Category : HD Utilities
Archive   : DMD212.ZIP
Filename : README.1ST

Output of file : README.1ST contained in archive : DMD212.ZIP

THANK YOU for selecting Disk Meter Deluxe 2.12

- We encourage you to share Disk Meter Deluxe with others

- This archive file should be named : DMD212.ZIP or DMD212.ARC

Files you should have :

1. README.1ST - This file you are reading now
2. DMD.COM - Disk Meter Deluxe Version 2.12
3. DMD.DOC - Disk Meter Deluxe documentation
4. DMD.REG - Quick registration for Disk Meter Deluxe

- To appreciate the flexibility and power of DMD, PLEASE READ DMD.DOC

- READY YOUR PRINTER and enter COPY DMD.DOC PRN: to print the Manual
COPY DMD.REG PRN: to print the Registration form

- When distributing Disk Meter Deluxe copy DMD212.ZIP, not the individual files

Thank You - P.C. Consulting