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How to Get SCSI Standards
(and other SCSI Books)

This file contains information on obtaining the various SCSI standards and
other published information about SCSI. If you know of other published
material on SCSI that should be included here, please leave a message on
the SCSI BBS or send a Fax to John Lohmeyer 316-636-8889.

American National Standard (ANSI) for Small Computer System Interface
(SCSI), X3.131-1986. This approved standard is available from:

American National Standards Institute
11 West 42nd Street
13th Floor
New York, NY 10036
Sales Department: (212) 642-4900

The Small Computer System Interface - 2 (SCSI-2) was approved by ANSI on
August 31, 1990. Since then, the X3T9.2 committee has asked ANSI to return
SCSI-2 for further editing. Revision 10d is in the works, but it is not
finished yet. Revision 10c can be purchased from:

Global Engineering Documents
2805 McGaw
Irvine, CA 92714
(800) 854-7179 Outside USA and Canada: (714) 261-1455

Global has identified this document as X3.131-199x. (The latest revision is
Rev 10c with a date of 3/9/90.)

If you are looking for a introduction to SCSI, try:

"SCSI: Understanding the Small Computer System Interface"
Written by NCR Corporation
Available from: Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 07632
Phone: (201) 767-5937 ISBN 0-13-796855-8

If you want an easy-to-read reference book on SCSI-2 that includes timing
diagrams (but omits all command sets other than for disks, tapes, and
processor devices), try:

"The SCSI Bench Reference"
ENDL Publications
14426 Black Walnut Court
Saratoga CA, 95070
(408) 867-6642

Also, coming soon from ENDL Publications, the "SCSI Encyclopedia". I've
reviewed volume 1 and find it an excellent source of information about
SCSI-2. Unfortunately, it is NOT inexpensive.

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