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SuperVGA ScreenBlanker : By David Wolfe using Turbo C++

This program will draw some nice lines up to 2000 and then do a
clear screen. It draws in 256 colors and it makes a nice ScreenBlanker
as it will keep clearing the screen.
After a keypress it stops and freezes the screen if you have a color
printer and would like to save it. One more keypress to DOS.
The program will detect your card and go to the best mode, it DOES
NOT know if your monitor can do that mode, it does look at the ram
on your video card, but if your monitor cannot DO that high you
must set it from command line.
This program does not look for a MultiFrequency monitor...
Modes from command line are the following.....
You DO NOT have to type the "0x"

ATI320x200 0 /* ATI VGA graphics modes */
ATI640x400 1
ATI640x480 2
ATI800x600 3

DVGA320x200 4 /* Orchid ProDesigner Plus */
DVGA640x350 5 /* (Tseng Labs 3000 chipset) */
DVGA640x480 6
DVGA800x600 7

PVGA320x200 8 /* Paradise (Western Digital) */
PVGA640x400 9
PVGA640x480 0x0a

TEC320x200 0x0b /* Tecmar */
TEC640x350 0x0c
TEC640x400 0x0d
TEC640x480 0x0e
TEC800x600 0x0f

VID320x200 0x10 /* Video 7 (Headland Technologies) */
VID640x400 0x11
VID640x480 0x12
VID720x540 0x13
VID800x600 0x14

TRID320x200 0x15 /* Trident chipsets */
TRID640x400 0x16
TRID640x480 0x17
TRID800x600 0x18

CHIP320x200 0x19 /* Chips and Tech chipset */
CHIP640x400 0x1a
CHIP640x480 0x1b
CHIP800x600 0x1c

AHDA320x200 0x1d /* Ahead Systems VGA wizard deluxe (RevA)*/
AHDA640x400 0x1e
AHDA640x480 0x1f
AHDA800x600 0x20

AHDB320x200 0x21 /* Ahead Systems VGA wizard deluxe (RevB)*/
AHDB640x400 0x22
AHDB640x480 0x23
AHDB800x600 0x24
AHDB1024x768 0x25

EVRX320x200 0x26 /* Everex */
EVRX640x400 0x27
EVRX640x480 0x28
EVRX800x600 0x29

OAK320x200 0x2a /* Oak Technology */
OAK640x480 0x2b
OAK800x600 0x2c

TSG320x200 0x2d /* Orchid ProDesigner Plus II */
TSG640x400 0x2e /* (Tseng Labs 4000 chipset) */
TSG640x800 0x2f
TSG800x600 0x30
TSG1024x768 0x31

GEN320x200 0x32 /* Genoa GVGA */
GEN640x400 0x33
GEN640x480 0x34
GEN800x600 0x35

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Archive   : SVGA256.ZIP
Filename : README.DOC

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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