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TheFast Version 1.06
Screen Display Speed Up Utility

COPYRIGHT (C) 1986,87,88
TheSoft Programming Services and Ian E. Davis
All Rights Reserved

TheFast is a utility designed to do one thing; speed up the video
display. It has its roots from a program call Zeno, which
unfortunately does not work reliably on all computers. Thus came
this solution to the problem of speeding up the screen.

TheFast specifically accelerates the Bios and nothing else.
Other programs exist for increasing Dos video performance, but at
the expense of Ansi support and other facilities. TheFast
maintains complete functional compatibility with a significant

increase in speed.

TheFast should be compatible with most any computer or program,
but obviously cannot be tested for all situations. Try it, if
it works your screen writes will be between 200% to 500% faster.
The actual improvement depends on the application, benefiting
programs using the Bios. Programs with internal video routines
or those that directly access the screen (ie: PC-Write or
TheDraw) won't be helped. However they are probably fast enough

TheFast uses around 1000 bytes of memory and works by eliminating
any wait for video retrace, and using improved code for dealing
with the hardware. On some color screens it may cause hashing or
snow. Snow is harmless, but if found annoying TheFast can be
easily removed.

To load TheFast, just type THEFAST from the DOS prompt. A notice
will appearing indicating TheFast is installed. TheFast can only
be installed once, so you don't have to worry about it "stacking"
itself (such as Zeno does). Stacking is where a program will
allow itself to be installed multiple times; thus impairing

To remove TheFast, type THEFAST /K at the DOS prompt. Make
certain you have removed all memory resident programs loaded
after TheFast. Otherwise, a hole in memory will exist possibly
confusing Dos.

TheFast 1

TheFast Program History:

v1.00 10/19/86 - Initial Release.
v1.01 11/16/86 - Corrected glitch when writing to 40 column
v1.02 02/19/87 - Screen writes made faster by about 20%.
v1.03 05/08/87 - Routines used to detect presence of TheFast
v1.04 05/30/87 - Screen writes faster by about 2 to 4%. Also
fixed minor glitch with new detection code.
v1.05 02/28/88 - Screen writes made faster by about 10%.
v1.06 09/15/89 - Corrected elusive cursor problem. Sometimes
the cursor would not be turned on.

If you find TheFast to be useful, a contribution of $10 or any
amount would be greatly appreciated and would help towards the
development of more quality shareware. Please send any checks
and/or comments to:

TheSoft Programming Services
c/o Ian Davis - THEFAST
1929 Whitecliff Court
Walnut Creek, Ca, 94596

Thanks for your support!

TheFast 2

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Archive   : THEFAST6.ZIP
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