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( Sanford J. Zelkovitz )
VERSION 1.1 03/19/86


You should have the following files:

TIMEPARK.COM The memory-resident program.
TIMEPARK.DOC This manual

This software is placed in the PUBLIC DOMAIN to be used for NONCOMMERCIAL
purposes only. NOTHING may be charged for its use. Also, both files MUST be
passed on. The software is supplied as is and NO guarantees are given or
implied about its suitability.

If you have a hard disk in your computer, a power failure or a hard bump to
your system can cause the heads of the hard disk to contact the disk surface.
This can lead to lost data or even ruin the hard disk. TIMEPARK is designed
to move your hard disk's heads automatically to a safe location whenever the
disk isn't used for a given length of time.

TIMEPARK will park the heads of one or more hard disks in your system. It
automatically finds the correct location for the safe areas on your hard disks.

To use the program, simply type the command below. To use the program
automatically, include the command in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.


You can choose a number for N between 1 and 9 minutes. Just substitute your
chosen time interval for the letter N.

The command to set a five minute interval is:


You won't notice anything different about the way you use your computer. When
TIMEPARK moves the hard disk heads, any command which accesses the disk drive
will operate normally.

Editor's Note:

Timepark is a memory-resident utility. Conflicts sometimes exist between
applications programs and memory-resident utilities, or between memory-
resident programs themselves when two or more are simultaneously installed. If
you experience difficulties, reboot the computer and install TIMEPARK

Memory-resident programs are also somewhat hardware dependent. While
they may work on other systems, they may not work on yours. To avoid problems,
test TIMEPARK with your applications programs and other memory-resident
programs before you do any important work. It's wise to take this precaution
when using any new memory-resident program for the first time.