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MegaBack is the Shareware version of the more powerful MegaBack Plus
retail version. You may order MegaBack Plus for $59, or MegaBack
Standard for $39. Both products come fully documented and include a
full year of techincal support. MegaBack Plus customers receive
additional features and utilities not found in MegaBack Standard.
MegaBack Plus is a retail version of MegaBack and is not distributed in
a shareware version.
MegaBack Plus has the following advanced features:

o Recover backup indexes from individual backup diskettes with a
unique index recovery utility. MegaBack already provides a
utility to reover backup indexes from the last backup diskette.
This utility can be useful if the last backup diskette is lost or

o Track multiple backup index sets automatically with menu creation
and selection of alternate index set names. Backup index sets can
be assigned a description as well as a name.

o Display backup files as easily as you display directory contents.
A unique DOS command line backup index display command can be used
like the DOS DIR command to quickly list the contents of the
backup index by filename or wildcard name.

o Analyze backup system usage through useful log reports. The
backup log analysis program analyzes MegaBack's log to summmarize
and report on your backup activity. This will give you valuable
statistical information to learn about backup habits and show your
backup consistencey. You might be surprised how long you go
exposed to disaster by not regularly backing up your system!

o Protect your data from unauthorized access by password protection
your backups. An optional feature lets you attach passwords to
backup files preventing them from being restored without the
proper password.

o Schedule backups automatically each day they are needed. MBALARM
is a seperate utility to be run when your system starts each day.
It tells you how long it has been since your last backup, and
shows you summary information so you can decide to start backup or

o Develop your own backup utilities, or just learn more about
MegaBack Plus with advanced system internal documentation files
describing the internal format of MegaBack Plus indexes and
control files. This information can be used by developers to
write theri own inerfaces and utilities for MegaBack Plus.

o Receive a special 800 number for MegaBack Plus technical support.

Thank you for taking the time to order MegaBack. with your order, you
will immediately be sent a complete product package.

We do not delay your order by holding personal checks for back
processing). The packages include:

o The most current version of MegaBack or MegaBack Plus.
o A printed, bound user's guide
o Extended technical support through telephone, fax, U.S. Mail
or BBS.
o Low Cost upgrades
o Registration codes to personally register your copy
o Regularly receive our newsletter and mailings about prodcuts
and maintenance releases.

You may register by one of several ways. You may:

o Mail this form to the address below
o Fax this form to us at 909-352-1527
o Call us voice at 909-352-2820
o Call our BBS at 909-352-2825 and register on-line (script 2)
o Send us E-Mail on CIS at 76347,2477

All orders are shipped within one day of recieving them. Patri-Soft can
ship overnight if needed. Include $15.00 ($50 outside North America) to
cover the cost of express shipping.

We accept payment by Visa/Mastercard, check, money order, or
international money order. Patri-Soft also accepts purchase orders.
Only checks drawn on U.S. banks can be accepted.


Special agreements are available for multi-user sites, networks, and
User groups. Please contact Patri-Soft directly for information.

Patri-Soft 909-352-2820 Voice
5225 Canyon Crest Dr. 909-352-2825 Data
Suite 71-358 909-352-1527 FAX
Riverside CA 92507 Compuserve 76347,2477

MegaBack order form: version 2.3

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Company: _______________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________




____ MegaBack Plus! .............................. @59.00ea $_______
(Includes MegaBack plus advanced backup system with bound manual,
and year of 800 # technical support.)

____ MegaBack Standard............................ @39.00ea $_______
(Includes latest version of MegaBack Standard, bound manual, and
a year of technical support)

California residents, please add tax at 7.75%........... $_______

Shipping and Handling:
U.S. and Canada.......................$ 5.00
International orders .................$10.00
Overnight delivery
North America ................$15.00

Total Shipping:....................................... $_______

Total order:...................................................$_______

Diskette size desired (circle one) 720K/3.5 360K/5.25

Method of payment:
___ Check/Money order (U.S. Banks only) ____ Purchase order
___ Visa/Mastercard
Account number:_________________________________ Exp.__________


Telephone/FAX number:_________________________________________________

I learned about MegaBack from:_________________________________________