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V3.0 - July, 1986 Joe N. Greer

This is still another screen blanking utility. If active, it
will blank the active screen after five minutes. If the
alarm is active, it will remind you that the computer is on
every ten minutes. Pressing any key will reactivate the

It is loaded in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file and remains resident.
Parameters may be passed to indicate what mode SCRNSAVE is to
operate under.

Keying in SCRNSAVE ? will display a screen of help text.

It can be loaded anywhere in the resident program chain
normally. However, if problems occur, move it around.

If Microsoft Word is being used, the only problem so far
encountered deals with the customized background color. If
the background is set to a high intensity color, screen
restoration will result in a blinking foreground. This is
because Microsoft sets the video port directly and does not
bother to set the proper bits in low memory. SCRNSAVE
restores the video to the last "legally" set values as
indicated by low memory.

CASE, a programmer's keyboard shift utility, also is guilty
of this.