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This file contains the latest information about the current
version of MegaBack

UPDATING AN OLDER VERSION: To update to a newer version of
MegaBack, simply replace the old MB.EXE with the new one. All
of the index files can be used by the new version, and it is NOT
necessary to do a new full backup.

IMPORTANT: MegaBack builds the necessary data files in the
directory where MB.EXE is located. Ideally, MegaBack needs to
be in a special directory to itself, since MegaBack excludes
the directory that it is in from backup. To install, create a
directory on your hard disk, and copy MB.EXE to that directory.
Then, start the program by enter MB and set up the system
options. That's it!

NOTE: MegaBack attempts to estimate the number of minutes
necessary for backup. The first time you run MegaBack, the
estimation will probably be significantly off, reflecting more

minutes needed than will be actually used. Subsequent backups
will be more accurate. The base estimates were made on a
286/12, so adjust the estimates according to your machine type.
A 386/33 will process one meg of data per minute, give or take a
little depending on compression type.

Version History:

Version 2.3

o Increased I/O error handling


o Listing and sorting of indexes now faster

o Exclude files can now be created for each ID

o /CI debugging switch added for testing indexes

Version 2.20


o When encountering an I/O error, the recover selection
"Force new disk and try again" would sometimes lock
up the system.

o When using multiple /ID: parameters, MegaBack would
at times use the wrong ID.

Version 2.0


o Added new faster, tighter compression routines. Now,
compression is 22-25% faster and 3-5% smaller.

o Added F9 to skip the file that is current being
processed. F8 skips the directory.

o When pressing ESC to terminate, MegaBack now informs
the user that it has to complete the current file
before quitting

o Added color support for Mono, LCD and color.

o MegaBack will now initialize the index if a command
line full backup is issued

o When selecting files for restore, MegaBack would
sometimes mistakenly report that the drive from where
the files were backed up from was no longer in
Version 1.41


o Corrected small cosmetic flaws.

o Improved some messages and queries to be more user-

Version 1.40


o Added print order form facility

o If the indexes are not present on restore, MegaBack
will restore them.

o Changed CONFIG.SYS checking to create CONFIG.SYS if

o Added command line synchronization. Now behaves like
MegaBack in regular mode.


o When restoring to a drive that no longer exits,
MegaBack would receive a number of DOS error 2

o When processing multiple drives, ESC would just skip
to the next drive

o When using the /S options and a disk filled up,
MegaBack would reuse the disk.

o The Log function would sometimes write garbage to the
log files.

o In the "List files needing backup," entries past 651
would be unreadable

Version 1.35


o MegaBack can now use multiple exclude files with multiple

o When scanning the disk before backup, the "List files" option
has several new options:
ALT+D - Delete the file under the hightlight bar
F5 - Exclude the directory under the hightlight
- Toggle the files exclude status
--> - Exclude the file
<-- - Unexclude the file
F10 - Save changes to the exclude file


Fixed CONFIG.SYS checking to work with remote server and QEMM
type machines.

Version 1.30


o Advanced options are now available in the utilities menu.
These options include:
-- Skip 0 byte files
-- Skip Stowaway's auto-restore files
-- Maintain activity log
-- Is activity log to be verbose
-- Scan disk before backup
-- Target Media type
-- Directory to back up to
-- default sort type

o Made multiple changes to the list which views files to be
backed up:

-- Files may be physically deleted from the disk from
this list by pressing ALT+D.
-- Files may also be excluded from this list

o Added several command line parameters:

-- /NS No Scan prior to backup **
-- /NL No Log **
-- /V Verbose log **

** Also available in advanced options.


o When synchronizing the indexes, MegaBack would take too
long. This version speeds this up tremendously.

o Fixed CONFIG.SYS checking.

o Verify will now work for DR-DOS users.

Version 1.20

MegaBack released for general distribution.

Version 1.13á


Now checks for CONFIG.SYS to verify the proper number of
files can be open.

Version 1.12á

Fixed a small problem with restarted backups.

Version 1.11á


When indexes are split across diskettes, MegaBack would
request the disk that it had just filled, overwriting
the existing data.

When indexes were split across the SAME diskette, TWICE,
MegaBack would write to the incorrect diskette. Data
was still intact though.

Version 1.10á


Attributes were not reset correctly at times

Version 1.09á


When running on machines with DOS versions earlier than
5.0, the disk format routine would sometimes lock up the

Fixed a stack overflow problem encountered by some


Sped up processing significantly over prior versions.

Build the ability to process multiple drives.

MegaBack will now provide you with date and time of
files that it wishes to overlay on restore.

Version 1.07


In determining drives, MegaBack would only allow access
to drives that were in order. For example, drives C, D,
and E would be processed, but not C, D, F.

When excluding files, if was hit on a selected
file, and ESC was hit, you could no longer untag/tag the

When scanning disks, if not files were found, MegaBack

When in select mode backing up files, MegaBack displayed
more files than were going to be processed, since the
MegaBack directory was not properely excluded.

Fixed a bug in the disk scanner that would cause
intermittant problems


MegaBack can now process multiple drives in one session.

Version 1.05 release for wide beta