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Filename: readme.9-7
Date: Sept. 7, 1990
By: Nancy Schulenburg, ext. 3639

This version of MAXTEST has been changed, by request, to put the arrow
on the left side of the it will be easier to read the command
As a result, all previously-written command files must be converted.
To do this conversion, a program called CONVERT is provided.
Before calling CONVERT, make a list of the names of any files you want to
convert. Then type CONVERT. The program will ask you for the name of a
file to convert, and what you want its new name to be. The same name for
old and new file is OK.
After the file is converted, the program will ask if you want to convert
any more files. So all files can be converted with one call to the program.
If the file has already been converted, CONVERT will tell you so, and
will not convert it.