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Version 0.96

Copyright (c) 1994 By Jimmy Rose


Election Day is being distributed as shareware. If you
enjoy this program please register it. Whenever you find any
shareware Program that you like and find useful, please consider
registering. This will help encourage future developement of
other useful programs and also ensure that your favorites will
be supported and enhanced.


Election Day requires a registration number to operate in
registered mode. When you register this program you will receive
a registration number that is unique to you. No two numbers are
the same. Place your personal registration number on the second
line of the sysop.cfg file.
If you have registered this program then your name will
appear on the opening screen.

Election Day is a copyrighted program!


Election Day is a popular voting booth door for all BBS's.
Voting Booths are extremely popular with users on any Bulletin
Board Service. They allow you to get feedback from users while
providing a fun atmosphere for everyone.

Election Day Features:

Easy set-up and configuration.
Colorful display screens.
Users may enter their own questions.
Sysop can set security level for entering questions.
Users can add their own response.
Excellent Support.

It may be configured as a Main Menu item on many boards.


This Program will be supported indefinately. The latest
shareware version will always be available for download from
The Atlantis BBS (513) 423-2336, FidoNet 1:110/950.
It is a free download on your first call.
For registration information see the file "order.txt".

Please see the "Notes" section at the end of this file for
additional information on obtaining assistance.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or features you'd like
to see added to Election Day, please write or send E-mail.
I want to hear your ideas. All questions as will be answered as
quickly as possible. The Shareware version supports 10 questions,
and you cannot delete questions till the program is registered.
The registered version will support an unlimited number.

Atlantis Software products are also available as free downloads
from various support and distribution sites, please read the
"support.doc" file for a site near you.


You need an IBM compatible computer and a BBS. Election
Day will work with TriBBS, Wildcat, PC Board, Spitfire,
RBBS, WWIV, Gap, Synchronet, Renegade, Remote Access,
and other BBS's that can run one of these doors.
It is assumed that you are familiar with your BBS software
and have installed other doors. If not, step by step instructions
are provided for some boards. This program may also be run in
local mode without a BBS (see below).


Create a directory for The Program. Preferably in your
BBS directory. You can name it whatever you want. For example,
if you want to create a directory called "vote" in your BBS
directory, from the Dos prompt type "cd c:\bbs", then type
"md vote". Don't type the quotation marks.
This assumes your BBS is on your c: drive. If it's on another
drive, substitute the appropriate letter.

After you create the directory, unzip the archive contents
into it. Next you'll need to create a configuration file or modify
the "eday.cfg" file included with the archive. This is an ascii
text file that can be created or edited with any text editor.
The configuration file MUST be in the same directory as Election
Day. It has the following format:

Line 1: Door data type (see below)
Line 2: Path to Door data file (dropfile)
Line 3: BBS name
Line 4: Sysop's name
Line 5: Locked baud rate

Line 1 is the Door data file type and can be any of the following
GAP for Gap ; DOOR.SYS
SF for Spitfire ; SFDOORS.DAT
WC for Wildcat ; CALLINFO.BBS
WWIV for WWIV ; ????????.???

* Note that TriBBS can run doors with any of the configuration
dropfiles above. Remote Access may use either GAP or RBBS.
Other BBS packages may work with multiple dropfiles, but
make sure you choose only one.

The other lines should be self-explainatory. Here's a sample
config file:

The Prophecy
Jimmy Rose

This would configure The program to run on a TriBBS
system. It assumes the BBS is in the "tribbs" directory. Other
Sample configuration files can be found at the end of this file.

Next you must edit the sysop.cfg file for your system.

This configuration file MUST be present and MUST be named
"sysop.cfg". The file is only three lines and the format
is as follows:

Line 1 is the name of the person this program is registered to.
Line 2 is your registration number, or 0 if unregistered.
Line 3 is the Sysop security level for accessing the Sysop Editor.
Line 4 is security level for entering new questions.
Line 5 is one character, either A if your BBS uses Alias's
or R if your BBS uses Real names. Use capital letters.

All five lines must be present and there must not be any blank lines.
A sample sysop.cfg file is also included with instructions contained
in the file.

Here is a sample sysop.cfg file from Atlantis BBS
Jimmy Rose

The next step is to create a batch file to call the door. Each
BBS is different, so it's assumed you know how to create one
for your system. Here's a sample batch file for TriBBS:

cd c:\tribbs\eday
eday eday.cfg
cd c:\tribbs

The first line changes to the directory where The program
is located.
The second line calls the door followed by the configuration file.
You MUST include the name of the configuration file, although you
can name it anything you like.
Non-standard IRQ's are supported by adding the IRQ number(0-15) to
the end of the second line (eday eday.cfg 6).
The third and fourth lines return you to the board.
Each system will be a little different, the one line that will
be same for every batch file is the second one.
Finally, edit your bbs files to display the door name and call
the batch file when selected. You're on your own here!

This program can easily be run from your Main Menu on
systems with extendable menus. It is recommended you do run
the program from the Main Menu if your system supports this.

To set up Election Day as a Main Menu item on a Tribbs
system, name the above batch file "mainv", then edit your
main.mnu file to call the batch file by adding the following
V,V,Election Day,20

This will call up Election Day whenever the letter V is
selected from the Main Menu. You may use any availabe letter

that you like, just substitute the letter you want to use for
the letter V in all instances above, including the batch file.
The number at the end of the line is the minumum security level
a user must have to be able use this program. Adjust this
to your liking.


This program may be run locally if you wish. If you want
to run the door without going through the BBS, make the directory
where the program is stored the current directory. From the Dos
prompt type "eday eday.cfg local". You will prompted to enter a
user name. Whatever name you type in will be used for your Alias.

When Election Day loads you will see a list of commands.
Here are the Main Menu commands:

V - Vote On Topic:
This command lets you vote on any available topic.
You may also add your own response.

R - Results:
Displays voting results for a selected question
or all questions.

H - Help:
Shows information screen.

E - Enter New Topic:
Let's you create a new question and responses for that
question. Anyone who's access level is equal to or greater
than that specified in the sysop.cfg file will be able to
enter new questions. If you don't want users to enter new
questions, set this value to the same as the Sysop security

Q - Quit and Return to the BBS:
Exits Election Day and returns to the bbs.

S - Sysop Editor:
This choice is only displayed when the user has Sysop security
level as declared on line 3 of the Sysop.cfg file.
Accesses the Sysop editing functions.

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