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Version 1.0 - June 1988

Original version of the program released

Version 2.0 - May 1990

Revised program SETUP to match drive specification of version 2.0 of the
Point & Shoot Hard Disk Manager. Program now allows use of external
floppy disk drives with letters higher than B and can be executed from
any drive or directory.

Improved disk formatting routines

Increased directory tree capacity to 255 entries

Added file compression option (approx. 50% average compression ratio)

Enhanced backup speed with direct format/write loop. Backup approaches
1 megabyte per minute on 1.2MB or 1.44MB disks.

Added file selection list on restoration for easy single file restorations.

Added ability to make subdirectories during restoration if files are
restored to other than the original path to allow user to have complete
control over the structure of the hard disk to which files are restored.

Enhanced error detection/recovery

Added single file compression/decompression routines to assist
in reconstruction of files outside of the restore process.

Added parameter option to immediately move into and execute any one
of the 10 backup configurations: PASBR 1..10

Revised and enhanced program documentation

Version 2.0A - September 1990

Added an error number message for backup errors that do not
have descriptions. This error number is useful when calling for support
if an unknown error occurs during the backup process.

Version 2.0B - September 1990

Made a minor change to backup routines to correct a bug with some computers
and 3.5" drives being unable to write system area to disk.

Added /C command line parameter to force temporary files to be written to
current directory.

Version 2.0C - October 1990

Fixed a bug in the backup routines that caused unreliable backups to be
made under certain circumstances. Problem did not show up until
restoration was attempted.

Version 2.0D - January 1991

Fixed a bug in use of external drives for backup. Previously gave an
invalid drive request error for drives higher than D.

Version 2.1A - February 1991

Several bugs were fixed in version 2.1A. A variety of errors were
reported by users when backing up or restoring disks. Among these
errors were bad clusters appearing on the hard disk after backup and
"file not found" errors during restoration. These problems have been

VALIDATE command was added to allow the user to check a set of
backup disks to determine if they would restore correctly. If any
problems were found, they are corrected. USERS OF VERSION 2.0 should
run VALIDATE on all sets of backups disks made with version 2.0.