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CASCOLY SOFTWARE --| | |-------------------
4528 36th NE | ____|__ | Association of
Seattle WA 98105 | | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
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|___|___| MEMBER

This file provides information for Shareware Distributors, Disk Vendors and
Computer Clubs and User Groups who wish to distribute any or all of the
TIMELINE, UDECIDE, WEBS and CHRONOS. These programs will be referred to
below as Cascoly Shareware. Program names may not be changed without special
permission, except for the following special cases if your system supports
only 6 character names:

PUZSVG for Super VGA Puzzle
PAL for Palette Pleezer

The one exception to this is that BBSs are allowed to change the name to
include the current version number.

Part 1: Program Information:
Author/Publisher Information
Part 2: Distribution Requirements
Limited Distribution License
ASP Associate (Disk Vendor) Member Information
ASP Vendor Members - Disk Sets
Other (Non-ASP) Disk Vendor Information
Other (Non-ASP) Vendors - Disk Sets
Computer Clubs and User Groups
Disk-of-the-Month (or Subscription) Distribution
Rack Vendor & CD-ROM Notice

Part 1: Program Information:

Each zipped program contains a short description of the program in the file

For complete user registration information please refer to the REGISTER.FRM
text file or REGISTER.COM program that will print an order form.

Author/Publisher Information:

Cascoly Software is a small software company owned and operated by Steve
Estvanik. We have been producing top quality computer software at reasonable
prices, continuously, since 1983.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions,
comments or suggestions. I can be reached by mail at the following address:

Steve Estvanik
4528 36th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105

I can also be reached by voice or electronically as follows:

Phone: (206) 523-6135 (10 am to 6 pm Pacific time)
CompuServe: 76703,3046
Internet: 76703,[email protected]

Part 2: Distribution Requirements

Individuals who wish to distribute Cascoly Shareware to friends or
associates may do so in accordance with the restrictions outlined in

Limited Distribution License:

As the exclusive copyright holder for ANTIC, ATC, GREEN, FENCE, TOWERS,
authorizes distribution only in accordance with the following restrictions.
Please refer to the additional information listed below which is specific to
ASP and non-ASP Disk Vendors, Computer Clubs, and Disk-of-the-Month style

Individual Cascoly Shareware programs are defined as containing all the
material listed in the PACKING.LST text file. If any files listed in the
PACKING.LST text file, or the PACKING.LST file itself, are missing, then the
package is not complete and distribution is forbidden.

o A Cascoly Shareware package - including all related program files and
documentation files - CANNOT be modified in any way and must be
distributed as a complete package, without exception. (Either the
ZIP or self extracting EXE file must be used. This is the sole
exception for modification -- you can use an alternate archiving
program.) The PACKING.LST text file contains a list of all files
that are part of the Cascoly Shareware package.

o No price or other compensation may be charged for a Cascoly Shareware
package. A distribution cost may be charged for the cost of the
diskette, shipping and handling, as long as the total (per disk) does
not exceed US$8.00 in the U.S. and Canada, or US$12.00

o The Cascoly Shareware package CANNOT be sold as part of some other
inclusive package. Nor can it be included in any commercial software
packaging offer, without a written agreement from Cascoly Software.
For information on combining the Cascoly Shareware package with
related programs to form a "disk-set", please refer to the
information below for ASP or non-ASP Disk Vendors.

o Cascoly Shareware cannot be "rented" or "leased" to others.

o The person receiving a copy of a Cascoly Shareware package MUST be
made aware that each disk or copy is ONLY for evaluation, and that
Cascoly Software has not received any royalties or payment for the
product. This requirement can be met by including the complete
Cascoly Shareware package, which contains appropriate registration

o The person receiving a copy of Cascoly Shareware MUST be made aware
that he or she does not become a registered user until Cascoly
Software has received payment for registration of the software. This
requirement can be met by including the complete Cascoly Shareware
package, which contains any appropriate registration reminders.

o Licensee shall not use, copy, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile,
disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or transfer the licensed
program except as provided in this agreement. Any such unauthorized
use shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this

o U.S. Government Information: Use, duplication, or disclosure by the
U.S. Government of the computer software and documentation in this
package shall be subject to the restricted rights applicable to
commercial computer software as set forth in subdivision (b)(3)(ii)
of the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software clause at
252.227-7013 (DFARS 52.227-7013). The Contractor/manufacturer is
Cascoly Software, 4528 36th NE, Seattle, WA 98105.

o Rack Vendors & CD-ROMs, please note additional restrictions below.

All rights not expressly granted here are reserved to Cascoly Software.

The following additional information and restrictions are intended for
Shareware Distributors, Disk Vendors, and Computer Clubs who wish to
distribute Cascoly Shareware.

ASP Associate (Disk Vendor) Member Information:

Vendors who are ASP Associate Members in good standing are hereby given
permission to distribute Cascoly Shareware in accordance with the
Distribution Restrictions listed above. ASP Associate Members (often called
"ASP Approved Vendors") in good standing do not need to request permission
to distribute this package. ASP vendors who use rack vending or who wish
to publish our programs as part of a CD-ROM, please note the further
restrictions outlined below.

This permission is in effect until or unless we notify you otherwise, in

ASP Vendor Members - Disk Sets:
ASP Vendor Members who wish to distribute Cascoly Shareware as part of a
collection (such as PsL's MegaDisk set) may do so provided that all the
other restrictions are met.

Other (Non-ASP) Disk Vendor Information:
Shareware Distributors and Disk Vendors who are not ASP Associate Members,
but who wish to distribute Cascoly Shareware need to comply with the
following additional restrictions.

In order for us to ensure that only current versions are distributed, we
require that you send us a letter requesting permission to distribute any of
our products.

You may not list any of our products in advertisements, catalogs, or other
literature which describes our products as "FREE SOFTWARE". Shareware is
"Try-Before-You-Buy" software, it is not free. Please include in your
letter, a copy of your catalog. If you are a new vendor, and no catalog is
available, we need your written assurance that the ASP guidelines for
vendors are being met -- ie, your catalog must emphasize that users must
register and pay for shareware they receive from you.

ASP vendor and BBS members automatically receive upgrades of Cascoly
Shareware through the ASP group mailings. Others can receive a complete set
of current programs at a cost of $15 for shipping and handling. (If you
send six 3«" disks and a self addressed, stamped mailer, we waive the
shipping charge). This package contains distributable versions of the
programs, plus descriptive information useful for catalogs and other

Other (Non-ASP) Vendors - Disk Sets:
Vendors (non-ASP Vendor Members) who wish to distribute any Cascoly
Shareware as part of a collection (such as PsL's MegaDisk set) must obtain
written permission from Cascoly Software prior to beginning such a

Computer Clubs and User Groups :
Computer Clubs and User Groups wishing to add Cascoly Shareware packages to
their disk library may do so in accordance with the Distribution
Restrictions listed above.

Disk-of-the-Month (or Subscription) Distribution:
If you would like to distribute Cascoly Shareware as a Disk-of-the-Month, or
as part of a subscription or monthly service, then the following
restrictions apply:

ASP Associate (Disk Vendor) Members in good standing are hereby given
permission to distribute Cascoly Shareware under the Disk-of-the-Month style
of distribution.

Others (non-ASP Members) must contact us in advance to ensure that you have
the most current version of the software.

You cannot use a Disk-of-the-Month distribution to use up your inventory of
old (out of date) disks. Only current versions may be shipped as Disk-of-
the-Month disks.

****** Attention All RACK VENDORS & CD-ROM publishers *******

It has come to our attention that shareware racks may be hurting Cascoly
Software sales because shareware racks may compete with the low-priced
retail racks on which our products are sold, and which pay us a royalty.
Obviously this creates a problem for us. So starting today (21 Aug 1992), I
must prohibit all Cascoly, including both current games and our forthcoming
titles, from being sold on shareware racks of any kind. Please understand
that this step is taken purely to protect royalties we are earning. It
boils down to the fact that our royalties are much greater than sales we see
from shareware sold on racks.

This affects rack sales of shareware only, not catalog sales, shareware sold
at computer swap meets, BBS distribution, etc. We are pleased when any
vendor carries our shareware in catalogs, or sells disks containing Cascoly
products in any way other than rack sales in retail locations.

CD-ROM distribution:
If you wish to add any of our programs to a CD-ROM or other collection, you
will need written permission from Cascoly Software. Such permission will
also require a royalty to be paid to Cascoly Software. (Either a one time
fee, or a per-disk royalty is acceptable).

Please Help Us Serve You Better:

We would appreciate copies of anything you print regarding Cascoly
Shareware. Please send us a copy of any reviews, articles, catalog
descriptions, or other information you print or distribute regarding Cascoly
Shareware. Thank you for your time and assistance and for supporting the
shareware marketing concept.