating into a clump. Velikovsky got
pilloried for pointing out the mutual interplanetary repulsion
that no astrophysicist could see. What greater punishment would
have befallen Velikovsky if he managed to explain the phenomenon


*4 A star cannot be tridimensional because it is a mass of
free radicals, atomic particles, and blazing photons. A star is
actually space in the process of condensing into hyperspace.

Most astrophysicists will allow that a Black Hole is space
concentrated into hyperspace by gravity. A Black Hole is
calculated to be a gravitic centre of such intense concentration
that anything falling into it exceeds the speed of light; even
light cannot escape from the interior of a Black Hole.

Now, if you take this information to an atomic physicist, you
will be told that particles radiate intensely as they are
accelerated to the speed of light. Specialists never compare notes
under penalty of losing their membership cards, but as a lay
person, there is nothing to stop you from putting the empirical
fact of the atomic physicist to the calculated fact of the astro-
physicist to deduce that everything falling into a Black Hole must
radiate with the intensity of a quasar before disappearing into
the gravitic maelstrom. In other words, it is physically impossible
for Black Holes to be black; they must be the most brilliant
centres in the known universe. And that is what a star is; a star
is the brilliant photosphere surrounding a nascent Black Hole.


*5 In a universe undergoing exponential aceleration, every
observer experiences himself to be the One Still Point while
everything accelerates away at a rate that increases with
distance. Since wave strustures accelerate as a condition of
their physical existence, the Big Bang is an unnecessary

Since mass is a function of velocity, mass must increase as
a function of distance. Infinite mass is found in atomic nuclei
where velocities exceed light speed. In fact, all mass is
defined by nuclear particles.

Since velocity also accelerates to light speed at the event
horizon, it follows that the event horizon must also be defined
by infinite mass; astrophyicists are busy seeking a lot of
missing mass and can't see it for looking. Since gravitation is
a product of mass, it is necessary that the cosmos gravitate
with accelerating velocity to the event horizon --- which is
what the Big Bang is all about. The point is that the self-
evident can be confused beyond all comprehension, with a little
mathematics, if you don't know what the equations mean.



I Easy things are seldom done I
I for the same reason I
I that impossible things I
I are rarely done; I
I no one will pay I
I for anything believed to be easy I
I or impossible. I

A SIMPLE demonstration will prove that all empty space is a

hyperspacial hologram. Fix your camera on a tripod and take a

picture through the aperture set at f/16. Then, take another

picture after you open the aperture to f/2. You can see that

both pictures are practically identical, except for depth of

sharply focussed field.

The aperture opened to f/2 passes a beam of light sixty-

four times greater in area than the aperture closed to f/16.

This means that each beam of light, no matter how constricted,

contains the same information as every other beam and all beams

put together. The only change that aperture makes is the

resolution of fine detail. Furthermore, no matter where you set

the camera, your pictures reveal essentially the same

information; the only difference that perspective makes is the

relative sizes and positions of the image details. If your lens

could accept rays from all directions, you would see that every

location in space contains all the same information as every

other location; the differences produced by different locations

are merely a matter of spacial sequence, aspects, and relative

size. A space that contains all its information in all of its

parts answers the mathematical definition of a hologram. You can

see for yourself that we live in a cosmic hyperspacial hologram.

The hypothesis of the universal hologram is shaking

scientific thought to its foundations at this time, but the

proof has been self-evident to everyone since the effect of the

pinhole camera was noticed. How 'bout that, Sir Isaac? William

Blake understood the universal hologram when he saw the universe

in a grain of sand; art is truth apprehended directly with no

need for logic --- so is insanity.

Everyone has seen holograms in charm bracelets, on credit

cards, in science fairs, and on the cover of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

A hologram can be understood as a moire pattern made with light

International Operations Department
8780 Edscorp Building
Barrington, New Jersey
08007 U.S.A.

will sell you a kit of moire patterns to study. Moire patterns

serve as moving pictures to illustrate this book.

The hologram was inconceivable outside of a small cabal of

theoretical physicists who plotted the mathematics since the

beginning of this century, and a hologram couldn't be produced

until the laser was invented to provide the necessary coherent

waves. Without any parade of mathematics, I discovered the

hologram while soaking in my tub, with my big toe protruding

above the surface of the steamy water. I dare say many other

soakers must have made the same discovery since bathing became

intentional. (*1)

Ordinary light can be represented by splashing water in a

bathtub until the surface is covered with random waves. In

contrast, a slow drip from the faucet into a tub full of still

water covers the surface with a regular, parallel wave pattern,

illustrating the coherent light waves in a laser beam. Now, if

you set a firm object in the tub so that it breaks the surface

of the water, the regular waves will reflect from the surface of

the object, and the reflected waves intersect the regular waves

at an angle determined by the angle of reflection. Soon the

entire surface of the water is covered with a pattern of regular

waves perfusing with reflected waves. The remarkable feature of

this pattern is that the angles of intersection are about the

same over the entire surface; remember Euclid's theorem that a

straight line intersects all parallel lines at the same angle.

In other words, every part of the surface of the water contains

the same information; you have created a hologram in your

bathtub. If it were possible to reverse the flow of the

reflected waves, they would return to their points of reflection

to reconstruct the cross section of the object.

The coherent light of a laser beam functions as a moire

screen. Waves reflected from an object function as a second

moire screen to generate an interference pattern, like you can

see in your tub demonstration. A sheet of microfine-grain

photographic film placed in the laser light will record a moire

pattern of swirls and whorls; no camera or lens is needed. The

extremely fine lines defining wave interference function as a

diffraction grating and a diffraction grating functions as a

lens. When another laser beam is shone through the film, the

rays are bent to meet at focal points corresponding to resolved

points on the surface of the photographed object so that

projection reconstructs the form of the original solid object as

a ghostly image in space viewable from all sides. A real ghost

is a natural hologram.

Any movement while a hologram is being exposed will blur

one wave into another to register nothing but an even light fog.

Therefore, holograms are photographed on heavy stone tables

firmly set on bedrock --- after consulting timetables for nearby

railways and jetliner takeoffs, and the children are asleep.

Furthermore, the photographic film must be at least as fine-

grained as the moire pattern in the laser light if the image is

to be resolved. Film speed varies directly with graininess, so

holographic microfilm is the slowest emulsion since Daguerre

clamped his portrait sitters in a vise. The growing interest in

holography is likely to stimulate Great Yellow Father to improve

the speed of fine-grain film, while inventors will figure out

ways to simulate holography by more practical techniques for

making television images in-the-round; the solution to cheap

holograms seems to be in computer graphics.

Holograms confound common sense because few people have

ever seen diffraction gratings, and fewer have any idea how they

function as lenses. Light bends around the edge of material

particles, like you can see waves bend around your own big toe

sticking through the water surface in your tub. Waves are bent by

the edges of material structures because every body produces

photonic turbulence around its surface, and turbulence retards the

smooth transmission of wave energy. The more edges a ray of light

brushes, the more it is bent. The amount of bending a diffraction

grating imposes on a transmitted beam is determined by the

closeness of lines in the area. (SIDE-1) In other words, the

refractive index of a diffraction grating is a function of the

concentration of the lines; the refractive index approaches

infinity as the lines crowd together; the material becomes

opaque when the lines touch each other to become a continuous

area. A continuously accelerated density of lines across the

diameter of a diffraction grating can bend all rays to the same

focal point, like a parabolic glass lens or a Fresnel lens. A

holograph of a lens functions as a lens. Since it is easier to

print a diffraction grating onto an optical flat than to grind

and polish delicate glass, Japanese are trying to solve the

problems of diffusion and opacity in order to manufacture camera

lenses as compact, light, and inexpensive as filters.

The swirls and whorls of lines you see on a hologram mean

that the light-bending power varies over its surface. A hologram

is a complex lens with many focal points. A hologram can also be

conceived as an array of innumerable lenses of different focal

lengths, each focal point corresponding to a point resolved on

the original object. Therefore, a hologram projects a

tridimensional image instead of the plane image defined by an

ordinary lens with a single focal length.

The concept of photographic negative is imprinted in the
mind so that people continue to perceive the hologram as a

negative image even though there is no image on the film. As a

consequence, watching a hologram being cut into several pieces

with each piece containing the entire image is utterly baffling,

demonstrating as it does that Aristotle's Three Laws of Logic

are not absolutely true, but merely expresses the way the mind

defines its perceptions. This modern miracle of loaves and

fishes is also self-evidently simple when you think about what

you actually see instead of see what you think you see.

A hologram is not a pictorial image, but an array of lenses

that projects the same image from any light. You can see how a

hologram works by looking through a window sectored into many

small panes. The view through each pane is the same, except for

parallax displacement, and the view is complete no matter how

small the pane. Likewise, you will find the same view through

each lens in an array. A hologram is composed of millions of

lens-like panes, mixed as thoroughly as gas molecules in the

atmosphere. Since every part of a hologram has an equal sampling

of replicated lenses, it is obvious that each part must project

the same picture in its entirety. As a hologram is reduced in

size, however, the number of lenses it contains is reduced, and

the holograph becomes fuzzy when there are insufficient lenses

to resolve each point in the image, uniquely. (*2)

The universal hologram is composed of points in a volume

rather than lines on a film plane. Every particle in the cosmos

functions as a point in a voluminous diffraction grating, bending

light as Einstein calculated the curve of waves around the Sun.

The bending produced by the Sun is noticeable only to

astrophysicists looking for the phenomenon; the bending of light

by atomic particles is immeasurably minute, but there are an

infinite number of particles in the cosmos, and compounding

their refraction over a few million light years adds up to the

curve of space around the fourth dimension. Einstein's

mysterious curve of space, you see, can be understood as an

effect produced by the diffraction of light as it flows through

the cosmos.





The refraction of transmitted light by a

hologram is produced by wave interference that

amplifies phases off the projection axis so

that the beam of light appears to turn to one

side without any actual bending of the rays.

You can see this effect in the way moire

patterns are turned from the direction of

their elementary waves. The trouble with using

a diffraction grating as a lens is that it

really diffracts light to produce the illusion

of bending; diffraction also produces the

colour fringing that blurs all holograms not

viewed by laser light.

Another way of understanding how a

diffraction grating can function as a lens is

illustrated by the pinhole camera. Light

passing through a pinhole forms an image.

Light passing through many pinholes form many

overlapping images. The images of random

pinholes fuse into a blurry patch of light. If

the pinholes are spaced at regular intervals

according to wavelength, however, the images

will fuse into register to form a brighter and

sharper image. A hologram can be considered as

an array of pinholes separated at wave length



*1 Itshak Bentov, author of Stalking_The_Wild_Pendulum and
A_Co(s)mic_Book, discovered the principle of the hologram in a
similar observation. If Diogenes had any water in his tub, he may
have been the first Western philosopher to discover the
structure of the universe.


*2 A hologram is to a picture what a shape program is to a bit-
mapped picture in computer graphics. A hologram is the digital
code turning ANY light into pictures like a Compact Disc turns ANY
electrical current into music.



I Optics is Relativity in working clothes. I

WHERE a current of water meets an opposing current, a bar

or tidal rip is raised. The water in a opposed wave cycles, but

the opposed wave does not travel; it remains raised in one spot

as a standing-wave.

A cup of coffee on board a motor vessel or railway car

manifests a pattern of concentric, annular standing-waves on its

surface. These rings are raised by vibrations radiating from the

walls of the cup to the centre, whence they continue until

they strike the opposite wall and are reflected to repeat the

cycle. The wavelengths which meet each other in exact phase

congruence generate the standing-wave pattern; the other

vibrations do not interfere with each other. In other words, the

standing-waves are a wave/phase interference pattern similar to

a moire pattern. The molecules in the central standing-wave

swirl in a vortex. The standing-waves you see in your cup is, in

fact, a model of the Solar System and atomic structure.

Wave velocity is a function of the average particle

velocity in the medium. Like cars speeding in traffic, particles

driven faster than the average soon pile up a resisting bow wave

that forces them to turn. When particles are driven to twice the

average velocity, they are forced to turn around a complete

circle, effectively stopping most of their net travel and

raising a wave that travels at the average particle velocity in

the medium. Particles driven faster than twice the average

velocity in the medium are forced to turn around a second plane,

to generate a secondary wave flowing at right-angles to the

primary. The wave pattern you see on the surface of open water

reveals these orthogonal dynamics. Particles driven over four

times the average in the medium are forced to turn around a

third plane at right-angles to the other two, to produce a fluid

vortex. (*1) A conical standing-wave is the negative of a vortex.

The plane of particle cycling is at right-angles to the

surface wave flow; frequency is wave velocity cycling at right-

angles to wave flow. Since cycling is produced by exceeding the

speed limit, it follows that frequency represents particle

velocity above wave velocity. Since momentum increases by the

square of velocity, it follows that wave energy must increase by

the square of wave frequency. Therefore, when photon velocity

reaches light-speed, the electromagnetic wave satisfies the

equation, e=mc^2. And where a radiant wave meets another radiant

wave in precise phase opposition, the photonic fluid must

collapse into a vortex because their photons exceed four

times average medium velocity in each wave relative to the other

to generate the matter-wave frequencies calculated by de

Broglie. Furthermore, the logical definition of a wave cycle

makes a partial cycle impossible; therefore all radiant energy

must exist in quantum units defined by frequency. Anyone could

have deduced the Quantum Theory from observation of watery waves

without waiting for Planck to analyze the Ultraviolet Catastrophe

and for Einstein to confuse the Theory of Relativity.

If you have followed the line of reason through the

previous paragraph, you must realize that material particles are

created where the photonic field constituting empty space

collapses into atomic vorteces. Fluid vorteces, therefore, must

manifest the physical properties of material. It is the density

gradient of the photonic vortex surrounding material particles

that bends light rays. If you inspect a vortex in your bath tub,

you will see for yourself that it refracts the light it

transmits to cast both a bright spot and a shadow on the bottom

of the tub. A whorl comprising a hologram is a standing-wave

vortex, and you can see for yourself that it also bends light to

produce bright spots and shadows. A vortex manifests the

inertia of its spin, and inertia is the definitive physical

property of a material particle. Mass is nothing but a

measurement of gyroscopic inertia. Physics students can prove in

ten minutes that vortex equations are equivalent to field and

matter equations. (*2)

Since a hologram is defined by vorteces and since particles

are vorteces, the universal hologram is a cosmic compound vortex

that defines itself by the very waves it transmits. As particles

bend light to focal points, and radiant energy condenses into

particles at focal points, all the particles in the universal

hologram literally procreate all the particles in the universal

hologram. Continuous movements throughout the universe produce

continuously changing focal points so that all material particles

move continuously as they grow and decompose back to radiant

energy in the eternal cycle of YIN and YANG.




*1 The paradox of the vortex is that its acceleration
results in a collapse of volume to produce increasing density
while pressure falls; as a consequence, the surrounding medium
is sucked into the vortex. In common experience, natural fluid
vorteces are ephemeral because velocities exceeding four times
the medium average are soon absorbed by the fluid field to
raise the average energy of the medium.


*2 Newton noticed the congruence between the equations for
fields and vorteces, but he decided to omit the proof from his
Theory of Gravitation, and postulated a hypothetical attractive
force, instead, even though he admitted that it is physically
impossible to substantiate an attractive force through empty
space. (I credit Mr. Whamond for this historical information.)
Einstein rediscovered the identity of field with mass in the
calculation of his General Theory of Relativity, and de Broglie
rediscovered the same equivalence twenty years later. It just
goes to show that the foundations of modern physics could have
been laid by anyone knowing the most elementary equations taught
in high school without an incomprehensible parade of mathematics
backed by national treasuries.


I The original concept of "universe" I
I has the same meaning I
I as the original concept of hologram; I
I to wit, "all in one, I
I which is the original concept I
I of the God That Is All That Is. I

SCIENTIFIC research is a multibillion dollar industry.

Scientists protest that fundamental research depends on

megabucks. It is understandable why the scientific profession,

like the artistic, medical, and teaching professions, believes

that money produces quality. Historical facts, however,

contradict the professional sales pitch; the quality of pure

science correlates inversely with cash flow. All the seminal

discoveries of science were made with apparatus put together for

less than $100. Using a teaspoon of sugar, a sheet of tissue

paper, a pinhole camera, and a basin of water, you have just

discovered the answers to the greatest problems of pure

mathematics, physics, and philosophy that defy all the genius in

megadollar laboratories. And it didn't take a day of higher

education, either, did it?


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