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Precise Point v1.11 -- TSR turns DOS block style mouse cursor into smooth graphical pointer.

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PRECISE POINT v1.11 - Graphical Mouse
Driver. Installs as a dos TSR utility.
Transforms the text mode block mouse cursor
into a smooth moving graphical pointer.
Works with EGA/VGA text mode applications.
Now UltraVision compatible. By Andy Hakim.

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Precise Point v1.11 — TSR turns DOS block style mouse cursor into smooth graphical pointer.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
1DIRPLUS.INI 448 202 deflated
ARROW.INI 1506 326 deflated
BITEME.INI 1819 396 deflated
BLOCK.INI 1819 340 deflated
CIRCLE.INI 1506 271 deflated
DBASE.INI 483 215 deflated
EXCLAIM.INI 1506 365 deflated
FACE.INI 1506 348 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 261 199 deflated
HAND.INI 1506 345 deflated
HOURGLAS.INI 1819 384 deflated
KITE.INI 1819 371 deflated
LIST.TXT 1684 500 deflated
MAILER.DOC 1941 491 deflated
ME.INI 448 204 deflated
MESH.INI 1506 262 deflated
NORTON.INI 454 207 deflated
PP.DOC 41455 11320 deflated
PP.EXE 37350 16801 deflated
PPCONFIG.EXE 42335 41855 deflated
README.DOC 9668 3313 deflated
SMALL.INI 1506 321 deflated
SQUARE.INI 1506 251 deflated
STAR.INI 1506 310 deflated
TEXT.INI 1506 310 deflated
X.INI 1506 353 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

PRECISE POINT v1.11 - Graphical Mouse
Driver. Installs as a dos TSR utility.
Transforms the text mode block mouse cursor
into a smooth moving graphical pointer.
Works with EGA/VGA text mode applications.
Now UltraVision compatible. By Andy Hakim.

Precise Point
Graphical Text Mode Mouse Cursor Driver

(C) Copyright 1992 Andy Hakim
All Rights Reserved


Version 1.11

This document contains information that supplements the Precise
Point User's Manual and accompanying software.





4.0 Using PP with QEMM/386


Bug Fixes:

PPCONFIG now restores blinking attribute back to its original

state upon exit.

ULTRAVISION screen enhancer by Personics is now supported in all
EGA/VGA 80 column text modes.


The following files are included in this release of Precise
Point. Some distribution media may contain *.ini files in
separate directories.

README DOC Release Notes (this document)
MAILER DOC Registration Form
PP DOC Documentation
PP EXE TSR Program (type PP /? for help)
PPCONFIG EXE Configuration/Installation Program
FILE_ID DIZ BBS file description
1DIRPLUS INI VGA Character Map for 1 Dir Plus
ARROW INI Sample Bitmap
BITEME INI Sample Bitmap
BLOCK INI Sample Bitmap
CIRCLE INI Sample Bitmap
DBASE INI VGA Character Map for DBase IV 1.5
EXCLAIM INI Sample Bitmap
FACE INI Sample Bitmap
HAND INI Sample Bitmap
HOURGLAS INI Sample Bitmap
KITE INI Sample Bitmap
ME INI VGA Character Map for MultiEdit
MESH INI Sample Bitmap
NORTON INI VGA Character Map for Norton Utilties
SMALL INI Sample Bitmap
SQUARE INI Sample Bitmap
STAR INI Sample Bitmap
TEXT INI Sample Bitmap
X INI Sample Bitmap


Please send compatibility reports to:

Internet: [email protected] US Mail: Andy Hakim
BITnet: AHakim@UHOU 816 Pecore Street
THEnet: UHOU::AHakim Houston, TX 77009-6034
Phone: +1 713 880-3059 U.S.A.

Sections 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 list software and hardware that has
been tested with Precise Point:

Precise Point Release Notes Page: 2


ATI Mouse Driver 2.0
BSR Imouse Driver
Genius 8.20, 9.01, 9.02, 9.06
HP-HIL Graphics Input Device Driver v7.04
I/O Mouse driver 7.04d
IBM PS/2 Mouse Program 1.10
ID Mouse 3.0 Driver by Identity Systems
Logitech 3.43, 4.0, 5.0, 6.00, 6.1
Microsoft 6.24, 7.03, 7.04, 8.00, 8.10, 8.20
Mighty Mouse 3.00 by Qtronix Corporation
Mouse Systems Mouse Driver 7.01, 8.20
NewIdea Mouse/Trackball Driver v4.00
RAT 1.0
Znix 7.04

3.2 HARDWARE (Computers, Mice, Video Cards)

ATI Graphics Ultra 512k
ATI VGA Wonder 512k
AUVA 486/33
Dell 316lt, VGA LCD
Dell 333d, Paradise WD90C11
Dell 433d,e Paradise WD90C11
Dell 450te, TSENG ET-4000 chipset
Dell ET-4000 SVGA Card
Everex Step 386/20, Ahead Systems Deluxe SVGA 1Mb
Generic 286/10, Trident TVGA
Generic 286/16, AMI BIOS, SiS Chipset
Generic 386/16sx, C&T, DTK
Generic 386/20, C&T, Award, Generic ET4000 based
Generic 386/33, AMI, Clone Paradise WD90C10
Generic 486/33, AMI, Trident 8900C SVGA
Generic 486/33, ETEQ, AMI, Paradise Clone
Generic AT, AMI, Oak VGA graphics card
Generic V20/10, Hercules VGA
Genius GM-6000 Mouse
Genius GM-F301, F303 (Serial)
Genoa Super EGA Hires+ Level 9 card
HP Vectra 386s/20
IBM PS/2 L40sx, VGA (20mhz 386sx laptop)
IBM PS/2 70-121, VGA (20mhz 386 desktop)
IBM PS/2 80, VGA
ID Serial Mouse, by Identity Systems Technology Inc.
Logitech Series 9 mouse
Logitech M-SG14-6MD (BUS)
Microsoft Ballpoint Mouse (Serial)

Precise Point Release Notes Page: 3

Microsoft Mouse (BUS and Serial)
Mighty Cat Serial Mouse by Qtronix Corporation
Motorola/Phillips 286 Clone
Mouse Systems White Mouse (Serial)
NewIdea BS-3E Serial 3-button Mouse, by New Idea Electric
Ollivetti PC Pro SX20
PS/2 8042 mouse subsystem
Paradise 350 Autoswitch EGA
Paradise VGA1024
Standard 486/33, AMI
Toshiba 1600, EGA LCD (does not work possibly due to bug in EGA)
Trident 8800 SVGA
Trident 8900C SVGA
Video 7 Vega EGA


* in vga 25 line mode a custom sacrifice map may be needed
^ PP has no effect. does not use mouse cursor
# PP has no effect: uses hardware mouse cursor
& PP has no effect: simulates mouse cursor

1dirPlus v3.14
1stReader QuickMail Reader, by Sparkware
386 to the Max v6.1
4DOS 4.0 Help Utility
After Dark 2.0 for DOS, /N option may be required
Borland C++ IDE 2.0, 3.0, 3.1
Calendar Creator Plus 5.0
CIM 2.05
CisCopy v3.1
Compushow 8.41#, 8.50a (uses PP)
Cpanel from MS Mouse 8.20 - BUG: setting mouse sizes/color
freezes mouse
DESQview (not compatible)
DOS 5 Quick Basic 1.0
DR DOS 6.0
Dac Easy Accounting 4.1
EMACS 16as
Enable 4.5
Explosive 2.0 Screen Saver for DOS
Fastback Plus v2.10^
Hard Disk Accomplice v1.0

Precise Point Release Notes Page: 4

Hard Disk Director 5.0
Hard Disk Menu (HDM) v4.52 by Jim Haas
Lantastic 4.00^
MS Basic Professional Basic System, IDE 7.1
MS C 5.1, PWB
MS C 6.0, PWB
MS C 7.0, PWB 2.0
MS C Standalone Quick Help
MS DOS 3.0
MS DOS 4.01
MS Diagnostics 2.00
MS Multiplan 3.0#
MS Quick C for DOS 2.5
MS Quick Pascal for DOS 1.0
MS Windows 3.0, 3.1 (use full screen DOS window)
Main Menu 3.5
Manifest 1.13
Multi-Edit 6.00
Norton Commander 3.0, 3.3*
Norton Utilities 5.0*, 6.0*
OS/2 1.3, 2.0 (use full screen DOS window)
PC Carbook, 1993 Edition
PC FILE 5.01^
PC File 6.5 - BUG: Freezes after using graphics mode
PC Probe 1.01
PC Tools 6.0, 7.1, 8.0
PW Write (all versions) - BUG: Freezes system, looking into this
Personal Advocate 1.0, Parsons Technology, Inc.
QEMM 6.03 Manifest
QEMM/386 6.03 (see note below)
Quattro Pro 1.0, 3.01&, 4.00&
Quick Basic 4.5
Quick Link II Fax 1.1.9
ResQ Tape Software 2.30
Smartcom Exec 2.1a^
Sytos Plus Tape Software for DOS v1.20, 1.31, text mode
TeXShell 2.4 (Turbo Vision)
Telemate 2.11&, 3.01&, 3.02&
Turbo C++ DOS IDE 3.0
Turbo Debugger 2.0, 2.01, 3.0, 3.1
Turbo Pascal DOS IDE 6.0, 6.01, 6.5b
Turbo Profiler 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
Turbo Vision based apps
UltraVision 2.12 by Personics
Vpic 4.8c, 5.0, 5.1 (cursor ON upon exit, FUTURE VPICS WILL FIX)
Word 5.0
Word Perfect 5.1&
XTtree Gold 2.51&
Zortech C++ Workbench v1.12

Precise Point Release Notes Page: 5

4.0 QEMM/386 memory manager

The "stealth" and "vidram" options of QEMM/386 may cause problems
when PP is loaded in high memory. If you encounter problems in
this QEMM configuration, try disabling some QEMM options to try
to isolate the problem. If the problem still exists, try loading
PP in low memory.

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