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This executable file will correct the "blank video" problem
experienced by Sierra customers using STB video cards and the
following Sierra Family (Dynamix) games:

Betrayal at Krondor
Front Page Sports: Football Pro
The Incredible Machine
The Even More Incredible Machine
Sid & Al's Incredible Toons

Once you have downloaded the file or copied it to your hard drive,
you can execute the file by changing to the directory that the file
is in, and then typing:


If you are using a boot disk with your Dynamix game, you may wish to
execute this file automatically from the boot disk. You can do this by
placing the following line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file on your boot disk:

C:\ (name of directory\OK.COM

For example, if you copied the OK.COM file to your DOS directory, then
the above line would read:


NOTE: You can edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT file on your boot disk by going
to an A:\ prompt and typing:


Once this file is executed, you will be able to see video in your Dynamix game.


This utility was created by STB for use with their display cards.
It has been available on the Sierra On-Line BBS for the convenience
of our customers. If you have any problems or questions about OK.COM you
will need to call STB Technical Support at (214) 234-8750.