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3/10/91 Version 1.6

Now include configuration program in shareware version. Also added
feature where the insert buffer can grab in the same manner as an
envelope by using Ctrl-I and Ctrl-Space Bar instead of I and Space Bar.
When you use the Ctrl values the insert buffer grabs those characters in
the box defined by where you press S and where you press either Ctrl-I or
Ctrl-Space Bar. (this was changed in version 2.0)

5/24/91 Version 1.7

Fixed a couple of internal bugs that were having strange and sporadic
effects when "inserting".

6/18/91 Version 1.7

Put in command line switch that lets you select which printer is used.
For example, entering "nab/2" would send all of Nabbit's printer output
to LPT2. If you don't specify a printer using the command line switch,
all printer output is sent to LPT1.

10/16/92 Version 2.0

Made major changes including pop-up menus and ability to put grabbed data
into a disk file. Read the instructions for details.