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Dear ShareWare Vendor/Sysop:

This file contains our distribution policy and information on all products.


The Shareware by CEA Consulting Services is protected under United States
and international law by registered copyrights. As a shareware distributor,
you may distribute our shareware in its original form as long as you:

* identify it as shareware (with an appropriate definition)

* leave all intellectual property (copyright) notices in place

..and as long as we do not request that you stop.

You may archive our programs, unarchive them, use your own installation
routines, include them with other programs on the same diskette, and do
essentially anything you want as long as you follow these simple rules.
We want the widest possible distribution, and don't want to stand in
your way so long as you are honest with our mutual customer.

If you are a catalog house, send us a copy of the catalog in which the
program appears, together with a copy of the diskette(s) containing the
program(s) you wish to distribute; we will send you a copy of any
major updates to our software. If you run a bulletin board, send us
a diskette(s) containing the program(s) you wish to distribute, and
your mailing address, and we will update the diskette and mail it
back to you. Since all program copies are serialized by to whom they
were originally sent, we are able to track registrations by vendor.
As long as we receive registrations containing your number for any
product, we will continue to provide you with updates for all

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, please contact me:

Phil S. Dornan
CEA Consulting Services
5827 W. Ogden Avenue
Cicero, IL 60650

Message Line: (708) 258-2157


Software: SAFELOCK

BBS/CIS Name: SFLOCKxx.ZIP (Where "xx" is the current release number)

Major Heading: Disk(ette) and File Security or Utilities

Configuration: IBM PC-MS/DOS 3.0 or later, 320k memory, 360Kb disk,
RGB/EGA Monitor or better.

First Release: 1992

Purchase Price: $30.00

Customer Support: 90 days with purchase.

Key Words: Security Access Encrypt Private Encipher

Description: SAFELOCK

Top-notch and imaginative disk/file security shareware. Encrypts files,
"locks" subdirectories, sector-by-sector disk encypt. Both encrypts and
renames files with ascii character that cannot be typed using the standard
keyboard without specific knowledge. Also makes them read only.
There's little doubt that this will keep the 'average user' or even
somewhat advanced users out of your confidential information. A must for
legal practices, accounting firms/departments, home pc security and any-
one with confidential information to protect.

Site License Available: Yes.


Software: The Appointment Calendar


Major Heading: Utility

Configuration: IBM PC-MS/DOS 3.0 or later, 320k memory, 360k disk, RGB or
EGA Monitor or better

First Release: 1991

Purchase Price: $25.00

Customer Support: 90 days with purchase; support agreement available.

Key Words: Calendar Appointment Desktop

Description: Appointment calendar reminds you of upcoming appointments
at boot time. Allows you to set the time and date or you may use any
dbase format utilities to update the appointment file.

Site License Available: Yes

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Archive   : SFLOCK15.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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