Category : HD Utilities
Archive   : SGTFMT2.ZIP
Filename : README2.1ST

Output of file : README2.1ST contained in archive : SGTFMT2.ZIP

SGATFMT2.ZIP uses the Authenticity Verification ZIP file
feature. You should see a "-AV Authentic files verified" message
while unzipping the file. This proves that the SGATFMT2.ZIP is
the original ZIP file, as prepared by Seagate Technology, Inc.

The three files you should have found within SGATFMT2.ZIP are:

SGATFMT2.EXE the executable program
size: 105,517 date: 01-08-93 time: 02:00:00pm

SGATFMT2.DOC the companion document file
size: 64,022 date: 01-08-93 time: 02:00:00pm

README.1ST this file

Thank you for your interest in Seagate Technology, Inc.'s SGATFMT2
software. Please submit your comments and suggestions to the
following address:

Seagate Technology, Inc.
P. O. Box 66360
Att: Technical Support
Scotts Valley, Ca. 95067-0360

For Seagate Technical Support Bulletin Board:
(408)438-8771 [300-9600 HST V.32, V.42bis MNP 3/5, N-8-1]