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REV 1.1 by Dave Roznar Saratoga, Ca. February 14, 1987. I added
small loop at "wait_for_toggle" to allow for two keys, key1 and
key2, to be required to turn on the screen. In this case a Z or
z, followed by a F, or f, is required to turn screen back on. I
did not change opening message, as this was just more security.
To use more than two keys to turn on screen, just define more
bytes in the db in beginning of program ie: key3 db xx etc
and continue the cmp ah,keyx loop, but two should prevent a
person from hitting one key, as was possible in REV 1.0, and
getting the screen to come on. Don't forget that you are defining
scan codes....

If you do not want to re-assemble the code, but want to change
the keys that I picked, you can do it with debug. The locations
are as follows.....

The first keys scan code (IN HEX!!) to allow screen to
return (if 2nd key is hit) is in location 104.

The second keys scan code is in location 105.

The key used with the key to turn off the screen
is in location 106.

Remember these are HEX scan codes. For example. I supplied the
NYOB11.COM in this ARC with Z F turning the screen on again.
This is scan code 44 for Z and 33 for F. So, in 104 you will see
2C and in 105 a 21. Hope this helps. I am not even using
Z to turn off the screen, as I changed location 106, but
turning the screen off is not the problem...I just don't want
anyone turning it on!